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Pipe Band Sporran 2
Pipe Band Sporran 2 SGT1PB

Dress Sporran A pipe band sporran made from real leather with a runic design metal cantle. Made on our premises in Glasgow, Scotland using the finest materials. This sporran is made to order and the delivery time 4 weeks. A dress sporran made from real leather with a runic design metal cantle.

Price: € 142.00
Pipe Band Sporran 3
Pipe Band Sporran 3 SGT1PB3

All of our sporrans are handmade in Glasgow by highly trained craftsmen with many years of experience.
We use only the finest leathers and furs in the construction of our sporrans and use traditional time honoured techniques to ensure a product of the highest quality.
Available in Chrome (shown) or Antique finish. Please note on your orderform

Price: € 142.00

Piper Barathea Jacket
Piper Barathea Jacket VPIP 1

Specifically designed with the modern pipe band player in mind this hard wearing jacket has an internal pocket for those essential items like tuners and glengarrys.
Available in 15oz 100% wool Barathea cloth in navy and black.
Improved underarm design for comfortable positioning of bagpipes.

•Pin tuck epaulettes.
•Chain link front.
•Single button cuff.

This item is made to order, delivery time will be 6-8 weeks.
Jacket Sizes:
34S - 48L
49S - 55 L (+ 29 €)
56S - 58 L (+ 58 €)
(Size chart : See 'Sizing Chart').
Colours: Black or Navy

Price: € 235.00
Piper Barathea Waistcoat (Argyle)
Piper Barathea Waistcoat (Argyle) VPIPW

The majority of pipe bands today have chosen to compliment their jackets with waistcoats. This gives the option of playing in the waistcoat only which can prove to be an advantage on a warm day.
The Piper waistcoat differs from Argyll waistcoat as it has 1 inch extra on the length at the back to cover tha gap that can sometimes appear between the waistcoat and kilt.
This item is made to order, delivery time will be 6-8 weeks.
34 S - 48 L
50 S - 54 L: + 9 €
55 S - 56 : + 11 €
(Ask for a size Chart) Colours:
Black and Navy

Price: € 68.00

Piper Glengarry
Piper Glengarry GLENS

Premium quality black wool glengarries for pipe bands. The glengarry come complete with red bobble.
Measurements should be taken round the head where the bottom of the hat will sit.
49 cm - 63 cm

Price: € 48.00

Kilt Pin
Lion Rampant Kilt Pin
Lion Rampant Kilt Pin GMK 08AS

•Antique finish.
•Glen Esk Kilt Pin. Made in UK
•Measures approximately 3.5" (9cm)
•Secured by a swivel lock pin
•Presented on a velvet pad

Price: € 22.00

Ghillie Brogue
Piper Heel Set
Piper Heel Set BBPL CL

Pair of top-pieces with cleat. Suitable for Piper Brogues (B-BP)
Sizes: S, M & L

Price: € 16.00

Ghillie Brogue
Laces for Ghillie Brogues
Laces for Ghillie Brogues LACE

Set of Laces for Ghillie Brogues.
Size: Standard : 150 cm

Price: € 6.50

Ghillie Brogue
Shoe Tassels
Shoe Tassels TASS 01

Set of 4 shoe tassels

Price: € 9.00

Argyle Jacket (Stock Jackets)
Argyle Jacket (Stock Jackets) VAR 01

This Argyll Jacket is made from high quality 15oz black barathea wool and is fully tailored in the UK.

The Argyll Jacket and Vest from Gaelic Themes comes with the features below:
° 100% 15oz Barathea Wool
° Thistle Jacquard lining
° Silk Braided epaulettes

Chrome Celtic Buttons
Sizes 34-56 (Short, Regular and Long fittings) (See Sizing Chart)
Also available in 15oz Navy and Bottle Green.

Price: € 209.00

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