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Cheb Nacim
Algerian Raï EUCD 2037
Algerian Raï
In the tradition of the great Raï singers Cheb Hasni, Khaled and others, Cheb Nacim presents an album of passionate Raï songs by Hasni, Dahman El Harrachi, Abderahmane Djoudi, as well as original compositions. Style and instrumentation range from a traditional "desert feel" to hot rumba and pulsating dance grooves and club remixes.

1. Mami Masra Fiya (Music & lyrics: Abderahmane Djoudi) 2. Tal Sabri Tal (Music & lyrics: Hasni)
3. El Waldine (Cheb Nacim)
4. Ache Dani N'andou Ache Dani N'khaltou (Music & lyrics: Dahman El Harrachi)
5. Khalouni, Khalouni (Music & lyrics: Cheb Nacim)
6. Ya El Hadjla Djake Saayade Men Beide (Music & lyrics: Dahmane El-Harrachi)
7. Achaktek Men Ghalbi, W'Rabbi Alam (Music & lyrics: Hasni)
8. 100% Nabrike (Music & lyrics: Cheb Tito)
9. Moul Djalabe (Music: Ilyes Nazali, lyrics: Cheb Nacim, arranged: Hossam Ramzy)
10. Khabi Serak Ya Ghafel Wa Aqra Hadrek (Music & lyrics: Dahmane El-Harrachi)
11. 100% Nabrike Club Remix (remixed by Phil Thornton)
12. Moul Djalabe Club Remix (remixed by Phil Thornton).

Price: € 14.50

Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy…
Sahara Groove 2 EUCD 2057
Sahara Groove 2
Upbeat, exhilarating, funky…! A wide spectrum of music from northern Africa from stellar artist such as Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy, Cheb Aïssa, Cheb Nacim, Chalf Hassan, Chaba Noria, Noor Shimaal… from Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria… Eleven pieces, over one hour of excellent and varied music. Information about the artists in the CD booklet.

1. Chalf Hassan: Amul Koutchi (trad.)
2. Rafat Misso & Hossam Ramzy: El Shouma - the Saaidi Dancing Stick (Rafat Misso)
3. Ez-Zouhour: Mridh fani (trad.)
4. Azza: Om Zein - Mother of Zein (trad.)
5. Cheikha Rimitti: El Dzair (Cheikha Rimitti)
6. Chalf Hassan: Taarida Hawzi (Chalf Hassan)
7. Chaba Noria: Dima Sabra (Chaba Noria)
8. Noor Shimal: Sidi Boumedienne (trad., additional lyrics: V Do?an Corringham)
9. Cheb Aïssa: Ha Na Naï (Cheb Aïssa)
10. Hossam Ramzy: El-Hawzy (Hossam Ramzy)
11. Cheb Nacim: Khabi Serak Ya Ghafel Wa Aqra Hadrek (Dahmane El-Harrachi).

Price: € 11.00

Khaled, Fadela, Houarin Benchenet…
Best of Algerian Raï EUCD 2049
Best of Algerian Raï
From the legendary Cheikha Rimitti to Cheb Hasni, Fadela and Khaled, this album is like a "Who's Who" of Algerian Raï. It presents some of the greatest traditional hits as well as todays modern raï songs in instrumentations ranging from all traditional (Cheikha Rimitti) to totally modern.

Info in four languages.

1. KHALED: Ya Taleb (Khaled)
2. CHEB AÏSSA: Khatem (A. Benaïssa)
3. FADELA: N'sal Fik
4. HOUARI BENCHENET: Rouhou guoulou lha tsamahni (Houari Benchenet)
7. CHEB HASNI: Andabar rassi (Cheb Hasni)
8. CHEIKHA RIMITTI: Rani alla m'rida (Cheikha Rimitti)
9. CHEB KADIROU: Rabi kheir (Kadirou)
10. ZAHOUANIA: Char bouleh (Zahouania)
11. AKIL: Wakila (B'Ghitini Nehbel) (Akil/arr. R. Kortbi)
12. CHEB NACIM: 100% Nabrike (Cheb Tito).

Price: € 11.00
Price: € 9.00

Algerian Raï EUCD 1933
Algerian Raï
Raï [pronounce: 'rye'] meaning 'opinion', 'advice', 'point of view', is Algerian folk and popular music played with traditional Arabian and Western instruments and electronics, incorporating diverse elements such as Gnawa, Jazz, Reggae, Ragga, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Trance, House...

Lyrics are outspoken, critical, loud.

1. Hleft Alik - 5:38
2. Rfiki ou Sdiki - 3:22
3. Darti Fiya Rayek - 5:32
4. Hasdouni - 6:21
5. Mahanti - 5:28
6. Hday Hday - 5:51
7. Loukane ya loukane - 5:04
8. El Chira illi Nbigha - 6:22
9. Naachak Fiha - 4:54
10. Waldiha - 4:16

Price: € 11.00

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