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Perunika Trio
A Bright Star has Risen - Voices of Bulgaria EUCD 2409
A Bright Star has Risen - Voices of Bulgaria
Following their critically acclaimed “Introducing Perunika Trio” debut, the group presents “A Bright Star Has Risen” - traditional Bulgarian songs sung with outstanding a cappella vocal harmony drawing inspiration from the ancient Bulgarian vocal traditions and Church Slavonic chants. Artist biographies, extensive info about each of the songs, including the lyrics, in English and German.

1. Snoshti sum minal, kuzum Elenke (Last night) (Petar Krumov)
2. Ta ne se si, mome, naspalo (Girl you haven't slept enough) (trad., arr. Eugenia Georgieva)
3. Rano mi e more (Early Sunrise) (trad., arr. Apostol
4. Tri byulbyula peyat (Three nightingales) (Petar Krumov)
5. Na horoto (Village Dance) (Dora Hristova, arr. Eugenia Georgieva)
6. Proshtavay, mamo (Farewell, Mother) (Kiril Todorov)
7. Malo selo (Small village) (trad., arr. Eugenia Georgieva)
8. Zalibih si edno libe (I've fallen in love with a sweetheart) (Ivan Tonchev)
9. Peperuda (Stoimen Dobrev, arr. Eugenia Georgieva/Stoimen Dobrev)
10. Po jutva (Harvest) (trad., Eugenia Georgieva/Stoimen Dobrev)
11. Izgreyala yasna zvezda (A bright star has risen) (Dora Hristova, arr. Eugenia Georgieva)
12. Angel i moma (Angel and maiden) (Lyrics: Eugenia Georgieva, Music: Stoimen Dobrev)
13. Velichanie Bogorodichno (Adoration of the Virgin) (trad., arr. Stoimen Dobrev)
14. Paune forkat (Peacocks are flying) (trad., arr. Eugenia Georgieva)

Price: € 16.00

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