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Ann Gray
Shouting at Magpies CDLDL 1288
Shouting at Magpies
The bagpipes are an instrument of tradition, but in the hands of Ann Gray from Alberta, Canada, they become a modern device creating unique world music

1. Starcraft & Spirits: A Set of Gigs/The Starcraft Trip to Glencoe
2. Senor Celtic el Grupo
3. Strathspeys & Reels: Tulloch Castle/Lieutenant Colonel David J.S. Murrar
4. Reil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
5. 93rd at Modder River/PM John Stewart
6. Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar/South in Autumn
7. Tea Set: The Fiddler's Joy/Carmeron/Stumpie/Miss Stewart of Grantully
8. Sailing Solo on the Minnow (A Waltz)
9. Mermaid's Song
10. T Allen Doe/Robyn Emily Gray
11. Broadview Set: A Set of Jigs/Pipes the Gold Ring/The Price of the Pig
12. Cha Till MacCriomain (MacCrimmon's Lament)
13. Shouting at Magpies

Price: € 15.00

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