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Chen Dacan's Chinese Ensemble
Classical Chinese Folk Music, featuring the Chinese flute EUCD 2193
Classical Chinese Folk Music, featuring the Chinese flute
A beautiful album by Chen Dacan's Chinese Ensemble with yangqin (hammered dulcimer), ruan (lute) and huqin (fiddle) laying down an iridescent carpet of sounds allowing soloist Li He's bawu and dizi flutes to soar and create the haunting and mysterious imagery of ancient China. Information about artist, instruments and the music in English, German and Spanish.

1. Yu ge
2. Gu xiang
3. Wu bang zi
4. Huan le ge
5. Chun dou xiang jiang
6. Mu min xin ge
7. Guo sou xing
8. Xi xiang fen
9. Zo xi kou

Price: € 12.00

Cheng Yu
Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa and Qin EUCD 2074
Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa and Qin
Hauntingly beautiful, contemplative music as well as lively pieces played on pipa (lute), qin (zither), xiao (flute) and dizi (flute). Cheng Yu is an internationally renowned pipa and qin virtuoso, former soloist at the China Central Orchestra of Chinese Music in Beijing.

Information about the artists, the music and the instruments in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Flowing Water (qin solo, 1425)
2. White Snow in Sunny Spring (pipa, suite style, 1818)
3. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandy Beach (qin & xiao, 1910)
4. Dragon Boat (pipa, folk style)
5. Dance of the Yi People (pipa, 1964)
6. Flute and Drum at Sunset (pipa & xiao, civil style, 1790s)
7. Three Variations on Plum Blossom (qin & xiao, 1425)
8. Ambushed on Ten Sides (pipa, martial style, 1818)

Price: € 16.50

Han Shin Chinese Folk and Dance Ensemble
Music from China and Taiwan EUCD 1734
Music from China and Taiwan
Traditional music from Taiwan and mainland China played on traditional instruments by the award-winning Hanshin Ensemble. The instruments (er-hu - two-stringed fiddle, dizi - bamboo flute, yang-qin - dulcimer, chung-rong - lute, da-rung – lute, plus various drums, gongs and percussion) and each piece explained in the booklet, illustrated with colour photographs.

1. Images of Doon Huan (trad.) - 7:46 Bilder von Doon Huan / Images de Doon Huan / Imágenes de Doon Huan
2. Joy of the Water Bucket Festival (trad.) - 6:10 Freuden des Wassereimer - Festes / Images de Doon Huan / Alegrías del festival de cubo de agua
3. Peacock Dance (trad.) - 4:35 Pfauentanz / La Danse du Paon / Danza del pavo real
4. Horse Racing (trad.) - 1:57 Pferderennen / Courses de Chevaux / Carreras de caballos
5. Spring Dawn at the Yang-Ming Mountain (trad.) - 5:23 Frühlingsdämmerung am Yang-Ming-Berg / Aurore au Printemps sur la Montagne Yang-Ming / Amanecer de primavera en la montaña de Yang-Ming
6. The Hill named Youth (trad.) - 2:33 Der Hügel namens „Jugend“ / La "Colline de la Jeunesse" / La colina llamada “juventud”
7. Ballad of Four Seasons (trad.) - 1:55 Ballade der vier Jahreszeiten / Ballade des quatre Saisons / Balada de las cuatro estaciones
8. Den Den Don (trad.) - 1:41
9. Sword Dance (trad.) - 5:47 Schwerttanz / La Danse de l'Épée / Danza de la espada
10. Welcoming Spring (trad.) - 7:20 Den Frühling willkommen heißen / Bienvenue au Printemps / Darle la bienvenida a la primavera
11. Dragon Dance – Festival Celebration (trad.) - 7:30 Drachentanz-Fest / La Danse du Dragon – Célébration du Festival / Danza del dragón - festival de celebración
12. Thunder during Drought (trad.) - 1:57 Donner während der Dürre / Coup de Tonnerre en Période de Sécheresse / Tormenta durante la sequía.

Price: € 14.50

Heart of the Dragon Ensemble
Chinese New Years Music EUCD 2055
Chinese New Years Music
A special album dedicated to the Chinese New Year. Popular and traditional Chinese New Year's music from different parts of mainland China as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas. Including new compositions especially composed for Chinese New Year celebrations. Explanations to each track giving insight into legends and customs surrounding the New Years celebrations, in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Celebration (Jiang Li)
2. Lion Dance (Jiang Li)
3. Happiness (Liu Ming Yuan; trad. music, arr. Jiang Li)
4. New Year is Coming (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
5. Feng Yang Drums (trad. folk tune from the Anhui province, arr. Jiang Li)
6. Steps High (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
7. Fireworks (Jiang Li)
8. Tea Picking Girls and Butterfly Dance (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
9. Guo Xin Nian (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
10. Ying Chun Flowers (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
11. Happy Man (Jiang Li)
12. Spring Festival (trad. arr. Jiang Li)
13. Birds over the Southern River (Jiang Li)
14. Jubilation (Jiang Li)

Price: € 15.50

Joji Hirota, Silk String Quartet, Cheng Yu…
Best of China & Japan EUCD 2559
Best of China & Japan
This captivating album presents a beautiful cross-section of music from China and Japan, from tender and contemplative Chinese string melodies to the powerful thunder of Japanese taiko drums. Featuring a great variety of music played on traditional instruments in traditional and contemporary arrangements. Extensive information about each of the artists and the pieces.

1. THE SILK STRING QUARTET: Autumn Moon over the Still Lake (arr. Cheng Yu) - 6:26
2. LI HE: Wu Bang Zi (Fen Zi Cuen) - 3:14
3. HANSHIN CHINESE FOLK & DANCE ENSEMBLE: Spring Dawn at Yang-Ming Mountain (trad.) - 5:24
4. CHENG YU: Dragon Boat (trad., arr. Cheng Yu) - 4:36
5. GONG LINNA: Pan Ge - Riddle Song (Children’s Songs from Guizhou No. 2) (trad., arr. Lao Luo) - 3:02
6. HEART OF THE DRAGON ENSEMBLE: Spring Festival (trad., arr. Jiang Li) - 4:03


7. JOJI HIROTA & THE TAIKO DRUMMERS : Harvest (Joji Hirota) - 7:49
8. AIKO HASEGAWA: Kiso Flowing (Aiko Hasegawa) - 4:58
9. RICHARD STAGG: Kumoi jishi (Celestial Lion Dance) (trad., arr. Richard Stagg) - 5:37
10. YAMATO ENSEMBLE: Seoto (The Roar of the Shallows) (Michio Miyagi) - 5:44
11. JOJI HIROTA: Kokiriko Bushi (trad., arr. Joji Hirota) - 5:10
12. TOMOE-RYU YUTAKADAIKO: Shutsujin - Daiko (Departure to the Front - Drum) (Yoshinori Itagaki) - 3:41

Price: € 13.00

Miao Xiaoyun
The Art Of The Chinese Lute EUCD 1864
The Art Of The Chinese Lute
Miao Xiaoyun, is a virtuoso player of various Chinese lutes. Here she presents a fascinating array of ancient traditional as well as modern Chinese music played on tenor and bass ruan and pipa. On some of the pieces she is accompanied by the internationally acclaimed Chinese dulcimer player Professor Xu Pingxin.

1. Ancient Melody from the Zhongnan Mountain (Ning Yong) - 6:36
2. Sound from Afar (Chen Wenjie) - 5:33
3. Memory of Yun-nan, 1st Movement (Liu Xing) - 7:39
4. Moon over the Jade Mansion (Ning Yong) - 7:27
5. The Tyrant took off his Armour (Ancient piece, Wang Fandi Version) - 9:23
6. Overlooking the Qin River (Ning Yong) - 5:54
7. Yingzhou Ancient Tunes (Ancient piece, arr. Miao Xiaoyun) - 2:45
8. Memory of Yun-nan, 2nd Movement (Liu Xing) - 8:20

Price: € 14.50

Silk and Bamboo Ensemble
Traditional Chinese Music EUCD 2177
Traditional Chinese Music
Beautiful and enchanting sounds of traditional, regional and contemporary ensemble and solo pieces, presented by the Silk and Bamboo Ensemble, a group of virtuoso, classically trained musicians. They are played on traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, pipa, yangqin, guzheng, guqin, dizi, xiao, sheng, guanzi and hulusi.

1. Jasmine
2. Dance of the Yao People
3. Full of Joy
4. Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon
5. Beautiful Woman Thinking of the Moon
6. Melody of Yang Guan
7. Purple Bamboo Melody
8. Lament at Changmen Palace
9. Autumn Moon over the Still Lake
10. Watertown Landscape
11. Ducks Playing in the Water
12. Melody of Yimeng
13. Song of Happiness
14. Spring Arrived at Lake Cuihu
15. Moving Up

Price: € 14.50

The Heart of the Dragon Ensemble
Classical Folk Music from China EUCD 1908
Classical Folk Music from China
The Heart of the Dragon Ensemble presents beautiful and tranquil traditional pieces and new compositions played on erhu (fiddle), pipa (lute), dizi (flute), xiao (flute), sheng (mouth-blown 'organ'), guzheng (harp) and yang-qin (dulcimer). Extensive information about the artists, instruments and the individual pieces in four English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 71 min.

1. Ninety-Nine Days Bright (Gao Ruxing, arr. Jiang Li) - 3:54
2. Dynasty (Jiang Li) - 6:28
3. Little Boat (trad., arr. Jiang Li) - 4:58
4. Happy Maid (Jiang Li) - 3:13
5. Waves and Sands (Pipa solo) (Hua Yanjun) - 4:55
6. Dream till Tomorrow (Jiang Li) - 4:16
7. Golden Snake Dance (Nie Er, arr. Jiang Li) - 3:41
8. Liang Xiao (Liu Tinhua) - 4:55
9. Bamboo Dance (Jiang Li) - 5:06
10. Gong Wu (Shong Yi, arr. Jiang Li) - 5:16
11. Beautiful Africa (Yu Qingzhu) - 4:54
12. Nan Ni Village (Ma Ke / He Jingzhi, arr. Jiang Li) - 4:44
13. Return of the Fishing Boats (Lou Shuhua, documented: Cao Zhengze) - 4:37
14. Xiao Baicai (trad., arr. Jiang Li) - 4:26
15. Xiao Music at Midnight (Jiang Li, Liu Xiaohu) - 5:42

Price: € 15.50

Chants & Music From Buddhist Temples EUCD 1593
Chants & Music From Buddhist Temples
Chants & Music From Buddhist Temples.

India : 1. Evening prayer in Sarnath - 5:30 2. Manglacharanam - 0:30 3. Trisharanam - 1:03 Sri Lanka : 4. Trividharatnam - 4:54 5. Hewisi - 3:15 6. Pirith - 3:21 Thailand : 7. The Bell of Wat Tak Tong - 1:07 8. Evening prayer at Wat Tak Tong - 3:03 Taiwan : 9. Morning prayer in Lungshan - 2:42 10. Circumambulation - 3:55 11. Chin - 7:15 China : 12. Evening prayer in the Divine Light Monastery - 2:40 Tibet : 13. Morning prayer in Bir - 5:51 14. Afternoon prayer in Rumtek - 7:04 15. Noon prayer in Tashijong - 3:40 16. Damiyen - 2:27.

Price: € 18.50
Price: € 5.00
Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines EUCD 1809
Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines
This album introduces Far-Eastern instruments, such as the Mongolian horse-head violin morin khuur, dizi and shakuhachi (Chinese and Japanese flutes), the pipa (Chinese lute), various Taiwanese gongs, chang'gu (Korean hourglass drum), koto (Japanese 'harp'), kulintang and various gongs and xylophones from the Philippines, and many more beautiful and interesting instruments. Extensive notes in English, German and French about music and instruments plus photos.

1. Mongolia (horsehead violin) Egschiglen: Ayaz (Improvisation) (trad., arr. T. Migdori) - 3:19
2. China (dizi) Li He: Yu Ge (Song of the Fishermen) (Yu Tian You) - 4:40
3. China (pipa & konghou) Cui Junzhi/Pan Jing: Flowers in the Moonlight in a Spring Night on the River (trad.) - 8:13
4. China (erhu) Zhou Yu: The Song of Heart (Yu Peng, arr. Min Zhen) - 4:38
5. Taiwan (ensemble) Han Shin Chinese Folk & Dance Ensemble: Peacock Dance (trad.) - 4:35
6. Korea (chang' gu / hourglass drum) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: Chang'gu Dance (dance solo) (trad.) - 4:56
7. Korea (komun' go / board zither) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: San jo (komun' go solo) (trad.) - 5:55
8. Japan (shakuhachi) Richard Stagg: Gekko roteki (A Flute in the Moonlight) (Fukuda Rando) - 4:04
9. Japan (koto) Ayako Lister: Maritsuki (Michio Miyagi) - 4:46
10. Japan (ensemble) Yamato Ensemble: Futatsu No Den-En-Shi II (Pastoral) (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:32
11. Japan (drums) Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za: Otoko-koko-ni Ariki (This is the Man) (Masaya Takashino) - 4:48
12. Philippines (traditional percussion instruments) Fiesta Filipina: Malong-taghing baila (trad.) - 2:36

Price: € 11.50

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