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Venda Drummers
Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 2 EUCD 2026
Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 2
An eclectic collection of African drumming. Featuring the Anlo-Ewe from Togo and Ghana, Bolamba Pygmies from the Congo, Kalahari Bushmen from Botswana, Manza music from the Central African Republic, Yoruba from Nigeria, Benin, Togo and many more. 40-page booklet with lots of info about each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. WO MAWU (Anlo-Ewe, Togo and Ghana)
2. NGUNGU (Zululand)
3. EBOKA (Bolamba Pygmies from the Congo)
5. MALA (Senegal, Mali, Guinea, the Gambia)
6. SOULUI (Accra Ghana)
7. GBOKO LIA YAYARI KPAMO (Central African Republic)
8. NXAI (Kalahari Bushman, Botswana)
9. UNWABU (Swaziland, Xhosa, Zulu)
10. BABA (Nguni/Xhosa, South Africa)
11. ZIMA GAZA KOO (Manza music, Central African Republic)
12. KEKEBU (Shangaan from Mozambique, South Africa)
13. DOMBA (Venda, Northern South Africa)
14. YOLO MALE (Central African Republic)
15. MABO (BaKa Pygmy - Cameroon, Congo and Central African Republic)
16. ESHE EYELE (Yoruba from Nigeria, Benin, Togo)
17. ZANGA (Mbum, Central African Republic)
18. IBHUNGANE (Zulu, South Africa)

Price: € 13.00

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