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Bashir Abdel 'Aal
Egyptian Bellydance EUCD 2178
Egyptian Bellydance
Over 55 minutes of danceable and infectious bellydance music that inspires to dance! Presented by Bashir Abdel 'Aal, one of the finest Arabian flautists today, and his ensemble of seasoned Egyptian musicians.

1. Gamil Gamal (Farid Al Atrash)
2. Zinah (Farid Al Atrash)
3. Shakawah (Aly Serour)
4. Ta'Ala Oullak (Mounir Mourad)
5. Al Haggalah (Aly Serour)
6. Raksah Iskandarani (trad., arr. Bashir Abdel'Aal)
7. Taksim (accordion), Baladi (accordion: Elgamel Alsaghir)
8. Taksim (keyboards), Baladi (keyboards: Aly Serour)
9. Baladi (nay: Bashir Abdel'Aal)
10. Tabla & Percussion Solo (Hagag Meta'al)
11. Taksim (nay: Bashir Abdel'Aal)

Price: € 13.00

Hossam Ramzy, Essam Rashad
The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol II EUCD 1921
The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol II
This glorious album is an update since Hossam Ramzy's first "Best of..." album released in 1997 - a collection of the most popular new Oriental dance music from the "Sultan of Swing". Gamaal Oyounik, Henni Ya Amar, Amiret El Sahara, Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna, Maalehsh, Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel), Raqs El Khayyalah, Alwan El Neel and more.

1. Gamaal Oyounik - 5:50
2. Henni Ya Amar - 6:09
3. Amiret El Sahara - 3:42
4. Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna - 5:52
5. Maalehsh - 4:23
6. Tool omri ba-hebbak - 4:18
7. Raqs El Khayyalah - 6:54
8. Alwan El Neel - 4:45
9. Amar El Sahara - 4:29
10. Raqset El Assaya - 4:32

Price: € 12.50

Hossam Ramzy
Bedouin Tribal Dance EUCD 2047
Bedouin Tribal Dance
Bedouin music depicting modern life of the Egyptian tribal Bedouins, presenting their wedding celebrations. Energetic dance music driven by the joy of living with nature, arranged with the dancers in mind. Played on traditional instruments. Extensive information in four languages, intro written by Dr. Farida Fahmy.

1. Raqset Al-Hajjalah (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
2. Enta W'Bas (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
3. Efrooh Bwadina (Shebl Abdalla)
4. Habbetik B'Jnoon (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
5. Oyounik Ya Sattar (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
6. Shebl W'Talhinah (Shebl Abdalla)
7. Ghaly Al Ein (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
8. Matloumini (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
9. Al Majroodah (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy)
10. Baly Mashghoul (Shebl Abdalla)

Price: € 15.50
Classical Egyptian Bellydance - Ruby EUCD 2242
Classical Egyptian Bellydance - Ruby
Ten brand new sparkling jewels of glorious classical-style Egyptian dance compositions by Hossam Ramzy, exploring the whole spectrum of sounds and emotions. The pieces are lush, extravagant, dynamic, exciting, emotional, light-hearted, soulful and above all & very danceable!
The album presents a revolutionary juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements, resulting in sounds which are as unique and varied as they are lush and soulful.

1. The Black Opal
2. Zapphire of Love
3. Ruby
4. A Turquoise Set in a Silver Dream
5. Diamond in The Rough
6. Tigers' Eyes
7. The Pearl in My Heart
8. Moonstone
9. Aquamarine of the South
10. Visions from the Emerald within

Price: € 14.00
Hafla – Bellydance Party! EUCD 2065
Hafla – Bellydance Party!
Hafla! – Party! A special hafla CD put together by Hossam and Serena Ramzy. Selected favourites, short and funky pieces, for haflas – party time – and lots of belly dance fun.

1. Sallam Alay (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy, Walid Fayed)
2. Oyoun Sandra (Hossam Ramzy, arr. Walid Fayed)
3. Aziza (Mohammed Abdul Wahab)
4. Enta Omri III (Wahab, arr. Hossam Ramzy)
5. Eddalla Ala Kefak (Najib Al Sehdar)
6. Oqbalak Yom Miladak (Adbul Halim Hafiz)
7. We Mali Bas (Mohamed El Mougy)
8. El Gamal Wel Gammal (Hossam Ramzy)
9. From Cairo to Sao Paulo (Hossam Ramzy, arr., Walid Fayed)
10. Habibi We Enaya (Mohammed Fawzy)
11. Sanatein Wanahayel Feek (Raouf Zohney)
12. Bahlam Beek (Adbul Halim Hafiz)
13. Baladi We Hetta, Part I
14. West Naima (Hossam Ramzy)
15. Baladi We Hetta, Tabla Solo (Hossam Ramzy)

Price: € 15.00

Hossam Ramzy & Pablo Cárcamo
Latin American Hits for Bellydance EUCD 2059
Latin American Hits for Bellydance
"Egyptian rhythms combined with Latin American hits! An exciting new style that is very danceable and a lot of fun. Check it out!" - Hossam Ramzy.
The songs: Guantanamera, Cielito Lindo, Besame Mucho, La Cucaracha, La Bamba… and composed especially for this album: Arabia Azteca.

1. Cachita (J. Hernandez)
2. Palo Palito (D.R.)
3. Guantanamera (Marti / Angulo / Seeger)
4. El Porompompero (Solano / Ochaita / Rodriguez)
5. Cielito Lindo (trad.)
6. La Malagueña (Ramirez / Galindo)
7. Besame Mucho (Velazquez / Skylar)
8. La Cucaracha (trad.)
9. La Bamba (trad.)
10. Arabia Azteca (H. Ramzy / P. Cárcamo)

Price: € 11.50

Hossam Ramzy, Essam Rashad
Ro- He, Classical Egyptian Dance EUCD 1844
Ro- He, Classical Egyptian Dance
Essam Rashad, one of Egypt’s most renowned 20th century composers and Hossam Ramzy, Egyptian percussionist of world renown present classical Egyptian music in contemporary arrangements. In the CD booklet Hossam Ramzy gives a special introduction into Egyptian dance (English, German, French, Spanish).

1. Ro-He, Part 1, 2, 3, 4 - 15:02
2. Oud Taqasim - 3:34
3. Elkol - 1:14
4. Boshra - 7:27
5. Elshebbak - 9:26

Price: € 14.50

Mostafa Sax
Egyptian Bellydance - Afrah Baladi EUCD 2269
Egyptian Bellydance - Afrah Baladi
Enchanting compositions of Egyptian bellydance music played by Mostafa Sax (saxophone, keyboards) and Hossam Ramzy (percussion, keyboards).

1. Afrah baladi (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
2. Eddalla ya Rashidi (trad, arr. M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
3. Farah Amira (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
4. Raqs el-khail (M. Sax/ H. Ramzy)
5. Henneyya (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
6. Sunset in the Sahara (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)

Price: € 13.00

Rafat Misso & Hossam Ramzy
Egyptian Bellydance - Baladi Saxophone - Ahlamy EUCD 2173
Egyptian Bellydance - Baladi Saxophone - Ahlamy
This soulful bellydance album introduces Rafat Misso, Egypt's most sought-after bellydance saxophonist, who together with Hossam Ramzy creates a rich and mystical journey through the enticing sounds of the Middle East. Information about each of the piece in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Sallam Allay
2. El Sama Billeyl
3. Ala Rimsh Oyounha Abilt Hawa
4. Ya Tamr Henna
5. El Hanim
6. Lamma Ramatna El Eyin
7. El Shouma
8. El Baladi Youkal

Price: € 11.00

The Best of Bellydance EUCD 2137
The Best of Bellydance
The hottest bellydance collection ever! Dance to the swaying, sensual rhythms of Hossam Ramzy, Essam Rashad, Hüseyin Türkmenler, Bashir Abdel ‘Aal & Mazin Abu Sayf, Gypsies of the Nile, Emad Sayyah, Chalf Hassan and Mostafa Sax. Booklet in four languages.

1. HOSSAM RAMZY: Sallam allay - 5:18
2. ESSAM RASHAD: Gazal- 6:05
3. ENSEMBLE HÜSEYIN TÜRKMENLER: Söyleyin yildizlar sevgilim nerde - 3:33
4. BASHIR ABDEL ‘AAL with MAZIN ABU SAYF: Al eeh bisalooni - 5:17
5. GYPSIES OF THE NILE with HOSSAM RAMZY: Oyounik ya sattar - 4:56
6. EMAD SAYYAH: Jimaal am tourkos - 3:35
7. CHALF HASSAN: Raqsat warzazat - 4:55
8. EMAD SAYYAH: Libnaniyye haflitna - 3:38
9. ENSEMBLE HÜSEYIN TÜRKMENLER: Trakya oyun havasý - 5:04
10. HOSSAM RAMZY: Enta Omri III - 5:38
11. MOSTAFA SAX with HOSSAM RAMZY: Afrah baladi - 7:01

Price: € 13.00

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