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Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy…
Sahara Groove 2 EUCD 2057
Sahara Groove 2
Upbeat, exhilarating, funky…! A wide spectrum of music from northern Africa from stellar artist such as Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy, Cheb Aïssa, Cheb Nacim, Chalf Hassan, Chaba Noria, Noor Shimaal… from Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria… Eleven pieces, over one hour of excellent and varied music. Information about the artists in the CD booklet.

1. Chalf Hassan: Amul Koutchi (trad.)
2. Rafat Misso & Hossam Ramzy: El Shouma - the Saaidi Dancing Stick (Rafat Misso)
3. Ez-Zouhour: Mridh fani (trad.)
4. Azza: Om Zein - Mother of Zein (trad.)
5. Cheikha Rimitti: El Dzair (Cheikha Rimitti)
6. Chalf Hassan: Taarida Hawzi (Chalf Hassan)
7. Chaba Noria: Dima Sabra (Chaba Noria)
8. Noor Shimal: Sidi Boumedienne (trad., additional lyrics: V Do?an Corringham)
9. Cheb Aïssa: Ha Na Naï (Cheb Aïssa)
10. Hossam Ramzy: El-Hawzy (Hossam Ramzy)
11. Cheb Nacim: Khabi Serak Ya Ghafel Wa Aqra Hadrek (Dahmane El-Harrachi).

Price: € 11.00

David Fanshawe
Music of the Nile EUCD 1793
Music of the Nile
Recordings by David Fanshawe.

A musical journey along the Nile from Cairo to Lake Victoria containing pure, original African field recordings, from Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, recorded between 1969 and 75.

“The best commercially available collection I have heard of African folk music and I recommend it whole-heartedly.” English Dance & Song Magazine.

Anecdotes and extensive info about the pieces illustrated with stunning photographs.

1. Welcome Bwala Dance (Uganda)
2. Muezzin Call to Prayer (Egypt)
3. River of the Pharaohs (Egypt)
4. Egyptian Wedding Luxor (Egypt)
5. Water Well Song (Egypt)
6. Abu Simbel Temple Dance (Egypt)
7. Prophet’s Song (Sudan)
8. Islamic Prayer School (Sudan)
9. Camel Drivers’ Songs (Sudan)
10. Reed Pipe & Grass Cutting Song (Sudan)
11. Darfur Courtship Dances (Sudan)
12. Four Men on a Prayer Mat (Sudan)
13. Zebaidir Song (Sudan)
14. Hadandua Love Song & Bells (Sudan)
15. War Drums Al-Mahdi (Sudan)
16. Shilluk Coronation Fashoda (Sudan)
17. Paddle Steamer of the Sudd (Sudan)
18. Frogs & Zande Song of Flight (Uganda)
19. Tamboura Song Liri (Uganda)
20. Edongo Dance Arua (Uganda)
21. Kabalega Falls (Uganda)
22. Busoga Fishermen (Uganda)
23. Teso Fishermen (Uganda)
24. Bowed Harp (Uganda)
25. Acholi Enanga (Uganda)
26. Dingi Dingi Dance (Uganda)
27. Rain Song of Latigo Oteng (Uganda)
28. Bunyoro Xylophone Madinda (Uganda)
29. Royal Acholi Bwala Dance (Uganda)
30. Samia Rowing Chant (Uganda)
31. Song of Lamentation (Uganda)
32. Song of the River (Uganda)
33. Karamoja Childrens’ Song (Uganda)
34. Turkana Cattle Song (Kenya)
35. Masailand Milking Song (Kenya)
36. Luo Ritual Burial Dance (Kenya)
37. Aluar Horns (Uganda)

Price: € 14.50

Egyptian Raï
Egyptian Raï EUCD 2025
Egyptian Raï
The music spans a wide arc across the Arab world from Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to Morocco, bringing familiar styles from the various Arabic nations together into a pan-Arabic synthesis, along with rock and funk bass and jazzy lines from sax, trumpet and the quarter tone accordion.

1. GANI LASMAR (Ittab, arr. Hossam Ramzy)
2. OTHRAK MA-AK OTHRAK (Abdullah Royshid, arr. Hossam Ramzy)
3. EL-HAWZI (Hossam Ramzy)
4. EL ATABA GAZAZ (Hossam Ramzy)
5. WAH WAH (Walid Tawfiq)
6. EDDALLA YA ARIS (Hossam Ramzy)
7. MAWWAL EL-OSHAA (Hossam Ramzy)
8. THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER (Hossam Ramzy)
9. THE STAR COLLECTOR (Hossam Ramzy / Michael England)

Price: € 11.50

Hossam Ramzy
Sabla Tolo III - Advanced Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion EUCD 2158
Sabla Tolo III - Advanced Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion
"Rhythmic illusions unveiled" - Brand new rhythmic compositions of Egyptian tabla solos with full percussion arrangements for Oriental dance, spanning a wide array of Egyptian and Middle Eastern rhythms.

Explanations to each of the pieces in four languages, with rhythms, numbers of bars, notation etc. perfect for creating beautiful dance choreographies.

1. SARAAB IQAAY (Rhythmic Illusion)
2. SERR MAKTOUB (Written Secret)
3. NADY ALA ALQABAYEL (Summoning the Tribes)
4. EL SHALLAL (The Waterfall)
5. TAS-IFA-OMMAL? (No Clapping For Me or What?)
7. KHAMSA W'KHMESA (The Hand of Fatma)
9. WUH YA BOOY (Oh Father)
10. AL FINJAL (The Coffee Cup)
11. BOSAT EL REEH (The Magic Carpet) / MEL QAHIRA LE BAGHDAD (From Cairo to Baghdad)
12. SERR MAKSHOOF (A Secret Exposed)
13. REEH EL SAHARA (Desert Wind)

Price: € 15.50
Samya - The Best of Farid Al Atrash EUCD 2495
Samya - The Best of Farid Al Atrash
Farid Al Atrash was famous all over the Middle East for his virtuoso oud (lute) playing, his magnificent musical films and his warm voice, singing the most rosy love songs. He also wrote the dance music for Egypt’s famous dancer, Samya Gamal. Farid produced 42 films in which he sang and Samya or Taheyya Karioka danced. Info in English and German.

1. Yahliw (You Little Beauty!) (Atrache) - 8:16
2. Ma Alli Wi-Oltilo (She Told Me and I Told Her) (Atrache) - 10:09
3. Farid Al Atrash (Ramzy) - 8:32
4. Gamil Gamal (Such Beauty) (Atrache) - 7:21
5. Ya Wahishny Rod Allaya (I Miss You, Please Answer My Calls) (Atrache) - 11:59
6. El Hayah Helwa (Life is So Beautiful) (Atrache) - 6:50
7. Bonus track: EUCD2430, Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz
8. Khusara Khusara (What a Loss) (Abdulwahab / Ramzy) - 6:46

Price: € 18.50

Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton
Egypt Unveiled EUCD 2316
Egypt Unveiled
Following the huge success of the previous albums Eternal Egypt, Immortal Egypt and Enchanted Egypt, Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy present Egypt Unveiled, crowning the trilogy. A magnificent album, echoing the majesty of the pyramids, revealing the mystery of Egypt in a 21st century guise. Artist biographies and descriptions of the pieces in four languages.

1. Cleopatra's Secret
2. Planet Egypt
3. Pharaohniest (A Slight Return)
4. Egypt Unveiled (Part 1)
5. Egypt Unveiled (Part 2)
6. Sett In Stone
7. Khofu's Return
8. The Sword Of Orion
9. Lindos By Night
10. Electribe Blues
11. Storm Over Giza
12. Om Faraon "Mother Of Pharaoh"
13. Om Faraon Alternative Mix Bonus Track

Price: € 15.00

Hossam Ramzy & Special Guests
Rock the Tabla EUCD 2349
Rock the Tabla
Hossam Ramzy & Special Guests - featuring: A.R. Rahman, Billy Cobham, Manu Katché, Omar Faruk Tekbilek…

An explosive musical journey representing and combining musical genius from all corners of the globe. Featuring world renowned artists A.R. Rahman, Billy Cobham, Manu Katché, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Jimmy Waldo, Joji Hirota, Chaz Kkoshi, Phil Thornton, John Themis and others, Hossam Ramzy presents Rock the Tabla, an album that is sure to get your feet tapping, heads nodding and body swaying to this diverse combination of electrifying rhythmic collaborations. Richly illustrated booklet with extensive info in four languages.

1. Arabantana (featuring Manu Katché)
2. Cairo to India (featuring A.R. Rahman)
3. Six Teens (featuring Billy Cobham)
4. Ancient Love Affairs (featuring Jimmy Waldo and Elhamy Ezzat)
5. hukran Arigato (featuring Joji Hirota)
6. Bluesy Flusey (featuring Phil Thornton)
7. Billy Dancing (featuring Billy Cobham)
8. Sawagy (featuring Tim Pierce and Houda El Sombaty)
9. Dom & Doumbia (featuring Nahini Doumbia)
10. Rock the Tabla (featuring Omar Faruk Tekbilek)
11. This could lead to dancing (Bonus Track), (featuring A.R. Rahman) (Chaz Kkoshi re-mix)

Price: € 14.00

Miss Hala Mahmoud
Gypsies of the Nile - Raheel - Travelling EUCD 2261
Gypsies of the Nile - Raheel - Travelling
Gypsy music performed up and down the Nile at weddings, festivals and religious celebrations. Recorded and produced at Giza by Hossam Ramzy. The stunning, emotional voice of the singer Miss Hala Mahmoud is accompanied on traditional instruments such as magrouna, mizmar, rebaba, duff, doholla, tabla (described in the booklet).

2. WEIN ERGADY (trad.)
3. NALLY ADDEIT (trad.)
10. GYPSY DANCE (trad.) instr

Price: € 14.50

Music Of The Middle East EUCD 1930
Music Of The Middle East
A collection of music from Azerbaijan , Iran , Armenia , Turkey , Iraq , Syria , Lebanon and Egypt . Information about artists and music in English, German and French.

1. LÖK-BATAN FOLKLORE GROUP: Sari galin (Bride with Blond Hair) (trad.) - 4:27
2. DJIVAN GASPARIAN: Brother Hunter (Djivan Gasparian) - 4:01
3. AHMET KUSGÖZ VE ARKADASLARI: Senburgaz Çiftetellisi (anon.) 4:28
4. HÜSEYIN TÜRKMENLER: Taksim (Improvisation) / Bolu gelin Karsilamasi (Bride Meeting Tune of Bolu) (instr.) (trad., arr. Hüseyin Türkmenler) - 4:00
5. ZEIN AL-JUNDI: Ya Teira Tiri (Fly, o Bird!) (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy) - 5:28
6. AHMET MUKHTAR: Raqsat albedoi (trad.) - 5:25
7. HOSSEIN FARJAMI: Jahromi (trad.) - 3:46
8. EMAD SAYYAH: Habibi Lahibi (My Darling, my Fire) (instr.) (Emad Sayyah) - 4:39
9. BASHIR ABDEL AL: Al Khayam (arr. B. Abdel Al/I. Goldberg) - 8:06
10. MAGED SEROUR: Nassam Aleina El Hwaw (The Gentle Breeze Brushed Against Us) (The Rahabany Brothers) - 4:40
11. HOSSAM RAMZY: Ala Hesb Wedad Galbi (As my Heart Likes it) (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy) - 5:30
12. CHARBEL ROUHANA: Ourakhoutyoun (Joy) (Charbel Rouhana) - 2:54.

Price: € 11.50

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