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Hugo Díaz, Enrique Ugarte, Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé, Mar
Masters of the Accordion EUCD 1834
Masters of the Accordion
THE ACCORDION IS KING! A kaleidoscope of accordion music played by the best of the best players from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Russia and Spain played on a variety of “bellows”, from the bandoneón and the Egyptian quarter tone accordion to the Irish “squeeze box” and more.

1. HUGO DÍAZ (Bandoneón) / ARGENTINA: Inspiración (Tango) (Peregrino Paulos)
2. MILAN ZAVKOV / MACEDONIA: Gajdarsko oro (trad., arr. M. Zavkov)
3. DANIEL THONON (French diatonic accordion) / CANADA: Marche Bretonne (trad., arr. D. Thonon)
4. ENRIQUE UGARTE / SPAIN: Pacífico (Loube)
5. MOHSEN ALLAAM (Quarter tone accordion) / EGYPT: Habibi Baladi, We Zay El Amar (H. Ramzy / M. Allaam)
6. MAIDHC DAINÍN Ó SÉ / IRELAND: An Buachaillín Bán / Eibhlín Óg / The Dainty Dish before the King (trad., arr. M. D. Ó Sé, F. Flaherty, J. Browne) (MÓC MUSIC)
7. MILEN SLAVOV / BULGARIA: Suita (Milen Slavov)
8. MARIA KALANIEMI / FINLAND: Orpolasten Polska (trad., arr. Sven Ahlbäck)
9. RENATO BORGHETTI / BRAZIL: Milonga para as Missóes (Gilberto Monteiro)
10. VITALIY V. BEZRODNOV (Bayan) / RUSSIA: Yablichko (Sailor's Dance) (trad.)
11. ROBERTO TOMBESI / ITALY: Adriatica (R. Tombesi)
12. NIALL VALLELY (Concertina) / IRELAND: Cissie's (Niall Vallely) / The Star of Munster (Trad. arr. Niall Vallely)
13. ENRIQUE UGARTE / SPAIN: Bolero (M. Ravel, arr. E. Ugarte)

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