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For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England B 215
For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England
Published for Summer School 2006, the book is divided into three sections, with step descriptions and music.
Dances include:

The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Jack's Magott, Jameko, La bonne amitié, The New Bore, The Hole in the Wall, The Juice of Barly, Prince George, Mr. Lane's Minuet, The Minuet, The Indian Queen, Les Galéries d'Amour, Gigue de Roland
CD1 Music by Ian Cutts

CD - € 16.00

La Ribeyra, La Czarienne, La Modene, La Clermont, La Nouvelle Bourée des Princesses, l'Italiene Contre Dance, La Bavaroise Contre dance, La Vandangeuse Contre dance, La Duchesse Louise, La Hage, Le Marinier, Les Oeufs de Paque
CD2 Music by Copenhagen Baroque Musicians

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 17.00

Mike Gilpin
Dansons La Morvandelle, 2nd Ed GM0964
Dansons La Morvandelle, 2nd Ed
A Collection of Traditional French Dance Tunes from Morvan

Dansons la Morvandelle contains 152 tunes from Morvan, a 'parc régional' in south Burgundy, presented in keys suitable for British players. Morvan is an area of gently wooded hills, pastureland and lakes. It has a strong regional identity and is proud of its folk heritage. Traditional music forms an integral part of this heritage. Originally published in 1997, Dansons la Morvandelle has been completely revised and the number of tunes has been almost doubled. Errors found in the original have been corrected.

Price: € 9.75

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