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Aartje Vink
DanSing B 888
Dancing a Song
Singing a Dance

The book DanSing consists of 186 songs, the tunes of which are English country dances. The music parts come with chords. The book is compiled by Aartje Vink, illustrated by Marieke van Leersum and has 324 pages.

Dancing a Song
Singing a Dance

DanSing is een verzameling van 186 liedjes die allemaal melodieën van Engelse volksdansen zijn. De meeste liedjes zijn Engelstalig, maar andere talen zijn ook vertegenwoordigd. Pat Shaw en Nederlandse dansleiders schreven op oude Nederlandse liedjes nieuwe Engelse dansen. De liedjes zijn voorzien van noten en akkoorden.
Het boek is samengesteld door Aartje Vink, geďllustreerd door Marieke van Leersum en telt 324 pagina’s.

Price: € 16.00

Barry Callaghan
Hardcore English B 1560
Hardcore English
This inspired collection of 300 tunes gives an overview of our current understanding of English traditional dance music. This book includes booklists of re-published musicians manuscripts, important compilations of English traditional music. Fascinating studies of English traditional musicians, how folk music varies regionally and an up-to-date guide to the enormous resources, including thousands of tunes no available on the internet.
The double CD with the same title, also compiled by Barry Callaghan, contains thirty-two tracks of tunes played by many of the leading ceilidh bands, including The Old Swan Band, The Bismarcks, Geckoes, Florida and Pete Coe.
2 CD - € 29.00

Price: € 19.50

Barry Moule
Band Wagon B 281
Band Wagon
1990, 72 pgs.

Price: € 14.00
Price: € 8.68

Bob Pasquarello
The Apple Of His Eyes B 110
The Apple Of His Eyes
This is a collection of 27 original waltzes composed by Bob Pasquarello over the past ten years. They are printed with melody lines and chords.

1997, 30 pgs.

Price: € 6.80

Bob Shatwell and Paul Sartin
Hampshire Dance Tunes GM 07086
Hampshire Dance Tunes
Country dance tunes from the Pyle family manuscript 1822. Made in United Kingdom

Price: € 12.50

Chris Dewhurst
Influences ... B 233
Influences ...
More original compositions in traditional styles by Chris Dewhurst. Chris third book. It contains 38 reels, jigs, waltzes and other tunes in traditional style.

1996, 24 pgs.

Price: € 7.30
Price: € 4.50

Dave Brown
Memories in Waltz time B 1251
Memories in Waltz time
A great selection of Waltzes composed by Dave for an ever widening series of events and occasions.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.00
Shades Of Brown B 1250
Shades Of Brown
This is Dave Brown's Newly Published Premier Collection of original tunes. The collection includes Jigs, Reels Hornpipes and Marches. All of which have been tried and tested at various dances and ceilidhs. Why not give your band an original sound with these new tunes. Dave has also written a short biographical note about the origin, or reason for each tune.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 11.50

Dave Mallinson
English Country Dance Tunes GM 0731
English Country Dance Tunes
Dance Tunes:
This Old Man What Can the Matter Be? - Aiken Drum - Polly Wolly Doodle - Some Say the Devil's Dead - The Heel and Toe Polka - The Bear Dance - Here We Go Round Mulberry - The Boston Burglar - The Orkney Rope Waltz - The Gentle Maiden - My Love Is Like a Red Rose - Green Grow the Rushes-o - The Greenwood Tree - Galopede - Boil ‘em Cabbage Down - The Road to Boston - The Year of Jubilo - Goodbye Girls - Bonny Breast Knot - Drumdelgie - Corn Rigs - The Scartaglen Polka - The Big Corral - Big Rock Candy Mountains - Cindy
Gussie - Jumping Cactus - Dixie - The Sidbury Four Hand Reel - The Thistle of Scotland - Marching through Georgia - Pop Goes the Weasel - Golden Slippers - Another Jig Will Do - Come, Let Us Dance and Sing - Circassian Circle - A Life on the Ocean Wave - The Geud Man o' Ballangigh - Finnegan's Wake - The Bourton Six - The Lass o’ Gowrie - Twelve Reel - The Road to the Isles - Chinese Breakdown - Turkey in the Straw - The Cumberland Reel - The Arkansas Traveller - Beatrice Hill’s Three Handed - Ap Shenkin - Horses’ Brawl - Herbert Smith’s Four Hand - Double Lead Through - Barney Brannigan - A Man's a Man for A' That - Teribus - Durham Rangers - Newcastle - The Sussex Polka - Little Diamond - The Magic Slipper - Swedish Masquerade - The Goathland Square Eight - Voulez Vous Danser - The Tempest - Jack’s Maggot - Three Meet - Dorset Four Hand Reel No. 1 - Dorset Four Hand Reel No. 2 - Tavern in the Town - The Haymakers' Jig - Highland Laddie - The Dashing White Sergeant - Sellenger’s Round - Sir Roger de Coverley - The Triumph - The East Neuk of Fife - The Sweets of May -
Miss Forbes' Farewell - The Fandango - Orange and Blue - The Flop-Eared Mule - Bonny Dundee - The Duke of Perth - La Russe - Jeanie's Blue E'en - Bottom of the Punchbowl - Peacock Followed the Hen - Petronella - The Friendly Visit - The Sheffield Hornpipe - Proudlock's Hornpipe - The Humours of Donnybrook - Father Kelly's Jig - The Morpeth Rant - Pay the Reckoning - Haste to Wedding - Phillebelula All the Way - The Blarney Pilgrim - Banish Misfortune - The Ship in Full Sail.

Price: € 14.00

Dave Townsend
English Dance Music Vol 1 GM 07015
English Dance Music Vol 1
130 traditional English dance tunes collected & arranged by Dave Townsend. Made in United Kingdom.

Price: € 16.00

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