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Marshall Barron
Popular 17th And 18th English Country Dances B 999
Popular 17th And 18th English Country Dances
1988, 20 pgs.

Bolt the Door - Captain White - Daphne - Dublin Bay - Epping Forest - Female Saylor - Hit and Mis - Jack\'s Health - Kitty McGee - Lavena - Mad robin - La Matelotte - ....

Price: € 11.40
Purcell Playford And The English Country Dance - Vol. 2 B 261
Purcell Playford And The English Country Dance - Vol. 2

Price: € 22.50
Wallflowers At The Drancy Fess Ball B 321
Wallflowers At The Drancy Fess Ball
English country dances arranged by Marshall Barron.

1997, 34 pgs.

Contents 31 dances: Amarillis , Bellamira, Bury Fair, Camberwell, Dick\'s Maggot, Dover Pier, Dusty Miller, Easter Eve, Elverton Grove, Excuse Me, Fandango, .... and 3 waltzes: The Cremona Fiddle, The Duchesses of Bedford\'s Waltz, The Lark in Repose.

Price: € 11.15

Matt Seattle
Airs for Pairs GM 0784
Airs for Pairs
This book contains twenty-one of the most popular traditional melodies, both dance tunes and song airs, from around Britain and Ireland. Each tune is arranged with a harmony part for a second melody instrument as well as an optional chord accompaniment for guitar, piano etc.. In all cases but one (College Hornpipe) the harmony does not descend below middle C, so that the arrangements can be played by almost all melody instruments including recorders. The tunes are a part of a body of popular music which has survived to the present day alongside many other types of music. Generally called Folk or (preferably) Traditional music, it forms a tradition distinct from that of Art or Classical music, though it is no less artful in its own way and on its own scale. So, although musicians with a classical training are welcome to play and enjoy these arrangements, it should be borne in mind that there are many ways of interpreting the written notes: ornamentation which is not written down in frequently used to embellish the music and in the case of the dance tunes a robust approach to rhythm is called for (for fiddlers, digging in with the bow on the main beats). For those who need extra guidance there are now many excellent tutors available for most instruments and styles.

Price: € 11.50
Great Northern Tunebook -- William Vickers’ Collection of Dance Tunes AD 1770 B 191
Great Northern Tunebook -- William Vickers’ Collection of Dance Tunes  AD 1770
William Vickers’ tune book is one of the largest and most interesting English fiddle
manuscripts. Compiled in 1770, probably in Newcastle upon Tyne, it contains
a surprising variety of tunes and gives us an intriguing window on an individual
fiddler’s world.

Under the compiler's simple heading 'Country Dances' are:

Jigs, Reels, Rants, common-time and triple-time Hornpipes
local fiddle and pipe tunes
tunes from other parts of England, Scotland, and even France
obscure but high quality tunes along with old favourites
the earliest appearances of some traditional classics
Vickers' collection served as a source for the Northumbrian Minstrelsy in the 19th Century, and also played a part in the renaissance of traditional music on Tyneside in the 20th Century in the hands of The High Level Ranters, The Cut & Dry Band and Alistair Anderson.

Edited by Matt Seattle and appearing as The Great Northern Tune Book under his Dragonfly Music imprint in 1986-7, Vickers' was the first fiddler's manuscript to be published in its entirety. This long awaited new edition, completely re-edited and in one volume, is an essential resource for every player and student of traditional music, whether serious or in Vickers' words, "half-witted, merry and mad".

The new edition of The Great Northern Tune Book, the William Vickers manuscript of 1770.

222 pages - A4 Portrait - Sewn & Drawn - Card Cover

Price: € 29.00
More Airs for Pairs GM 0785
More Airs for Pairs
Like its companion, AIRS FOR PAIRS, this book contains twenty-one tunes from Britain and Ireland. The first book contains some of the most popular traditional tunes which, the editor feels, should have a place in the repertoire of all musicians who reside in these islands, whatever their chosen specialization. This second book contains more of this core repertoire, but also has some interesting older tunes as well as some more recent music composed in traditional idioms. The balance here is weighted a little more in favour of the slower tunes for no particular reason. As in the first book the harmonies have been written not to be easy or difficult, but to be musical. I would like to thank Stewart Hardy for playing them all through with me and making many valuable suggestions which I have been pleased to include. Suggested bowings are included in the arrangements. These will work perfectly well, but there are of course other possibilities and personal familiarity with one or another of the native idioms is always a better guide than written instructions. The music is playable on instruments other than violin, and some of the tunes derive specifically from piping and harping, as well as fiddling traditions.

Price: € 11.00

Michael Raven
A Miscellany Of GuitarMusic B 146
A Miscellany Of GuitarMusic
A new 80-page, A4 paperback with laminated cover. All the music is in staff notation and tablature. Contents include Recuerdos de la Alhambra, the famous tremolo study played by all the top concert guitarists, Taranatos, a show-stopping flamenco solo, Concert Suites in E and D, a transcription of Maria Eleanor by Los Tabajaros (No.1 a few years ago), Warrior’s Welcome Home, Comical Fellow, Bushes and Briars, The Two Butchers (Greek), Leonore (French), Aymara Indian Dance, McKinnon’s Lament and Jig, New Mown Hay, Bouree, Rough Music, Hope Forlorn, Merthyr Tydfil, Kinlet Hall, Lakes of Pontchartrain, Jonathan Wild’s Jig, Black Joke/To the Weavers, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Gavotte (Bach), Serenade, and Sauteuse.

Price: € 21.50
English Folk Guitar 2 B 602
English Folk Guitar 2
This book is devoted to solo instruments playing and in particular to styles developed from medieval lute and harp traditions. There are 37 tunes. All the music is in tabulatore and staff notation. Most are not at all difficult and being such good and timeless tunes are rewarding to work on.

1983, 64 pgs.

Price: € 13.65
English Folk Guitar 3 B 603
English Folk Guitar 3
Like book 2 this is devoted entirely to solo instruments pieces, 31 in all. There are some concert solos included and a good selection of jigs, reels, aires and morris dance tunes. All the music is in tabulatore and staff notation.

1991, 64 pgs.

Price: € 13.65
English Folk Guitar, Songs and Instrumentals - Book 2 B 118
English Folk Guitar, Songs and Instrumentals - Book 2
Titles include Annan Water, Nancy Spain, The Shearing’s Not for You, The Drover’s Song and Polly Gale’s Tarantella, with pieces representing the styles of Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Nic Jones and John Dowland, amongst others All the songs have melody lines, full texts and chord symbols. The guitar parts are in both staff notation and tablature. 80 pages, 9 inches x 12 inches, sewn in sections with a laminated cover.

Price: € 20.50

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