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Michael Raven
John O'Barbary B 476
John O'Barbary
This collection of 32 traditional songs and dance tunes. Some are little known; some are from the repertoires of The Chieftains, Silly Wizard, Nic Jones, June Tabor, The Bothy Band, etc. Titles include: The Backwoodsman *English Lanes *Wanton Seed * Strayaway Child *Tarbolton Lasses *Braes of Yarrow *Burning of Auchindown *John O’barbary, etc. The melody lines are in staff notation with chord symbols and there are some suggested harmonies and guitar accompaniments in tablature. Second edition revised and re-set in 2007.

A4 size 32 pages. ISBN: 978 0 906114 77 3 (2nd edition)

Price: € 11.50
Lucy's Frolic B 619
Lucy's Frolic
35 aires and dances arranged for solo guitar. Most of the arrangements are free from any real technical difficulties.

Contains: Badger Two Step * Blackbird Fly No More * Shepherd of the Mynd * Tarantella * Lichfield Bower Processional, etc. Printed in staff notation and tablature. Companion cassette only.

23cmsx30cms 64 pages

Price: € 16.50
Music For Guitar B 612
Music For Guitar
155 easy to moderately difficult arrangements of a variety of guitar music: lute pieces, popular songs, Flamenco, folk tunes, country dances, original compositions, etc. and some full concert solos.

Titles include: Clun Castle Dirge *Slain in Egypt *Columbiana *Pradoe Paven *Black Queen *Jota *Tanguillio *Stockport Carnival Dance etc. NB this is not a compilation of previously published music. Sewn in sections. Five companion cassettes available.

23cmsx30cms (9″x12″) 256 pages

Price: € 24.75
One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes B 432
One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes
The new edition of 1.000 English country dance tunes is now available. This is the largest single collection of dance tunes ever published. Jigs, triple jigs, set dances, waltzes, reels, hornpipes, polkas, quicksteps, Schottisches, etc. , with special features on Morris, Sword and Ceremonial tunes, the Northumbrian pipes, and facsimile reproductions of the complete first editions of John Gay's The Beggar Opera ( 1729 ) and Playford's The English Dancing Masters (1651). Widely acclaimed by professional, folk, and early music musicians.
Over 300 pages, sewn in sections, larger than A4 size (9" x 12" - 1. 1/2" thick). Illustrated.
Described as "the folk dancer's bible" this is a must have for all folk / country dance enthusiasts, instrumentalists and collectors.

1999, 336 pgs.

Price: € 42.00
Popular Songs For Guitar B 506
Popular Songs For Guitar
Easy but musically satisfying arrangements of 15 timeless tunes. All the tunes in this collection are either of folk origin or the work of Classical/Romantic composers.
In many cases these old melodies have been set to new words: Danny Boy (Londonderry Aire) * Now the Carnival is Over * Scarborough Fair * Plaisir d’Amour * Amazing Grace, etc. All the music printed in staff notation and tablature.

Price: € 8.70
Popular songs for recorder 2 B 288
Popular songs for recorder 2
The music here is written a little larger than usual to help young people. Amongst the 46 tunes are: Frankie & Johnny *Whisky in the Jar *The Mexican Hat Dance *Malaguena *She Moved Through the Fair *Careless Love *El Condor Pasa, etc. Chord symbols are printed above the melody lines and there is a descant recorder note chart. Music is in staff notation only.
A4 32 pages

Price: € 8.70
Reynardine B 081
This book contains a selection of music from the repertoire of a popular folk band. There are 72 pages of songs and dance tunes, all of which are suitable for fiddle, flute, tin whistle, mandolin, bouzouki and guitar. The tunes are arranged in performance sets and many are printed complete with harmony lines and counter melodies. All have suggested harmonies indicated by chord symbols. The vocal music ranges from ancient ballads to industrial protest songs. The instrumental music includes jigs, reels, set dances, hornpipes, mazurkas, slides, polkas, airs and listening tunes, both traditional and newly composed. Recordings: some of the music has been recorded on The Reynardine CD.

Price: € 18.00
Soulton Hall B 616
Soulton Hall
36 Aires, dances and cafe songs for solo guitar from English country dances to Latin American pieces. Staff notatio and tabulare.

1992, 64 pgs.

Contents 31 dances: Amarillis , Bellamira, Bury Fair, Camberwell, Dick's Maggot, Dover Pier, Dusty Miller, Easter Eve, Elverton Grove, Excuse Me, Fandango, .... and 3 waltzes: The Cremona Fiddle, The Duchesses of Bedford's Waltz, The Lark in Repose.

Price: € 17.00
Star Of Belle Ilse B 615
Star Of Belle Ilse
44 traditional aires and dances arranged for solo guitar. Contents included: Four short pieces, popular songs, Celtic tunes, 17thC and 18th C Dances. Easy to moderate; staff notation and tabulare.

1983, 64 pgs.

Price: € 16.50
The Delbury Dervish B 617
The Delbury Dervish
36 hymns, country dances and cafe songs arranged for guitar.

1992, 64 pgs.

Price: € 17.00

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