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Michael Raven
Wizard Beguildy B 622
Wizard Beguildy
35 country dance tunes arranged for solo guitar. Included: Argeers, Horsehay Two Stick Dance, Rosebud in June, Cat Tails, Polka, Nutting Girl, Cherry Garden, Shirlett Forest Reels, Two French Brawl.

1993, 64pgs.

Dances :
The Courante (3x), The Minuets (15x), The Bourree (4x), The Gaillarde (2x), The Passepied (5x), The Rigodon (3x), The Ecossoise (2x), The Gigue (3x), The Chaconne & The Entree (2x).

Price: € 17.00

Mik Lammers
4 Potatoes and a Few Notes B 501
4 Potatoes and a Few Notes
AADS publishes tunebook by Mik Lammers. Mik Lammers is a musician living at Utrecht, the Netherlands, who is best known as the pianist with The Little Tinkers. Recently the AADS published some of Mik’s original dance tunes. The new book is called 4 Potatoes and a Few Notes and it includes 29 new (country) dance tunes: eight reels, five jigs and five marches. Besides there are seven waltzes and four English style tunes. Each tune is chorded. Five new dances (all English style except the last one) were written to fit Mik’s music and their notations have been added: “Fine Dame” by Simone Verheyen; “Silver September” and “Vintage 38” by Antony Heywood; “A Trip to Mortsel” and “An Alternative Line-Up” by Philippe Callens.

Price: € 7.45

Mike Yates
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD B 010
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD
Songs of English and Scottish Travellers and Gypsies 1965-2005
Compiled by Mike Yates; musical transcriptions by Elaine Bradtke; editorial assistance by David Atkinson and Malcolm Taylor; audio recordings by Mike Yates.
Traveller's Joy is a celebration of the extraordinary and ultimately unique musical legacy of the Gypsies and Travellers of England and Scotland.
The eminent singers and folklorists Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger once wrote that 'the travelling people have become the real custodians of English and Scots traditional song'. No wonder, then, that over the years folk song scholars and collectors have been fascinated by this rich heritage. Mike Yates is no exception and has met and recorded many fine singers from the travelling people of England and Scotland. Examples from their repertoires are presented here.
Traveller's Joy is first and foremost a songbook - a collection of over fifty songs to be learned, sung, and enjoyed by the reader. It is not meant to be a scholarly dissertation, though the intention is to portray the singers and their music with honesty and sensitivity. To enhance and complement the texts and musical transcriptions, an accompanying twenty-track CD allows the reader to hear some of the performers themselves. In addition, there is an authoritative introductory essay by Mike Yates, along with biographical sketches of the singers, notes on the songs, photographs of the singers and of travelling life, and a bibliography and discography.

Price: € 16.00

Peter Barnes
English Country Dances B 913
English Country Dances
A collection of 303 commonly used English dance melodies. Includes chords.

Dances :
My Lady Dark Eyes - Young Carlo - Daniels Reel - A Flower For Stephanie - Matthew J - For Rebecca - Broomstick Jig - Halley's Comet - Idle Jack - The Pseudonym - Crosses And Noughts - Old Oak Reel - Chingford Celebration - Triple Nelson - The Circle Line....

1989, 108 pgs.

Price: € 26.00
English country DanceTunes - Volume 2 B 130
English country DanceTunes - Volume 2
This is a collection of 413 MORE commonly used English traditional dance tunes, for all instruments. Many recent reconstructions and compositions are present in this totally new edition, making a good set with Volume One above. Chords are included for piano or guitar accompaniment, and there is an extensive indices and cross-references in the back of the book. Metal spiral binding to lie flat for easy sight-reading.

Price: € 26.00

R.Vaughan Williams and A.L. Lloyd
Classic English Folk Songs B 241
Classic English Folk Songs
Selected and Edited by: R.Vaughan Williams and A.L. Lloyd
Revised by Malcolm Douglas
Forword by Martin Carthy

First published in 1959 as The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, this ground-breaking collection reclaimed traditional song from the school and the recital room, and from the 'evening dress' into which it had so often been put during the first half of the twentieth century. Drawing on material collected mainly in the early years of that century and originally published in the Journal of The Folk Song Society and its successor the Journal of The English Folk Dance & Song Society, the editors compiled a selection that revealed the vitality and beauty of English folk song in its natural form.

Published by The English Folk Dance & Song Society in association with The South Riding Folk Network

First published 2003. Reprinted 2005, 2009.

Price: € 19.50

Roger Watson
Handbook For Anglo-Chromatic Concertina 11AMUS-AM28325
Handbook For Anglo-Chromatic Concertina
Roger Watson The first complete tutor for the Anglo-Chromatic Concertina. Easy-to-follow text with clear diagrams.

Price: € 14.50
Handbook For English Concertina 11AMUS-AM28317
Handbook For English Concertina
Roger Watson The first complete guide to playing the English Concertina. Easy-to-follow text illustrated by clear diagrams.

Price: € 10.20

William Porter
Maggot Pie B 4593
Maggot Pie
A book of tunes for country dances - arranged for piano by William Porter.

1932 edition.

Price: € 5.50

William Winter
William Winter's Quantocks Tune Book (+ CD) B 167
William Winter's Quantocks Tune Book (+ CD)
This new tune book contains 376 tunes selected from the manuscript of WILLIAM WINTER.

William was a fiddle player who lived from 1774 to 1861 in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. He played in a church band and for country dances and worked as a shoemaker in the villages of Lydeard St Lawrence and West Bagborough. The introduction to the book describes Winter’s life and his music as well as life in Somerset in the early 19th century.

You will find here many unfamiliar tunes as well as new versions of familiar ones; jigs, waltzes, polkas, hornpipes and marches.

The accompanying CD contains a selection 32 tunes, from over 300 tunes in the book, played by Rob Harbron (concertina), Miranda Rutter and Nancy Kerr (fiddles), with Tim van Eyken (melodeon)

This book will appeal to dance and other musicians and anyone interested in the musical history of the West Country.

Book + CD - € 27.50

CD Tracks:
1. The Romp / Careless Sally (Rants 2.55)
2. The Skeming Jockey / Country Bumpkin / You May if you Please (Jigs 4.41)
3. Mother Goose / Trip to the Woodlands /No Song No Supper (Jigs 3.02)
4. The Ton / The Lady's Bright Not/ Jordan's Retreat (Polkas 3.46)
5. Valse (2.59)
6. King George the Third Delight /Prince of Wales Night Cap (Polkas 2.38)
7. A Favourite Duet (by Mr Holmes) / The New German Span/Bristol (Reels 5.44)
8. Petticoate Loose / The Speaking Figure (Jigs 3.03)
9. Chester Castle Hornpipe /Swansea Hornpipe (3.23)
10. Jamie's Return /Nancy's Fancy / The Tide Coming In (Polkas 4.04)
11 The Cachoucha (Waltz 2.18)
12. Le Cadeau / The Shapron /Merry Andrew (Hornpipes 4.10)
13. The Pleasures of Salisbury / Old Englan for Ever / The Tartan Plaiddie / The Recruiting Officer (Jigs 4.35).

Price: € 27.50

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