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Houses, Halls & Parks FAIN 09
Houses, Halls & Parks
A collection of English Country Dances compiled by Reg and Norma Battle.

Book - Ä 8.50

1. Stowe Hall
2. Sion House
3. Buckingham House
4. Blackwell Hall
5. Kensington Court
6. Hafield House
7. Shandy Hall
8. Stately Manor
9. Greenwich Hospital
10. Knowles Park
11. Eastwell Park
12. Delight of Sudbury
13. Dudmason Hall
14. Dunham Oaks
15. Lyme Park
16. Nonesuch II.

Price: € 20.00

Sam Sherry
Sam Sherry Memorial DVD EFDSS 56
Sam Sherry Memorial DVD
The CD-ROM contains details of all Samís known clog steps, each transcribed separately in Newcastle Notation, and illustrated by a video clip either danced by Sam,or by one of his principal pupils. It also collects together a wealth of photographs, recordings, press cuttings, reviews, playbills and personal papers.

DVD 1 contains full length films ofhis main routines, danced by Sam or his principal pupils.
DVD 2 assembles a collection of assorted video recordings of Samís appearances at festivals and on Television, including astonishing footage from 1938 of the Five Sherry Brothers act.
DVD-ROM3 contains biographies, step notations, films and other archival material.
Compiled by Chris Metherell and Barry Callaghan 2007

Price: € 15.00

The Pemberley Players
The Pride and Prejudice Collection - Volume 2 FAIN 012
The Pride and Prejudice Collection - Volume 2
This Second Volume in the Pride and Prejudice Collection contains more of the Jane Austen film and TV dances. In the earliest stages of planning it became clear that little had been done to interpret the dances from the "Apted" Collection to their original tunes.
Referring to the original book, Reg Battle set about the task of interpretation, bearing in mind the dialogue between 17th to 19th Century dance techniques and current expectations. This will undoubtedly give a new look to some of the more familiar dances from this Collection.
This is a Multi-Media CD - so if you have a computer you can see and print the dance notations. Also included are the original notations and interesting 'tit-bits', such as how the dance was performed i in the TV or film production.

book (English/German - Ä 6.00

1. Auretti's Dutch Skipper
2. The Barley Mow
3. Mr Beveridge's Maggot
4. Gathering Peascods
5. Gray's-Inn Mask
6. The Happy Captive
7. The Hole in the Wall
8.Jacob Hall's Jig
9. Jenny Pluck Pears
10. The Juice of Barley
11. The Lasses of Portsmouth
12. Lord How's Jigg
13. Mutual Love
14. Rufty Tufty
15. Shrewsbury Lasses
16. Trip to Highgate
17. Wildboar's Maggot.

Price: € 20.00

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