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Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio
By Request: Dances for Volume 7 B 7555
By Request: Dances for Volume 7
This edition, By Request, was created by soliciting suggestions from the community (as did Volume 9: Strong Roots). Preference was given to requests by dance leaders who depend on recordings and who are, in fact, the target audience for the entire series. We feel the final selection creates a program balanced in style, key, mood, and tempo. Compositions run from 1710 to 2001, and while the majority of them are from the 18th century, new dances are making their way into the repertoire and, more importantly, being sought out by the community. It shows a vibrancy and energy in a dance style that on the surface might seem dated and stagnant. Of the 14 dances, ten are duple minor, plus three two-couple longways and one square.

Dances: The Collier’s Daughter, Cupid’s Garden, Dover Pier, Gigue for Genny, The Gypsy Round, In the Fields of Frost and Snow, Jaque Latin, Midnight Ramble, Mrs. Savage’s Whim, Ore Boggy, Perpetual Motion, Ramsgate Assembly, Red and All Red, and When Laura Smiles.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.00
Fast Friends: Dances for Volume 15 B 7756
Fast Friends: Dances for Volume 15
Dances for Volume 15 of the CDS Boston, Bare Necessities English Dance Series companion books features the dances of Gary Roodman.

Dances:Peace and Plenty, Joy(ce) of the Town, Apollo's Hunt, Helene's Gavotte, Fast Friends, The Belle of Amherst, Ramblin' Rosie, Stride Stately, Trip to Greene, Midwinter Maggot, Mr. Chopin's Waltz, Christine, A Celt's New Dance, Hideaway, and A Solstice Snow.

CD - € 17.00

Price: € 9.50

Phlippe Callens
Seasons of Invention B 889
Seasons of Invention
Phlippe Callens released a fourth collection of English country dances. This booklet contains the complete instructions, contextual inforamtion and the music for the dances of the CD of the same name.

Autumn in Amherst
Autumn in Amherst
The Busie Body
Manage the Miser
The Marple Bridge Rose
The Merry Musicologist
Mr. Stapledon’s New Hornpipe
The New Attic
The Pharmacist’s Pleasure
Simone’s Semicentury
Somerset Square
Spring in Sebastopol
Summer in Morland
Winter in Brasstown
A Trip to Blenheim

CD - € 18.00
DVD - € 15.00

Price: € 8.00

Stafford Folk Dance club
Stafford folk dance club Diamond Anniversary B 4219
Stafford folk dance club Diamond Anniversary
Members and former members of Stafford Folk Dance Club were invited to compose a dance or a dance tune in a Dance Competition as part of our 60th Anniversary Celebrations. The entries were judged anonymously by Kathryn and David Wright for the dances and by Chris Dewhurst for the dance tunes.
The first prize for the dances went to Janet Palmer for Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend and the second to Peter Stephens for Six In A Row. Joint third were Geoff Bradley for Stafford Diamond Contra and June Perry for Swans Swimming On The Sow.

The first prize for the best dance tune went to June Perry for Swans Swimming On The Sow. The second prize went to Geoff White for Bright Sunny Day.
In keeping with the tradition of booklets published for the Silver, Ruby and Golden Anniversaries, the Diamond Anniversary booklet is now available. This contains all the dances and tunes entered for the Diamond Competition.
The Big Six-O - Chyredon Chase - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - F.J.'s Fancy - Freya's Frolic - The Little Six-O - Molly's Revenge - Rollaway Waltz - Six for Sixty - Six in a Row - Sixties Saunter - Sixty Glorius Years - Stafford Diamond Contra - Square Cut Diamond - Swans Swimming on the Sow - Vancouver Ferry
Seperate Tunes : Bluetit Jig - Bright Sunny Day - The Diamond Knot - The Talor's Workshop

Price: € 5.60

Kathryn and David Wright
The Vesey Collection B 4583
The Vesey Collection
BACK in Stock !!!

15 Country and contra dances.

Amstrad Contra, Bedggood Square, Big School Circle, The Bishop (Of Exeter), Eddowes Quadrille, Founder's Day, Good Hope, Harman's Reel, The Mitre, Moor Hall, N.T.M., Oldham's Frolick, Trinit Hill Circle, Vesey 450, The Veseyan

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 8.00

Stafford Folk Dance Club
Folk dance club stafford - 40th Anniversary B 3289
Folk dance club stafford - 40th Anniversary
Any Excuse 'll Do - Bob's Folly - Change Sides - Dodge City Circle - Going For The Gold - High House Jig - Homeward Bound - It Says 'ere - Josephine - Leaning On A Lamp Post - Never Still - Plume Of Feathers - Preventive Medecine - Round The Corner - Ruby Romp - Ruby Snowball - "See Yer Thursday" - Shoot the Buffalo - Stafford Allstars - Stafford Stomp - Step We Gailey - The Fortieth Foursome - TheStafford Knot - Towpath Tangle - Walton Carousel

Price: € 5.60

Dances for Jane Austen DHDS JA2011
Dances for Jane Austen
Jane Austen's brother Henry recorded that 'Jane was fond of dancing, and excelled in it'. The ballroom and assembly scenes in her novels were based on first-hand experience, but she rarely specified the dances. The selection given here goes a little closer to the dances she knew, particularly by making fuller use of the Austen family music books than before. It includes a selection of cotillons and country dances from the ballroom repertoire.

Polonese Russe, The Perigordine, Savage Dance, The Gloucester Waltz, The Family Party, The Muff, Royal Chace, Les Ombres Chinois, La Jesuite, Les Belles Filles de Norwich, La Pastorelle, La Charmante Irlandoise, The College Hornpipe, The Charity Boy, Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy, Jackey Tarr.

Based on material developed for Summer School 2011 by Anne Daye (dances) and Ian Cutts (music)

CD included!

1. Polonese Russe
2. The Perigordine
3. Savage Dance
4. The Gloucester Waltz
5. The Family Party
6. The Muff
7. Royal Chace
8. Les Ombres Chinois
9. La Jesuite
10. Les Belles Filles de Norwich
11. La Pastorelle
12. La Charmante Irlandoise
13. The College Hornpipe
14. The Charity Boy
15. Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy
16. Jackey Tarr

Price: € 22.00

Phil Heaton
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England EFDSS B 5986
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England
Rapper - The Miners' Sword Dance of North East England is a book that celebrates the origins and recent developments of the short sword dance that originated in the pits and collieries of the North East.

What was once a pastime purely for men from the coalface in this corner of England is now a fast, entertaining and skilful dance practised by thousands of people in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and increasingly in Europe.

The new book, written by native North Eastener Phil Heaton, pulls together a collection of newspaper cuttings, documents, family histories and tales from the former Northumberland and Durham coalfields from where the dance originated.

Although well known as a particularly Northern pastime, growing numbers of miners adopted the old rural sword dance as the coalfield expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries to feed the Industrial Revolution. In the hands of the miners, the dance changed character and became shorter, faster and more of an indoor spectacle.

In recent years, the rapper dance has spread and developed in style and performance across the English-speaking world and its spectacular speed and precision sharpened in ruthless competition in the UK and USA.

DVD/ROM - € 19.50

Price: € 16.00

Gary Roodman
A Group of Calculated Figures B 7863
A Group of Calculated Figures
There are now ten books in the Calculated Figures series. The newest one is A Group of Calculated Figures (May 2012). Here are the dances that appear in this book.


Anna Turns Five - Belle of Greensboro - Capital Lads - Fostering Traditions - Hopkinton Lasses - The Invitation - The Married Andrews - Mevagissey Car Park - Midwinter Maggot FF - A New and Awful Dignity - New Hampshire Nocturne - Nina’s Smile - Social Symmetry - A Solstice Snow FF - Trip to Chippenham

Price: € 9.50

Again Not Quite Playford ST 2013 BK
Again Not Quite Playford
Dances compiled by Sue and John Stapledon.
1. Mount Hills - 2. Enjoyment - 3. Amarilis - 4. Sweet Cis - 5. Holboln March - 6. Scintilla - 7. Raged Robin - 8. St. Margaret's Hill - 9. K&E - 10. Cupid's Garden - 11. Farewell to Main - 12. Good King Henry - 13. Orleans Baffled - 14. Fair Maids of France - 15. The Old Mole - 16. MR. J.D. Stapledon's New Hornpipe - 17. Trip to Orpington - 13. Roll the Line

CD - € 20.00

Price: € 8.00

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