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Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances BKROG 3
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume III:
1. English Country Dances

The Bemused Benthologist
Breakfast with Coyote
The Chocolate Equation
Dreams of Mirth
Footprints in the Sand
Hidden by Light
Leaves of Autumn
Plum Thursday
Pony Express
The Potter's Wheel
Rock the Boat
Sally by the Pond
Shira Delight
Ursa Minor
We'll Bed and We'll Weed
Well Met
2. Scottish Country Dances
The Cold Snap
The New Garden
Roll Back the Rug
Spiced Cider

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances BKROG 4
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume IV:
1. English Country Dances

All Who Wander
An(other) Improper Notion
Banjo in a Bear Suit
A Big Heart
Birds of a Feather
Chocolate Moose
Foot it Featly
General Grooviness of the Universe
It's Always Something
Julie's Scandal
Monte Toyon Mist
Rain on the Roof
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
Standard Conclusions
To Dance Divine
Scottish Country Dances
Crimson Clover
The Sun Box
Triple Chocolate
CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00

21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD B 4599
21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD
Simple music; simple dances. Simply wonderful.

This booklet and CD are designed for people who have seen English country dancing (perhaps in a popular Jane Austen movie) and are intrigued by the elegance of the dance and the beauty of the music and want to try it out for themselves. The recording showcases the best of the CDS recording series, highlighting the playing of Phil Merrill, Marshall Barron, Chuck Ward, and others, for the first time on CD. The booklet gives you 21 historical English dances, easy to teach and to dance, with good music. We’ve included information about dance formations, the music and character of English dancing, and a glossary of the major figures and steps used. You don’t need to wait any longer – buy this booklet/CD set and start dancing!

Dances include: Black nag, Childgrove, Christchurch Bells, Draper's Maggot, The Duke of Kent's Waltz, Epping Forest, The Fine Companion, Gathering Peascods, The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Heartsease, Hit and Miss, The Hole in the Wall, Indian Queen, Juice of Barley, Knole Park, The Queen's Jig, Rufty Tufty, Sellingers Round, A Trip to Paris, Upon a Summers Day and Zephyrs and Flora

Price: € 21.00

Cecil Sharp
The Country Dance Book - Book 5 & 6 B 965
The Country Dance Book  -   Book 5 & 6
Kentucky Old Time Dances.

1918, 187 pgs.

Price: € 11.00

Cécile Laye
Les Contredanses Anglaises - Volume 3 (French) B 803
Les Contredanses Anglaises -  Volume 3 (French)
1. Saturday night and Sunday morn
2. Blew Cap
3. Pretty Miss
4. Ethel's Dance
5. Lady in the Dark
6. Rufty Tufty
7. Speed the Plough
8. Kettle Drum
9. Market Day
10. Charming Maid
11. Staines Morris
12. Dargason, or Sedany
13. Waltz Country Dance or Spanish Dance
14. Northern Nancy
15. Row well ye Marriners
16. The Maid Peeped out of the Window or The Friar in the Well
17. Draper's Maggot
18. Windy Morning.

Price: € 12.50
Les Contredanses Anglaises - Volume 1 B 1569
Les Contredanses Anglaises - Volume 1
16 dances recorded on the CD "Les Oubliées" (Chestnut). Contains also 35 movements and articles about J. Playford & C. Sharp.
Chestnut, Blackjak, Les oubliées, Hit and miss, Meillionen, Colereine, Waterfall waltz, Wright's humour, Hole in the wall, Polcastagnette, The princess, Indian queen, Mage on a cree, Draper's gardens, The wedding, Millisson's jig, Althea, Ou peut-être.
CD - € 18.00

Price: € 12.50
The Toddler (in English) B CH04
The Toddler (in English)
Longways for as many as will” are the very heart of a country dance ball. Just as « mixers» they draw together people who do not know one another and might not otherwise dance together; but they are far more elaborate. Progressing up and down the set makes the dance interesting; as the dancers repeat the figures, they get over the initial difficulties and eventually take pleasure in recreating each figure with new neighbours. CHESTNUT and the Papa Richard musicians are happy to present this new selection of 17 tunes for dancing. Except for The Toddler and Black Almain, all are “longways duple or triple minor set”, most of them taken from different editions of the Dancing Master.
It was not easy to make a choice among so many enticing possibilities. What should be dropped? We tried to take into account newcomers to the repertoire as well as of experienced dancers familiar with the sequences. We picked up dances wich offer a contrast in atmosphere and rhythm presenting a representative sample of the different sequences used in progression dances. But above all we let ourselves be guided by the beauty and variety of the music, in carefully choosing the instruments which would best enhance the poetry unique to each dance.

1. Enfield Wash - 2. Old Noll's Jig - 3. Black Almain - 4. Mad Robin - 5. Bonny Cate - 6. Slaughter House - 7. Nobody's Jig - 8. Lord Byron's Maggot - 9. The Toddler - 10. Doway - 11. Nancy's Fancy - 12. Northdown Waltz - 13. Dorset Triumph - 14. Ormond House - 15. Greenwich Park - 16. The Country Farmer - 17. Vienna

CD - € 20.00

Price: € 13.00

Colin Hume
Dance Search B 957
Dance Search
Left, Right and Centre - Garden of Eden - Circle for Beth - A Trip to Keswick - Sicilian Switchback - Ivor's Surprise - My Lady Dark Eyes - Wheel of Fortune - Knitting Pattern - Underneath the arches - Cheers for the Happy - Pair Jack's Confusion - Cockle-Buttons - Mr Downing's Challenge - Teesside Chase - David's Delight - Grimsditch Hall - Rachel's Reel - Take Two Girls - Black Robin - South-East Passage - Norwave - The Mock Robin.

Price: € 5.00
Dances With A Difference - Volume 1 B 311
Dances With A Difference - Volume 1
A varied collection of dances - some fairly easy, some fairly difficult.

1990, 16 pgs.

Price: € 5.50
Dances With A Difference - Volume 2 B 308
Dances With A Difference - Volume 2
12 dances created by Colin Hume. With written music.

1995, 16 pgs.

Price: € 5.50

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