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Bare Necessities
Volume 7 - By Request CDS 07
Volume 7 -  By Request
Dance leaders from all over have asked for these, all with beautiful new renditions by Bare Necessities (with Jeanne Morrill, guest vocalist).

Dancebook - € 9.50

1. Jaque Lapin
2. Red and All Red
3. Dover Pier
4. Gypsy Round
5. Albany Assembly
6. In the Fields of Frost and Snow
7. When Laura Smiles
8. Perpetual Motion
9. Cupid's Garden
10. Midnight Ramble
11. Gigue for Genny (Greenholm)
12. The Collier's Daughter
13. Ramsgate Assembly
14. Ore Boggy
15. Mrs. Savage's Whim.

Price: € 18.00
Volume 8 - By Choice CDS 08
Volume 8 -  By Choice
This time, the band got to pick some of their favorite pieces!

Book - € 9.50

1. The Haymakers
2. Easter Tuesday
3. Rafe's Waltz
4. Softly Good Tummas
5. Bonny Gray-Ey'd Morn
6. Nightcap
7. Muriel's Measure
8. Angels Unawares
9. The Princess
10. Cockle Shells
11. Turning of the Year
12. Beggar Boy
13. Rufty Tufty

Price: € 18.00
Volume 9 - Strong Roots CDS 09
Volume 9 - Strong Roots
Easy Historical Dances.

Book - € 9.50

1. Apley House
2. Braes of Dornoch
3. Heartsease
4. The Hop Ground
5. Huntington's Maggot
6. Mr. Isaac's Maggot
7. Old Wife Behind the Fire
8. Portabella
9. Rakes of Rochester
10. Row Well Ye Mariners
11. Scotch Cap
12. Sion House
13. Well Done Jack
14. Spanish Jigg

Price: € 18.00

Belshazzar's Feast
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance - 2 CD WGS 310
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance -  2 CD
The She Favourite & Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance.

As with the first volume, entitled Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance, all the TUNES on this album are arranged to be danced. Each dance title is followed by its source, publishers and approximate date of publication, then the dance formation, time signature and number of rounds.
Since the two Pauls, Hutchinson (accordion) and Sartin (oboe, violin and voice) paired up in 1995, their performances - concerts, ceilidhs and social dances - have featured on radio and TV, at clubs, village halls and festivals throughout the UK, Germany and the United States. This is their fifth album with WildGoose, the others being 'One Too Many', 'Drop the Reed' , 'Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance' Volume 1 (a collection of hitherto unpublished eighteenth-century English dance melodies) and John Playford's Secret Ball.

Price: € 20.00
Price: € 15.00

Feet Don't Fail Me Now GM 0206D
Feet Don't Fail Me Now
English and Welsh dance tunes. - 'One of the best albums of the year'.

Boldwood is a band forged with a passion: to rescue forgotten English dance anthems from dusty manuscripts and put them back to work on the dancefloor!

The band:
BECKY PRICE (piano accordion) played for morris sides as a teenager, studied classical piano with David Earl, played in Finality Jack for 7 years and has recorded CDs with Blowzabella members Dave Shepherd ("Ashburnham" 2000) and Jon Swayne ("Love and a Bottle" 2005.)
TIM PERKINS (bouzouki/ guitar) trained as a violinist, plays in and composes for Finality Jack, has produced 5 CDs with "V for Vendetta" writer Alan Moore and has also composed for symphony orchestras.
KATE MORAN (fiddle/viola) studied violin at the RNCM in Manchester. She has played in ceilidh bands since she was small and currently divides her time between Boldwood, freelance classical playing and violin teaching.
RICHARD HEACOCK (fiddle/ viola) studied composition with Michael Finnissy, composed for the National Theatre, wrote the music for Tony Robinson's "The Worst Jobs in History" (Channel 4) and plays for Ickneild Morris and The Vale Islanders.
DANIEL WOLVERSON (fiddle/viola) plays fiddle in Pach Pi, Infamous Grouse and Finnegan's Wok, and hurdy

1. The Shepherd & Shepherdess
2. Lord Frog / Greensleeves
3. The Lovely Nymph
4. Clark's Hor^npipe
5. Lucas For Ever / The Princess
6. Barbara Allen / The Savage Hornpipe
7. Dafydd Rhy's Dream
8. Three Sea Captains
9. Bold Britain
10. Tunbridge Beauties / Galloway Girth
11. Leave Land / The Gun / Hud Sir Fon
12. Hunsdon House

Price: € 17.00

Brian Jenkins
High Jenks FAIN 008
High Jenks
Book - B 312: Contains the written music & dances.
Book - € 7.50.

1. Glenton park
2. Smoke rings
3. Sleeping in the Attick
4. Heibrand
5. Rowen
6. Hackins Hey
7. The printer's measures
8. Lobelia
9. Reverie
10. Another Enid's Whirlaround
11. The octagon
12. Lobelia two
13. The new arrival
14. January girl
15. Neston forty

Price: € 16.50

21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD B 4599
21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD
Simple music; simple dances. Simply wonderful.

This booklet and CD are designed for people who have seen English country dancing (perhaps in a popular Jane Austen movie) and are intrigued by the elegance of the dance and the beauty of the music and want to try it out for themselves. The recording showcases the best of the CDS recording series, highlighting the playing of Phil Merrill, Marshall Barron, Chuck Ward, and others, for the first time on CD. The booklet gives you 21 historical English dances, easy to teach and to dance, with good music. We’ve included information about dance formations, the music and character of English dancing, and a glossary of the major figures and steps used. You don’t need to wait any longer – buy this booklet/CD set and start dancing!

Dances include: Black nag, Childgrove, Christchurch Bells, Draper's Maggot, The Duke of Kent's Waltz, Epping Forest, The Fine Companion, Gathering Peascods, The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Heartsease, Hit and Miss, The Hole in the Wall, Indian Queen, Juice of Barley, Knole Park, The Queen's Jig, Rufty Tufty, Sellingers Round, A Trip to Paris, Upon a Summers Day and Zephyrs and Flora

Price: € 21.00

Sugar and Spice CH 003
Sugar and Spice
Dances (19) selected by Cécile Laye (France).

Book French - € 12.50.

1. Saturday night and Sunday morn
2. Blew Cap
3. Pretty Miss
4. Ethel's Dance
5. Lady in the Dark
6. Rufty Tufty
7. Speed the Plough
8. Kettle Drum
9. Market Day
10. Charming Maid
11. Staines Morris
12. Dargason, or Sedany
13. Waltz Country Dance or Spanish Dance
14. Northern Nancy
15. Row well ye Marriners
16. The Maid Peeped out of the Window or The Friar in the Well
17. Draper's Maggot
18. Windy Morning.

Price: € 20.00
The Toddler CH 4
The Toddler
Dance reconstruction: Cécile LAYE
Music for dancing english country dances / Early dance and traditional english tunes and second tunes specially devised for the dance

Longways for as many as will” are the very heart of a country dance ball. Just as « mixers» they draw together people who do not know one another and might not otherwise dance together; but they are far more elaborate. Progressing up and down the set makes the dance interesting; as the dancers repeat the figures, they get over the initial difficulties and eventually take pleasure in recreating each figure with new neighbours. CHESTNUT and the Papa Richard musicians are happy to present this new selection of 17 tunes for dancing. Except for The Toddler and Black Almain, all are “longways duple or triple minor set”, most of them taken from different editions of the Dancing Master.
It was not easy to make a choice among so many enticing possibilities. What should be dropped? We tried to take into account newcomers to the repertoire as well as of experienced dancers familiar with the sequences. We picked up dances wich offer a contrast in atmosphere and rhythm presenting a representative sample of the different sequences used in progression dances. But above all we let ourselves be guided by the beauty and variety of the music, in carefully choosing the instruments which would best enhance the poetry unique to each dance.

Book (English) - € 13.00

Book (German) - € 6.00

1. Enfield Wash
2. Old Noll's Jig
3. Black Almain
4. Mad Robin
5. Bonny Cate
6. Slaughter House
7. Nobody's Jig
8. Lord Byron's Maggot
9. The Toddler
10. Doway
11. Nancy's Fancy
12. Northdown Waltz
13. Dorset Triumph
14. Ormond House
15. Greenwich Park
16. The Country Farmer
17. Vienna

Price: € 20.00

Chris & Nick Dewhurst
Brass Tracks CM 110
Brass Tracks
All the tunes on this recording are favourites from the Dancing Masters, from Playford to the present day, chosen either because they sound terrific on trumpet, or fantastic on flugelhorn! Whilst we were working on the arrangements, I found myself gravitating towards the piano for some of the gentler tunes, whilst others got the benefit of Nick’s drum kit, just as they would at a live gig!

There are 16 tracks in total, and with help from our friends Kathryn and David Wright, we have tried to ensure that the music fits the dance well, and is played at a tempo which will suit the majority of dancers.

Book in German - € 6.00

1. My Lady Winwood’s Maggot
2. Sellenger’s Round
3. Corelli’s Maggot
4. Hole in the Wall
5. Rigadoon
6. Wakefield Hunt
7. Red and All Red
8. Orleans Baffled
9. A Trip to Castle Howard
10. Holborn March
11. Marching to Praetorius
12. Gathering Peascods
13. Delia
14. The Drummer
15. Heidenröslein
16. Lull Me Beyond Thee

Price: € 16.00

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