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Running Joak (Ceilidh) EFDSS 15
Running Joak (Ceilidh)
The Gloworms, a London based three-piece band. The CD is a mixture of traditional and recently-written tunes, some composed by band members. The tunes are played at dance tempo.

One of the youngest, most distinctive, original and uplifting ceilidh bands in the country’.

Jon Brenner - piano accordion
Colin Cotter - banjo, stompbox
Laurel Swift - fiddle, voice, clogs

1. The Battered Hake Polka/Jon O'Groates
2. The Tank/Mr Cosgill's Delight
3. Kit White's I/Kit White's II
4. Don Juan One/William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe
5. Serpentiner Och Konfetti
6. Barham Down/The Yellow Joak/The Go! Of London Vity
7. Horses Never Smile
8. Cuddly House
9. Llama Riding/Dr Faustus's Tumblers
10. Trip to Nobody's/Herbert the Sherbet
11. Julian and Sandy Are Bronze/The Battery Hornpipe

Price: € 14.00

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