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Dr Faustus
The First Cut FECD 177
The First Cut
Dr Faustus are four talented young men who have revived a lot of folk songs and melodies, imbuing them with a clean contemporary touch which has, nevertheless, a strong medieval tone!
Songs from Northumberland to Dorset, thematic variants on well-known songs, gentle melodies with a good beat and clear singing voices. Between them they play fiddle, oboe, harmonica, bouzouki, guitar, English concertina, bassoon and melodeon.

1. Newry Town
2. Dr Faustus/Peacock Followed The Hen/The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket
3. Trooper And Maid
4. Thresherman
5. May Reel No. 1/Bacca Pipes Jig
6. The Cambric Shirt
7. Captain Ward
8. Salisbury Plain
9. Tantalus/Young Joe
10. The Lincolnshire Poacher/Dr Fausters' Tumblers. Young Henry Martin.

Price: € 20.95
Price: € 10.00

Fairport Convention
Acoustically Downunder TECD 081
Acoustically Downunder
Acoustically Down Under is from a 1996 recording in Australia when the band were at their peak with the Nicol, Pegg, Mattacks, Sanders, Allcock line-up. There is the huge bonus of Dave Swarbrick special guesting on the final track. This album is BRAND NEW and has NEVER BEEN ISSUED before.

1. Slip Jigs and Reels
2. Woodworm Swing
3. Crazy Man Michael
4. There Was Once Love/Innstuck
5. The Naked Highwayman
6. Portmerion
7. Foolish You
8. The Deserter
9. Mock Morris
10. A Surfeit of Lampreys
11. Frozen Man
12. Lalla Rookh
13. Con Caseys Jig/Tripping Up the Stairs
14. Matty Groves/Dirty Linen
15. Rosie.

Price: € 19.00
Airing Cupboard Tapes '71-'74' TECD 046
Airing Cupboard Tapes '71-'74'
The Airing Cupboard Tapes first appeared in 1981 as a mail order cassette from Wormwood Records. Recorded live at various Fairport Convention shows between 1971 and 1974, the tape was compiled by Fairport drummer Dave Mattacks and became sort of a touchstone for diehard fans. Calling this a definitive live set from the band might be stretching things, since Fairport Convention has had a dizzying array of lineups and personnel combinations over the years, but it is a pleasant and varied listen, catching this innovated folk rock outfit at a particular point in its history.

1. The Hexamshire Lass - 2.Hens March Through the Midden (The Four Poster Bed) - 3. Sloth - 4. It'll Take a Long Time - 5. Walk Awhile - 6. Furs and Feathers - 7. Cell Song - 8. Who Knows Where the Time Goes - 9. That'll Be the Day - 10. Ballad of Ned Kelly - 11. Something You Got - 12. The Claw - 13. The Deserter.

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 10.00

John Kirkpatrick
Blue Balloon MWCD 4022
Blue Balloon
Featuring Richard Thompson. All songs by John Kirkpatrick

1. Noah
2. Blue Balloon
3. Black Against Snow
4. Don't Shoot
5. Tunnel Of Love
6. Laundr Olover Ette
7. A Lenght Of Yarn
8. Hole In My Heart
9. Dog's Gone Wild

Price: € 18.50
Price: € 5.00

Kate Rusby
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly PRCD 017
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Charming, disarming, and deceptively subtle, Kate Rusby has already proved to be one of England's finest interpreters of traditional material and other people's songs, and now she sets out to show her growing confidence as a songwriter.

Her own compositions - which form over half of this set - include songs of lost love like The Lark, or the joyful Fare Thee Well, both of which sound as if they could have been around for centuries. She moves away from the traditional with No Names, a lyrically simple but effective song of parting, and the more thoughtful and drifting Moon Shadow, which shows off the sturdy playing from her acoustic band.

1. Game Of All Fours
2. The Lark
3. No Names
4. Mary Blaize
5. A Ballad
6. You Belong To Me
7. Elfin Knight
8. Bonnie House Of Airlie
9. Moon Shadow
10. Wandering Soul
11. Fare Thee Well
12. Little Jack frost (Bonus Track)

Price: € 21.00
Price: € 7.00

Michael RAVEN & Joan MILLS
Flowers of Picardy CDMR73
Flowers of Picardy
Michael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Songs alternate with instrumentals and poems throughout. There are 28 tracks with a playing time of 77 minutes.

1. Dancing Lady
2. Robin Hood’s Dance
3. Cluster of Nuts
4. etc.

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 8.00

The Albion Band
Lark Rise to Candleford TECD 097
Lark Rise to Candleford
LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD was originally released in 1980 on vinyl and had a very brief short release on CD in 1991. Since then it has become one of those traditionally British gems hidden away in the closet of time….. UNTIL NOW. From Keith Dewhurst’s National Theatre adaptation of Flora Thompson’s classic trilogy of hamlet life in the 1880’s and early 1900’s, this album has become a much sort after item. Featuring a who’s who of stars of the folk world including Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins, John Kirkpatrick, John Tams and Martin Simpson, to name but just a few.The books, already established as the masterpiece of a lost way of life, and an unforgettable impression of the transitional state between the old, stable, work-pleasure England and the modern world. The Music has a deliberate period flavour, with many traditional melodies and saw its first appearance at the National Theatre in 1978 and 1979.

1. The Girl I Left Behind Me - 2. i) Lemady ii) Arise and Pick a Posy - 3. All of a Row - 4. Tommy Toes - 5. John Dory - 6. Witch Elder - 7. All of a Row (Reprise) - 8. Abroad for Pleasure - 9. The Day Thou Gavest - 10. Battle of the Somme - 11. The Grand Circle Dance - 12. Speed the Plough - 13. Snow Falls - 14. Cart Music - 15.The Holly and the Ivy - 16. Postman's Knock - 17. Hunt Music - 18. Scarlet and the Blue - 19. Dare to Be a Daniel - 20. Jacob's Well - 21. Jacob's Well (Reprise).

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 10.00

English Country Music TSCD 607
English Country Music
Billy Cooper (1883), Walter Bulwer (1888) and Daisy Bulwer (c.1892) were active musicians in rural Norfolk for over half a century. These recordings, made together with visiting friends in the Bulwers' cottage in the village of Shipdham, capture the style, vitality and robustness of the music they played for dancing in pubs and at Saturday night hops and wedding parties. Earlier editions of English Country Music appeared in 1965 and 1976. This third edition is re-mastered and contains new notes and many additional recordings.

1 Jenny Lind - The Girl I Left Behind Me fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano & drums: 4 August 1962
2 The Waltz Vienna fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano & drums: 4 August 1962
3 Off She Goes fiddle : August 1959
4 Off She Goes melodeon, mandolin-banjo, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 5 August 1962
5 Red Wing fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 4 August 1962
6 Untitled Polka fiddle: July 1959
7 Dulcie Bell dulcimer: 4 August 1962
8 The Heel and Toe Polka fiddle, concertina, melodeon & piano : 22 July 1966
9 The Sailor's Hornpipe: The Shipdham Hornpipe: Untitled Polka: The White Cockade: Untitled Polka fiddle & piano: 5 August 1962
10 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms: Johnny's So Long at the Fair: The Wild Colonial Boy fiddle, melodeon, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 5 August 1962
11 The Cliff Hornpipe dulcimer, fiddle & piano: 16 April 1960
12 The Bluebell Polka fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 4 August 1962
13 Shave the Donkey fiddle: March 1959
14 Shave the Donkey two fiddles, piano & drums: 5 August 1962
15 Waltz Selection introducing The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime fiddle, piano & banjo: August 1959
16 The Yarmouth Hornpipe introducing The Four-Hand Reel & The Sailor's Hornpipe dulcimer: 4 August 1962
17 The Helston Furry Dance fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 4 August 1962
18 The Irish Washerwoman: The Sprig of Shillelagh fiddle: March 1959
19 The Foggy Dew The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano & drums: 4 August 1962
20 Peggy Wood. When There Isn't a Girl About melodeon, mandolin-banjo, piano & drums: 5 August 1962
21 Untitled Polka fiddle: March 1959
22 Wheels dulcimer: 4 August 1962
23 In and Out the Windows concertina, melodeon, fiddle & piano: 22 July 1966
24 Washing Day: Old Mrs Huddledee: The Keel Row (The Cat's Got the Measles) fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano, drums & pipe-&-tabor: 4 August 1962
25 Untitled Polka fiddle & piano: 5 August 1962
26 The Irish Washerwoman: Garryowen: Rory O' More: St. Patrick's Day dulcimer: 4 August 1962
27 The Four-Hand Reel . Soldier's Joy fiddle, dulcimer, melodeon, piano & drums : 4 August 1962.

Price: € 20.45

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