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Michalis Terzis
Magic of the Greek Bouzouki - Near the Sea EUCD 1620
Magic of the Greek Bouzouki - Near the Sea
All titles on this album have been composed and arranged by Michalis Terzis, a composer, well known and highly regarded both in Greece and abroad. Beside the bouzouki the instruments used are the sandouri (dulcimer), bass, metalophone, timpani (kettle drum), violin, baglama (small bouzouki), flute, drums, cello, classical and acoustic guitars, accordion and piano.

1. The Dance of the Dolphins
2. Near the Sea
3. The Dance of the Fisherman
4. Trikimia
5. Olympus
6. Morning Breeze
7. A Trip With Alexandra
8. Nocturno
9. The Flight of the Seagull
10. The South Wind
11. The Dance of Captain Michalis
12. A Sea Dream
13. A Mermaid on the Boat

Price: € 13.00
The Road to Olympia EUCD 1879
The Road to Olympia
Mikis Theodorakis introduced Michalis Terzis to the world as one of Greece’s most important and prolific composers. Terzis wrote all the songs on this beautiful instrumental album. It is a pleasant blend of traditional bouzoukis and baglamas with violins and contemporary instruments.

1. O DROMOS GIA TIN OLYMPIA (The Road to Olympia)
3. PEZONDAS ME TIN SKIA MOY I (Playing with my shadow I)
4. TO ZEIBEKIKO TOU KAPETAN MICHALI (Captain Michalis' Zeibekiko)
5. ODOS ATHINAS (Athena's Street)
7. TO PETAGMA TIS CHELIDONAS (Flight of the swallow)
8. SERENATA No. 2 (Serenade)
9. PEZONDAS ME TIN SKIA MOY II (Playing with my shadow II)
10. MONASTIRAKI (Name of the most famous flea market in Athensfamous
11. I ARMONIA TIS KARDIAS (Harmony of the heart)
12. PROINO STO SOUNION (Morning in Cape Sunion)
14. MIA VRADIA STIN PLAKA (A night in Plaka)
15. LIKAVITOS (Name of a hill in Athens).

Price: € 16.50
The Sound of Greece • Bouzouki EUCD 1828
The Sound of Greece • Bouzouki
Music for a get-together with family and friends, enjoying Greek wine and each other’s company. This is the theme of this CD and the bouzoukis, accompanied by baglamas (small bouzoukis), guitars, drums and keyboards create a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. This all-instrumental CD is ideally suited to accompany your holiday video from the Land of the Gods.

1. Proino astro
2. Chromata
3. Symposio
4. Athina
5. Iliovasilema
6. Ftou xeleftheria
7. Ta hrisa tis diktia
8. Kalimera sti hara
9. Kardia malamatenia
10. Eho psihi
11. Ta Koritsia
12. To spiti poy genithika
13. To elliniko tragoudi

Price: € 13.00
The Spirit of Athens EUCD 2291
The Spirit of Athens
A beautiful collection of Greek songs by Michalis Terzis, one of Greece's most prolific contemporary composers. A pleasant blend of bouzoukis, violins and contemporary instruments."These songs are musical moments which were born from an inner feeling, songs which I have sung with my good friends. They are the sound and lyrics of a magical tale which continues..." - Michalis Terzis

1. Nisiotiko
2. Blue Athens
3. Ftei I Nychta
4. Kardia Malamatenia
5. Ftoo Xelefteria
6. Epirotissa Gi
7. To Spiti Poo Genithika
8. Eho Psichi Gia Na Halaso
9. Kalimera Sti Hara
10. Telos Kalo
11. Ta Koritsia
12. Nychterino

Price: € 13.00

The Athenians
Best Of Greece EUCD 1091
Best Of Greece
In this "Jubilee Edition" we selected the most beautiful pieces of the Athenians, a cross-section of all their publications for your enjoyment: Margarita - Margaro (M.Theodorakis), Ftochojitonies (D.Polichronis), O Xenos (K.Smirnios / D.Polichronis), Top Kapi (M. Hatsidakis), Paola 11099 (M.Theodorakis), Elikoptero (K.Smirnios), Ta orea tou Tsitsani (V.Tsitsanis), Epatha tin plaka mou (K.Smirnios), Solo Nicopoulos (Chr. Nicopoulos), Tha gini aspi mera ke ja mas (S.Xarchakos), Sta chronia tou othona (S.Xarchakos), Pueblo en lucha (M.Theodorakis).


1. Margarita – Margaro
2. Ftochojitonies
3. O Xenos
4. Top Kapi
5. Paola 11099
6. Elikoptero
7. Ta orea tou Tsitsani
8. Epatha tin plaka mou
9. Solo Nicolopoulos
10. Tha gini aspri mera ke ja mas
11. Sta chronia tou othona
12. Pueblo en Lucha

Price: € 17.50
Price: € 7.00
Music of Greece - Canto General EUCD 2342
Music of Greece - Canto General
This fascinating album with its unique synthesis of Greek instruments and Andean flutes, presents “Canto General” composed by Mikis Theodorakis, based on a poem of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Greek music played by The Athenians, the Andean flutes and panpipes by Joėl Francisco Perri. Additional music from the award-winning film 'Z' composed by Theodorakis and songs by famous Greek composer Stavros Xarchakos.

1. Tupamaros (Theodorakis)
2. Pueblo en Lucha (Theodorakis)
3. Paola 11099 (Theodorakis)
4. Libertadores (Theodorakis)
5. America Insurrecta (Theodorakis/Neruda)
6. Music from “Z” (Theodorakis) (instr.)
7. Adelphi mou (Polychronis) - 5:23
8. Tha gini aspri mera ke ya mas (Xarchakos/Gatsos)
9. Sta chronia tou othona (Xarchakos/Gatsos)
10. Bouzouki Improvisation (Smirnios/Charokopos)
11. Kessariani (Xarchakos)
12. Foressa Mavra (trad., arr. Polychronis)
13. Mastro Vassilis (Smirnios) (instr.)
14. Ftochogitonies (Polychronis)
15. Gitonia ton angelon (Theorakis) (instr.)

Price: € 13.00
Rembetika & Greek Popular Music EUCD 2077
Rembetika & Greek Popular Music
Rembetika was a Greek urban blues of a subculture of Greek refugees, who had for centuries lived in Asia Minor. With the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) collapsing in 1922 they fled to Greece, where they were not particularly welcome either. These refugees, called “Rembetis” created their own music.

The lyrics of rembetika reflect poverty, pain, oppression, unrequited love, betrayal…

1. Adrachti (K. Smirnios)
2. Adelfi mou (D. Polychronis)
3. Ftochojitonies (D. Polychronis)
4. O Jiorjis (A. Gialeles)
5. O Ymnos tis Retsinas (K. Smirnios)
6. To Gaidouri tou Jiorika (K. Smirnios)
7. Mastro Vassilis (K. Smirnios)
8. I Marigo (A. Gialeles)
9. Jiati (A. Gialeles)
10. I Jitonissa (A. Gialeles)
11. O Xenos (K. Smirnios / D. Polychronis)
12. Barba Nikolas (D. Polychronis / K. Smirnios)
13. Istoria enos Bouzoukiou (K. Smirnios)
14. Epatha tin Plaka mou (K. Smirnios)
15. To Oniro (K. Smirnios)
16. Alexandra (A. Gialeles)
17. I Tsakoti (K. Smirnios)
18. Bouzoukia ke Koutoukia (A. Gialeles)
19. Echthri ke Fili (K. Smirnios)
20. M'ena Tsigaro (K. Smirnios)
21. Astati Kardia (A. Gialeles)
22. Elikoptero (K. Smirnios)
23. Mou tin Ekane i Xanthoula (A. Gialeles)
24. Os tora itane kala (K. Smirnios)

Price: € 15.50

The Marcians
Traditional Greek Music - Monahi Zoume EUCD 2272
Traditional Greek Music - Monahi Zoume
Lively, bouncy, romantic, dreamy & traditional Greek songs played with bouzoukis, guitars, baglama, tzoura, saz & Copious information about the band and each of the songs in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. MONAHI ZOUME (Theodosis Hambi / Chaz Kkoshi)
2. MEDLEY ONE (arr. by Chaz Kkoshi / Theodosis Hambi)
3. MATHE PYIA (Theodosis Hambi / Chaz Kkoshi)
4. MARCIANS' MEDLEY (arr. by Chaz Kkoshi)
6. MEDLEY TWO (arr. by Theodosis Hambi / Zacharia Hajishacalli)
7. MEDLEY THREE (arr. by Kkoshi Chaz / Theodosis Hambi)
8. MEDLEY FOUR (arr. by Theodosis Hambi / Zacharia Hajishacalli)
9. KIPROS (Theodosis Hambi / Chaz Kkoshi)
10. MEDLEY FIVE (arr. by Theodosis Hambi / Zacharia Hajishacalli).

Price: € 15.00

Anthology Of Folklore Music. Volume 1 - Greece FOL 2901
Anthology Of Folklore Music. Volume 1 -  Greece

1. Zorba's Dance
2. Pogoną­sios
3. Syrtós Pyléas
4. Gaļda Gidąs
5. Varys Hasąpikos
6. Gerakina
7. Niząmikos
8. Tąļ Tąļ
9. Berątis
10. Kastrinós
11. Mérmingas Kefallinias
12. Karagośna
13. Tsakónikos
14. Hasąpikos
15. Fysośni
16. Zervós Karpąthou
17. Lefkadą­tikos
18. Syrtós Ródou
19. Kalamatianós
20. Aļs Giórgis
22. Pentoząlis
23. Gaļtanąki Ródou
24. Syrtós
25. Syrtós Kefalliną­as
26. Zvarniąra
27. Zagorą­sios
28. Tsąmikos

Price: € 13.00
Best of Greece EUCD 1957
Best of Greece
Here you have the many different and varying musical styles of the rich Greek culture - Rembetika by the Athenians, songs from Crete by Kriteos & Romiosini, folk tunes from the Aegean Islands by Michalis Terzis, and some popular dances and melodies composed by Mikis Theodorakis, including the world famous "Zorba's Dance".

1. The Athenians: Doxa to Theo (M. Theodorakis) - 2:49
2. Kriteos & Romiosini: Petrini Hora (A. Kassotakis) - 3:14
3. The Athenians: Chassaposerviko (Agapitos) - 3:15
4. Michalis Terzis: Aegean Islands - My little sea (M. Terzis) - 3:08
5. Romiosini: To Pikrameno agori (M. Chatjidakis) - 3:41
6. The Athenias: Adrachti (K. Smirnios) - 2:59
7. The Athenians: Mou tin ekane i xanthoula (A. Gialeles) - 4:21
8. Romiosini: Athina - Parisi - Hamburgo (D. Polychronis) - 2:46
9. The Athenians: Mastro Vassilis (K. Smirnios) - 2:52
10. Michalis Terzis: Crete - In the Perfumed Month of May (M. Terzis) - 2:45
11. The Athenians: Epichirisis Apollon (J. Marcopoulos) - 5:07
12. The Athenians: Istoria enos Bouzoukiou (K. Smirnios) - 2:17
13. Kriteos & Romiosini: Namoun Asteri (Kassotakis/Smirnios) - 3:27
14. The Athenians: Zorba the Greek (M. Theodorakis) - 3:46

Price: € 9.00

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