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Ravi's Afro-Indian Project EUCD 2205
Ravi's Afro-Indian Project
Featuring: Tarun Bhattacharya, Bikram Ghosh, Danny Thompson, Hossam Ramzy.

An interesting and captivating blend of African and Indian sounds. Ravi (West-African kora) explores new musical horizons and soundscapes with world renowned santoor player Tarun Bhattacharya, Ravi Shankar's tabla player Bikram Ghosh, legendary double-bass player Danny Thompson and master of Egyptian tabla Hossam Ramzy.

1. After the Rains
2. Marble Palace
3. Shantiniketan
4. Monsoon Rain
5. Shantiseven
6. Delhi Express
7. Forest of Bliss
8. The Fish-Eyed Goddess
9. Jolay! Jolay!
10. Himalaya
11. Nadabrahma

Price: € 13.00

Daler Mehndi, Ashok Masti, Rajinder Raina, Sukhwin
Bollywood Party - Bhangra & More EUCD 2258
Bollywood Party - Bhangra & More
Bouncy, swaying, upbeat and vibrant Bollywood party music. A star-studded line-up of the biggest names in the genre. An exciting combination of traditional and modern instruments. Catchy melodies, very danceable rhythms. Info in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Shweta Pandit / Sukhwinder Singh: Mahiya ve (Sukhwinder Singh)
2. Rajinder kaur Raina: Chori chori
3. Jasbir Jassi: Kaagzi pyar nu (Dheeraj Dhanak)
4. Bindaas Boyz: Nith kher (Bindaas Boyz)
5. Rajeshwari Sachdev: Palla sipaya (Jayanta Pathak)
6. Daler Mehndi: Koi dheere dheere (Daler Mehndi)
7. Kebi Dhindsa: Maan mitro (Ravi Bal)
8. Ashok Masti: Haye oye (Jaspal Moni Dinesh)
9. Rajinder kaur Raina: Nath
10. Shweta Pandit / Sukhwinder Singh: Pardesia (Sukhwinder Singh)
11. Jasbir Jassi: Makhni malai
12. Rajeshwari Sachdev: Lathe di chaddar (Jayanta Pathak)
13. Daler Mehndi: Aaja nach le (Daler Mehndi)
14. Jasbir Jassi: Ek tumhi pe (Jasbir Jassi)

Price: € 13.00

Baluji Shrivastav
Baluji Shrivastav's Re-Orient - India World Music Fusion - featuring Hossam Ramz EUCD 2275
Baluji Shrivastav's Re-Orient - India World Music Fusion - featuring Hossam Ramz
Interesting and exhilarating music based on Indian classical instruments, such as sitar, dilruba, tabla, pakhavaj & blending with classical guitar, tin whistle, kalimba, bamboo flute, sax, violin, bass, voices and percussion & to create winding melodies, portraying calm and deep soundscapes full of interesting vistas as well as bouncy and rousing rhythms.

1. Bird Dancer (C. Conway)
2. Tarana 14 (B. Shrivastav)
3. Pani Hari (trad., arr. G. Hunt)
4. Zigmondi (C. Conway)
5. Child of the Emerald Air (C. Conway)
6. Taal Manjari - Flowering of Rhythm (Baluji Shrivastav) 7. Karuna Cariña (Shrivastav / Conway / Hunt)
8. Unforgotten Days (C. Conway)
9. In the Bamboo Forest (C. Bell)
10. Tarana 16 (B. Shrivastav)
11. Garuda (L. Shanovitch)

Price: € 13.00

Baluji Shrivastav
Goddess - Indian Music in Celebration of Goddesses Around the World EUCD 2283
Goddess - Indian Music in Celebration of Goddesses Around the World
Musical portraits celebrating the power of love epitomised by female deities of different traditions and cultures. Incorporating elements from the various musical styles of each of the cultures represented, Baluji draws from the spirit of these traditions and expresses them through North Indian classical music. Percussion by Andy Williams, drummer of "Doves". 28-page colour booklet in four languages; many photos.

1. THREE GODDESSES - Parvati, Saraswati and Laxmi (India)
2. YEMANJA - Queen of the Ocean (West Africa)
3. DANCE OF ERZULIE - Goddess of Love (Haiti)
4. GUAN YIN - The Merciful (China)
5. AMATERASU OMIKAMI - Sun Goddess (Japan)
7. HINA IN MOONLIGHT (Haiti, Hawaii, Pacific Islands)

Price: € 15.00

Shafqat Ali Khan
Sufi Songs From India & Pakistan EUCD 2293
Sufi Songs From India & Pakistan
Shafqat Ali Khan presents traditional Sufi songs accompanied on swarmandal, harmonium, tanpura, sarangi and tabla. The songs are sung in kafi style (ancient style from Punjab), raga style, as well as light classical, presenting sufi poetry, love songs and devotional songs.

1. Aao Sayyo (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
2. Ishq (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
3. Bharvi (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
4. Peelo (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
5. Nadiya Kinare (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
6. Raga Yaman Kalyan (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
7. Maar Na Vich Vichode (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
8. Raga Bhutyar (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
9. Lakh Jatan (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
10. Dadra (trad., arr. Shafqat Ali Khan)
11. Zohreh Jooya / Madjid Derakhshani: I am Baffled About You
12. Gülizar Turkish Music Ensemble: Peshrev in Maqam Ajem

Price: € 15.00

Tarun Bhattac
The Best of Indian Santur EUCD 2306
The Best of Indian Santur
1Tarun Bhattacharya, known as the "Master of 100 Strings", disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar, presents two ragas and a light classical piece played on santur, tabla and swarmandal: Raag Yaman (early evening raga) alaap, jod, jhala; Raag Hament (late evening raga), jhaptaal (10 beats), teentaal (16 beats); Light classical piece based on Raag Mishra Pahadi.

1. Raag Yaman (early evening raga) - 19:55
2. Raag Hament (late evening raga) - 20:02
3. Raag Hament - 8:43
4. Light classical piece based on Raag Misra Pahadi - 26:21

Price: € 15.50

Rash Behari Datta
20 Sitars EUCD 2312
20 Sitars
A milestone album and a first ever!  Rash Behari Datta plays 20 sitars in the Indian classical Raga Malkouns (a night time raga, but can be associated to any time of day). Fast GAT in teentaal (16 beats), followed by ALAAP. A slow GAT in rupak taal (7 beats) and JHALA, in teentaal (16 beats, very fast tempo). Extensive info. Total playing time: 65:44 min.

Raga Malkouns
1. Fast GAT in teentaal (16 beats)
3. Slow GAT in rupak taal (7 beats)
4. JHALA in teentaal (16 beats)
5. Baluji Shrivastav: RAAG SHOBHAVARI in rupak taal (7 beats) madhya laya (medium tempo).

Price: € 18.50

Sanju Sahai
Sacred Beats of the Tabla - Tabla Solos Performed by Sanju Sahai EUCD 2319
 Sacred Beats of the Tabla - Tabla Solos Performed by Sanju Sahai
Sanju Sahai is currently one of the finest and most sought-after tabla players. He belongs to the Benares Gharana, being the 6th generation of tabla players in that family - a direct descendant of the illustrious Pandit Ram Sahai, founder of the gharana. Extensive information about the music, including a glossary of terms in four languages.

1. Ashtamangal (trad., arr. S. Sahai) - 33:05 11 beats divided 4+4+1½ +1½
2. Madhya Laya Teentaal (trad., arr. S. Sahai) - 31:01 16 beats divided 4+4+4+4

Price: € 15.00

Dr. Mustafa Raza
India, Classical Music - Sounds of the Veena EUCD 2334
India, Classical Music - Sounds of the Veena
Raag Ahiri, beautifully and masterfully performed on the vichitra veena, an ancient Indian instrument, by Dr. Mustafa Raza; tabla: Sarvar Sabri. Raag Ahiri is one of the rarest ragas of Indian classical music and is always played during the morning hours. Alaap, Jor, Jhala, followed by Madhya Gat (medium tempo) and Drut Gat (fast) in teentaal. Info in four languages. Total playing time: 63:20 min.

2. JOR

Price: € 18.00

Traditional & Popular Songs from Goa - Shangri-La Goa EUCD 2350
Traditional & Popular Songs from Goa - Shangri-La Goa
Traditional songs from Goa, India, a Portuguese colony until 1961. The songs, a beautiful mix of Indian and Portuguese influences, sung in the local Konkani dialect and Portuguese, are presented in modern arrangements and instrumentations. Information about the music in four languages. Original Goan lyrics plus English translations in the CD booklet

1. Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vetam (Carlos Eugénio Ferreira, arr. by Ernesto Leite)
2. Don Kallzam (anon., arr. by Ernesto Leite)
3. Rajan Ani Prema (Antoninho De Souza, arr. by Ernesto Leite)
4. Mollbailo Dou (anon., arr. by Ernesto Leite)
5. Shangri-La (Goa) (Gonzaga Coutinho, arr. by Ernesto Leite)
6. Kedna (Terry Souza, arr. by Ernesto Leite)
7. Tambde Roza (Ligório Costa, arr. by Ernesto Leite)
8. Voddekara (trad., arr. by Ernesto Leite)
9. Ya Ya Mayaya (trad., arr. by Ernesto Leite)
10. Adeus Korchea Vellar (Torquato de Figueredo, arr. by Ernesto Leite)

Price: € 15.00

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