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Ellen Cranitch
30 Irish Tunes For Easy Recorder 11AWAL-1084
30 Irish Tunes For Easy Recorder
By Ellen Cranitch A delightful collection of 30 Irish airs and melodies arranged for easy descant recorder.Ideal for schools and beginners.

Price: € 6.50

Amarantine 11AFAB-0571525334
Songs include:
Less than a Pearl * If I Could Be Where You Are * The River Sings * Long Long Journey * Sumiregusa * Someone Said Goodbye * A Moment Lost * Drifting * Amid the Falling Snow * Water Shows the Hidden Heart.

Songs include:

Less than a Pearl * If I Could Be Where You Are * The River Sings * Long Long Journey * Sumiregusa * Someone Said Goodbye * A Moment Lost * Drifting * Amid the Falling Snow * Water Shows the Hidden Heart.

Price: € 22.50

Fintan Vallely
Timber - The Flute Tutor GM 2101
Timber - The Flute Tutor
This tutor is designed for the beginner learning the wooden "simple-system" six-hole flute. Since the fingering on the tinwhistle is identical, this book is particularly suited for those who wish to learn the whistle now with the intention of later taking up the flute.

Price: € 13.00

Francis O ’Neill
O'Neill's Music Of Ireland (Revised) Fiddle Tunes 11AMUS-OK63206
O'Neill's Music Of Ireland (Revised) Fiddle Tunes
Miles Krassen has gathered and re-edited more than 900 tunes, bringing up to date Capt. Francis O'Neill's famed collection of Irish dance music, airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, and marches.
With an introduction to the history of Irish music and tips on playing with an authentic feeling.

Price: € 29.10
O'Neills 1001 Collection 11AWAL-1038
O'Neills 1001 Collection
A facsimile edition of Francis O ’Neill ’s classic 1907 collection of jigs, reels,hornpipes and other dance tunes. The Dance Music of Ireland has proved so valuable to musicians and circulated so widely that it has become known simply as ‘the book ’,a virtual bible for many traditional players.Suitable for all melody instruments.

Price: € 21.00

Frank Kilkelly
Accompanying Irish Music on guitar GM 5224
Accompanying Irish Music on guitar
"Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar" is the new, comprehensive guide for guitar players everywhere. A range of four different tunings is covered, along with suggestions on right hand styles suited to each tuning.

This 40 page book is packed with information and, together with the recording is the most comprehensive guide to accompaniment available.

The book is divided into three sections.
Section 1 The art of accompaniment looks at the developing art of accompaniment, noting its emergence in Irish music since the Irish traditional music revival of the late sixties onwards. Leading contributors to the broadening of accompaniment styles are introduced, and there are some general suggestions on how to learn the art of effective and tasteful accompaniment.
Section 2 Getting started takes a look at the tools for the job, from buying a suitable guitar to capos, pick-ups and de-tuning devices. There are guidelines to help you in your approach to studying and playing the guitar and notes on how to read the notation used in this book.
Section 3 Tunings and styles is the main section, which was created in tandem with the accompanying soundtrack. It takes a close look at a number of different ways of approaching accompaniment. On the sound-track there are 14 sets of popular session tunes, with accompaniment using various right hand styles and four different tunings.

Price: € 15.50

Gavin Ralston
Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment 11AWAL-1310CD
Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment
Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment by Gavin Ralston

This essential guide to traditional Irish music accompaniment on guitar takes the player through many typical features such as alternative chords, rolls, keychanging and bass runs. Gavin has performed with many of Ireland’s top traditional players and now shares his skills and experience in this indispensable book.

Price: € 22.00

Geraldine Cotter
Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor 11AOSS-OMB297
Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor
"This is a complete method for Irish Tin whistle with a detailed appendix of one hundred choice Irish Airs and Dance Tunes. Varying from simple tunes and polkas, and progressing to more complex pieces. Outstanding and renowned teacher Geraldine Cotter guides students through all forms of traditional Irish music with step-by-step examples, exercises and diagrams. This all-encompassing book is beautifully presented and contains prints, photographs and clearly legible notation. The generous section of repertoire pieces includes The Jolly Banger, Lucky In Love and The Galway Rambler. The accompanying demonstration CD features all one hundred tunes from the final section of the book. Previously available as Book (OMB31) and CD (OSSCD), now presented in this ideal combination package! "

CD - € 14.50

Price: € 19.00

H.J. Clarke
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping B 1052
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping
The new approach with CD by H.J. Clarke. This is a comprehensive instruction for the Irish Uilleann Pipes. It has a Easy Learning program, teaches you how to read music, master the chanter, develop the ear and play in the Irish Traditional way.

Price: € 23.50

Harry Long
The Waltons Guide To Irish Music 11AWAL-1376
The Waltons Guide To Irish Music
An indispensable guidebook to the world of Irish and Celtic Music. Includes over 900 entries, fully cross-referenced, on:

-Important musicians, singers and groups, past and present (including recommended recordings)
-The many types of instrumental music and their connections with dance
-Irish song and singing styles
-The history and development of Irish dancing
-The main instruments of traditional music and their history in Ireland and other countries
-Music in other countries and regions that have influenced - and been influenced - by Irish music
-Collectors, cultural organizations and festivals.

Illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and examples of different music forms and types of ornamentation, the Guide also includes a select discography and bibliography, as well as lists of specialist record companies and festivals/summer schools.


Price: € 18.50

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