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Levey R.M.
The Levey Collections 11AWAL-1369
The Levey Collections
Now entirely reset and published together in one volume, R.M.Levey ís two collections, comprising over 200 tunes with simple piano accompaniments, are landmarks in the history of Irish music.These jigs,reels,hornpipes and other dances,transcribed just as they were performed,provide an invaluable reference for anyone interested in Irish music and a fascinating window into a bygone age.

Price: € 17.00

Long Conor
110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes For Children + CD 11AWAL-1378
110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes For Children + CD
110 Irish Tunes, traditional songs and Christmas tunes for children, graded by difficulty. Ideal for primary school music classes and Irish music teaching. Compiled by Harry Long (Music Notation + Guitar Chords). Companion cd available.
2005, 48 pgs.

Price: € 22.00

Matt Seattle
Airs for Pairs GM 0784
Airs for Pairs
This book contains twenty-one of the most popular traditional melodies, both dance tunes and song airs, from around Britain and Ireland. Each tune is arranged with a harmony part for a second melody instrument as well as an optional chord accompaniment for guitar, piano etc.. In all cases but one (College Hornpipe) the harmony does not descend below middle C, so that the arrangements can be played by almost all melody instruments including recorders. The tunes are a part of a body of popular music which has survived to the present day alongside many other types of music. Generally called Folk or (preferably) Traditional music, it forms a tradition distinct from that of Art or Classical music, though it is no less artful in its own way and on its own scale. So, although musicians with a classical training are welcome to play and enjoy these arrangements, it should be borne in mind that there are many ways of interpreting the written notes: ornamentation which is not written down in frequently used to embellish the music and in the case of the dance tunes a robust approach to rhythm is called for (for fiddlers, digging in with the bow on the main beats). For those who need extra guidance there are now many excellent tutors available for most instruments and styles.

Price: € 11.50

Mel Bay
Begin the Harp 11AWAL-1075
Begin the Harp
A comprehensive tutor for the Irish folk harp, taking the beginner from simple basics to accomplished playing of well-known Irish airs.

Price: € 10.75

Michael Raven
Kempion B 1708
Edited by David Oxley and Michael Raven.
This book contains a collection of 30 mainly Irish and Scottish songs and dance tunes as played by a professional folk band. These are genuine off-the-record transcriptions of actual performances, largely notated by members of the group themselves. All the music printed here has been tried and tested over many years of playing. The result is a first-class collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and airs, arranged in performance sets and interspersed with songs and ballads.

Price: € 9.00
Reynardine B 1706
This book contains a selection of music from the repertoire of a popular folk band. There are 72 pages of songs and dance tunes, all of which are suitable for fiddle, flute, tin whistle, mandolin, bouzouki and guitar. The tunes are arranged in performance sets and many are printed complete with harmony lines and counter melodies. All have suggested harmonies indicated by chord symbols. The vocal music ranges from ancient ballads to industrial protest songs. The instrumental music includes jigs, reels, set dances, hornpipes, mazurkas, slides, polkas, airs and listening tunes, both traditional and newly composed.

72 pgs.

Price: € 16.00
The Tin Whistle Tutor B 4587
The Tin Whistle Tutor
Since it was first published in 1977 this book has established itself as the most thorough tutor for the humble tin whistle. The player is taught how to read music as well as play the tin whistle. There are clear diagrams, note charts, and also instruction on ornamentation and entabulation. Pieces to play include Aymara Indian Dance * Give Me your Hand * Sheebeg Sheemor

Price: € 8.00

Nancy Calthorpe
Music For The Irish Harp Vol 3 11AWAL-1335
Music For The Irish Harp Vol 3
A four-volume treasury of Ireland ís most beautiful songs and airs, selected and arranged by Nancy Calthorpe.Includes Danny Boy, Carolan ís Concerto,Down by the Sally Gardens,The Snowy Breasted Pearl,John O íConnor,The Connemara Cradle Song and many more. Also suitable for piano.

Price: € 11.50
The Calthorpe Collection: Music for the Irish Harp | Volume 1 11AWAL-1333
The Calthorpe Collection: Music for the Irish Harp | Volume 1
A beautiful four-volume treasury of Ireland's most beautiful songs and airs, selected and arranged by Nancy Calthorpe, one of Ireland's great harp teachers. Nancy Calthorpe was, during her working life, perhaps the most respected teacher of Irish harp in Ireland, her work spanning the second half of the 20th century. Her many sensitively crafted arrangements and her tireless promotion of the study and performance of the Irish harp earned her international recognition.

Arrangements in Volume 1 include:

Down by the Sally Gardens, I KNow Where I'm Goin', Sliabh na mBan, The Whistling Gypsy, My Land, The Seas Are Deep and many more classic Irish tunes.

Also suitable for piano.

Price: € 15.00

Niall O Callanain and Tommy Walsh
The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition 11AWAL-1093CD
The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition
The only tutor for an instrument which has become an integral part of Irish music in recent years. Easy instructions and plenty of tunes. CD included in this edition.

Price: € 24.50

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