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Josephine Keegan
The Keegan Tunes CMBOOK 079
The Keegan Tunes
Although Josephine Keegan is perhaps better known as the piano player on Belfast fiddler Sean McGuire's early albums, she is an excellent fiddle player in her own right and the composer of great tunes, many of which have made their way into the tradition and have been recorded by prominent players and bands--for instance "The Curlews" on Altan's "Horse with a Heart." This brand new tunebook presents 80 of Keegan's compositions (plus a few other tunes) in a handsome volume with color illustrations and notes on the tunes.

Price: € 18.95
Keegan Tunes Vol 2 CMBOOK 081
Keegan Tunes Vol 2
The ever so productive and prolific Josephine Keegan has just published another collection of her own compositions. This one contains 105 tunes, mostly reels, jigs and hornpipes, with a few slow airs as well. Several of those can be heard on Keegan's most recently released recordings, "The Fairy Bridges" and "The Nightingale."

Price: € 18.95

H.J. Clarke
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping B 1052
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping
The new approach with CD by H.J. Clarke. This is a comprehensive instruction for the Irish Uilleann Pipes. It has a Easy Learning program, teaches you how to read music, master the chanter, develop the ear and play in the Irish Traditional way.

Price: € 23.50

Jimmy MacCarthy
No Frontiers, The Jimmy MacCarthy Songbook 11AWAL-1344
No Frontiers, The Jimmy MacCarthy Songbook
For Piano, Vocal and Guitar

Sixteen all-time greats made famous by Mary Black, Christy Moore, The Corrs and a host of others. Includes Katie, No Frontiers, The Contender, Ride On, Bright Blue Rose, Adam at the Window, and many more of his timeless classics.
With piano arrangements and guitar chords.

Price: € 16.50

Niall O Callanain and Tommy Walsh
The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition 11AWAL-1093CD
The Irish Bouzouki - Cd Edition
The only tutor for an instrument which has become an integral part of Irish music in recent years. Easy instructions and plenty of tunes. CD included in this edition.

Price: € 24.50

Paddy Reilly
The Paddy Reilly Songbook 11AWAL-1140
The Paddy Reilly Songbook
Paddy Reilly's twenty greatest hits including The Fields of Athenry, Flight of Earls, My Lovely Rose of Clare and many more.

Price: € 7.50

Dan Coates
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Easy Piano 11AMUS-AFM0408
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Easy Piano
Eleven major themes that capture the power and the magic of this epic film trilogy, in easy Piano arrangements. The music of Howard Shore has been carefully arranged by Dan Coates, and the book is packed with colour photographs of some of the greatest scenes.

Price: € 12.50

Dave Mallinson
Instant Tin Whistle - Popular (Book + CD) GM 2331
Instant Tin Whistle - Popular (Book + CD)
A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Different tunes in each book.

The Instant Tin Whistle series is designed to nurture the initial surge of enthusiasm you may experience when first playing the instrument, and has been carefully designed to substantially increase your chances of success.

Book:32 pages. + CD

Price: € 18.00

Fintan Vallely
Timber - The Flute Tutor GM 2101
Timber - The Flute Tutor
This tutor is designed for the beginner learning the wooden "simple-system" six-hole flute. Since the fingering on the tinwhistle is identical, this book is particularly suited for those who wish to learn the whistle now with the intention of later taking up the flute.

Price: € 13.00

Matt Seattle
Airs for Pairs GM 0784
Airs for Pairs
This book contains twenty-one of the most popular traditional melodies, both dance tunes and song airs, from around Britain and Ireland. Each tune is arranged with a harmony part for a second melody instrument as well as an optional chord accompaniment for guitar, piano etc.. In all cases but one (College Hornpipe) the harmony does not descend below middle C, so that the arrangements can be played by almost all melody instruments including recorders. The tunes are a part of a body of popular music which has survived to the present day alongside many other types of music. Generally called Folk or (preferably) Traditional music, it forms a tradition distinct from that of Art or Classical music, though it is no less artful in its own way and on its own scale. So, although musicians with a classical training are welcome to play and enjoy these arrangements, it should be borne in mind that there are many ways of interpreting the written notes: ornamentation which is not written down in frequently used to embellish the music and in the case of the dance tunes a robust approach to rhythm is called for (for fiddlers, digging in with the bow on the main beats). For those who need extra guidance there are now many excellent tutors available for most instruments and styles.

Price: € 11.50

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