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David Power
My Love is in America CCFCD 37c
My Love is in America
Uilleann pipes. Originally from Waterford and now living in New Jersey, David Power is a talented piper who learned from Tommy Kearney and whose playing, his regulator work in particular, shows the influence of Leo Rowsome. On this debut solo CD, which he recorded in one day, Power gives a brilliant demonstration of the technical skills and musical sense which have already earned him a solid reputation. Performing on a Froment C set designed after Seamus Ennis' Coyne set, he performs a great selection of piping classics, not the least of which is "The Fox Chase," of which Power's memorable rendition is perhaps the centerpiece of this inspired album, while his playing of the air "Annaghdown' in F minor is another notable moment.

1. Reels: The Salamanca / The Steam Packet
2. Hornpipe & Set Dance: The Standing Abbey / Madame Bonaparte
3. Jigs: The Galbally Farmer / Saddle the Pony
4. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles / My Love is in America
5. Air: Amārach lā 'le Pādraig (St. Patrick's Day is Tomorrow)
6. Jigs: The Boys of the Town / The Bride's Favourite
7. The Fox Chase
8. Hornpipe & Barndance: Bantry Bay / The Stack of Barley (An Staicā­n Eorna)
9. Reels: Castle Kelly / The Green Fields of Rossbeigh / The Green Mountain
10. Air: Eanach Dhúin (Annaghdown)
11. Jigs: The Frost is All Over / Paddy's Return
12. Air: Mnā Bhaile Loch a' Riach (The Women of Loughrea)
13. Jigs: Cailleach an Airgid (The Hag with the Money) / Garret Barry's Jig
14. Air & Hornpipe: The Bonny Bunch of Roses / The Sally Gardens
15. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / George White's Favourite

Price: € 18.50

Davy Spillane
A Place Among CD 4769302
A Place Among

1. Darklight
2. Promised Rain
3. A Place Among the Stones
4. Western Whisper
5. Starry Night
6. Elgeebar
7. Callow Lake
8. Forever Frozen
9. Alway Travelling
10. Near the Horizon

Price: € 19.50

Davy Spillane
Atlantic Bridge TACD 3019
Atlantic Bridge
His incredible techical ability, combined with a passion and understanding of the music makes Davy's music stand out. He fuses styles with such flair it seems unbelievable. Traditional-style tunes, but not traditional style!! Big 9-piece sound.

1. Davy's Reels
2. Atlantic Bridge
3. Daire's Dream
4. Tribute to Johnny Doran
5. O'Neill's Statement
6. By the River of Gems
7. Silverish
8. The Pigeon on the Gate
9. In My Life
10. Landsdowne Blues

Price: € 14.50

Davy Spillane
Out Of The Air TACD 2017
Out Of The Air
MUSICIANS : The Davy Spillane Band :
Davy Spillane - Uilleann Pipes / Low Whistle
Anthony Drennan - Guitar
James Delany - Keyboards
Paul Moran - Drums / Percussion
Tony Molloy - Bass

1. Atlantic Bridge
2. River of Gems
3. Daire's Dream
4. The Storm
5. Mystic Seacliffs
6. The Road to Ballyalla
7. Litton Lane
8. One for Phil.

Price: € 15.00

Davy Spillane
Pipedreams TACD 3026
Lots of percussion, keyboards, electric and bass guitars, but the uillean pipes are still the star of the show in the capable hands of Davy Spillane. Uillean pipes-led cross-over.

1. Shifting Sands
2. Undertow
3. Shorelines
4. Call Across The Canyon
5. Midnight Walker
6. Mistral
7. Rainmaker
8. Stepping In Silence
9. Morning Wings
10. Corcomroe

Price: € 15.00

Davy Spillane
Shadow Hunter TARA 3023
Shadow Hunter
Not many uillean piping albums have a musician line-up of a dozen, but then there aren't many players like Davy Spillane! Taking the pipes in new directions, but with great abilty, and superb musicality. Awesome multi-instrumentalist.

1. Introduction
2. Carron Streams
3. Watching The Clock
4. Walker Of The Snow
5. Hidden Ground
6. The White Crow7.Moyasta Junction
8. Journeys Of A Dreamer
9. One Day In June
10. Equinox
11. The Host Of The Air

Price: € 17.50

Eoin Dillon
The Golden Mean KRCD 202
The Golden Mean
The Golden Mean contains all self-penned tunes, covering the musical spectrum, from the dramatic fast paced reels of Babganoush and Boy Racer, to the rich slow gentleness of the laments. This album shows again how tunes without lyrics can tell a thousand stories allowing the imagination to wander.

1. Boy Raycer - Wexford Races
2. Star of the Sea
3. Barrakaldo
4. Lament for FR.Pat Noise
5. Babaganoush
6. The Pound Loney
7. The Yoghurt Weaver's Lament
8. And Fox Ate Nandy's Red Shoe

Price: € 19.00

Jean-Yves Le Pape
Irish Uilleann Pipes - Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs & Reels EUCD 2267
Irish Uilleann Pipes - Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs & Reels
This beautiful instrument from Ireland has touched the hearts ĩ of millions in the show "Riverdance". Uniquely suited to play these laments ĩ full of longing and beauty, it has taken the world by storm. On this CD Jean-Yves le Pape (a master of this - the most difficult of all bagpipes) plays slow airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes & songs from Ireland solo & accompanied by guitar, tin whistle, bouzouki, bodhran & voices.

1. Banish Misfortune / Ard an Bhothair / Idle Road (Jig) 2. Pigeon on the Gate / Cooley's / Musical Priest (Reel) 3. Sliabh Geal Goua (Slow Air)
4. Hicks Hornpipe / Smoky Chimney (Hornpipes)
5. Chicago / Sean Na Cheo (Reel)
6. Farewell to the Troubles of the World / Willie Coleman's (Jig)
7. Sliabh Na Mban (Slow Air)
8. The Lark / Hill Top (Jig + Reel)
9. Will You Come Down to Limerick (Slip Jig)
10. Speed the Plow / Gooseberry Bush (Reel)
11. Down by the Sally Gardens (Song)
12. Rond de Saint Patrick (Round)
13. Bally Gow / The Wistfull Lover / Maids of Ardagh (Polka)

Price: € 13.00

John McSherry & Donald O'Connor
Tripswitch BOOOFIGGLY 01
Excellent album combining Irish Celtic musicianship with Spanish Celtic influence. Uillean pipes, fiddles, whistles, bodhran, guitars and keyboards produce a superb traditional sound with a fresh aspect in the settings.

1. Rose In The Gap
2. Tripswitch
3. Sean Maguire's
4. Both Ghe
5. Spanish 5's
6. Anton
7. Commonalty Set
8. Aille's Arabesque

Price: € 19.50

Liam O'Flynn
Out To An Other Side TARA 3031
Out To An Other Side
Anything from Liam O'Flynn, after his gilded years with Planxty, is treated with the reverence due to a master musician. This being the case the purchase of his 'Out to an Other side' will make all uileann pipes' fans lick their lips, tap their feet, throw the chair to one side, and their hands in the air. Though you have to wait til the penultimate track before being hit by a hornpipe, along the way you'll find a spirited Foxchase, a paen for Aughrim's Great Disaster (the end of Gaelic Ireland), and the elegance of Lady Dillon. The eery resonance of the drones, the enchantment of the chanters... how is it that the vehicle of such melancholy holds the power to pipe the pumping heart to an interior frenzy? Don't ask me, but Liam might tell you. Out in 1994, this dish completes the musical menu to which the maestro is still adding. Seamless, apart slight lull in the middle section.

1. The Foxchase
2. The Wild Geese
3. The Dean's Pamphlet
4. Gynt at the Gate
5. The Winter's End
6. After Aughrim's Great Disaster
7. Blackwells
8. Ar Bhruach na Laoi
9. Lady Dillon
10. Dollards and The Harlequin Hornpipes
11. Sean O Duibhir a Ghleanna

Price: € 20.00

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