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Andreas Joseph
The Tinwhistle Tutor (Book+ CD) GM 2372
The Tinwhistle Tutor (Book+ CD)
A simple well thought out tutor book by Andreas Joseph.

Learn To Play Like A Whistler (For Tinwhistle in D)

Price: € 15.00

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry
At First Light VERTCD 061
At First Light
A glorious, rolling selection of Irish folk tunes, highlighting the mellow tones of the whistle family - wooden, tin, and low whistles - with uillean pipes, bodhran and guitar. Many traditional tunes, many traditional styles, all played with a smooth contemporary slant and strong feeling.

Mike McGoldrick (flutes, whistles, bodhran, uilleann pipes) and John McSherry (uilleann pipes, whistles) with Paul McSherry and Ed Boyd (guitar), Dezi Donnelly (fiddle), Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle), Manus Lunny (bouzouki, guitar), Ewen Vernal (bass) and Donald Shaw (keyboards).

1. Farewell To Connaught
2. Rolling Waves
3. Dionna
4. Ornette's Trip To Belfast
5. Lucy Campbell's
6. Lady Lane
7. Trip To Ireland
8. The Bloom Of Youth
9. Lacey's Jig
10. The Graf Spee
11. Road To Taynuilt

Price: € 18.50

Michael Tubridy
The Eagles Whistle CC 27
The Eagles Whistle
Michael Tubridy, of the Chieftains, is steeped in the music West Clare. He draws on the traditions in which he was immersed as a youth. On flutes, concertina, bombarde and bodhrán, he plays what can truly be called his native music.

1. Reels: For the Sake of Old Decency / Peata Beag mo Mháthar / Gone for his Tea / It goes as Follies
2. Hornpipes: The Humours of Tullycrine / Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy
3. Jigs: Paddy Breen’s Jig / My Love in the Morning / A Kerry Slide
4. Air: An Droighneán Donn
5. Gavottes - Breton dance music
6. Ríoghan i nUaigneas (The Forlorn Queen)
7. Three Polkas: anon / The Lass of Gowrie / anon
8. Jigs: Sarsfield’s Jig / The Killaloe Boat / The Kesh Mountain
9. Marches: Brian the Brave / Rosc Catha na Mumhan (The Battle Cry of Munster) / The Eagle’s Whistle
10. Céad Moladh le Muire Beannaithe (All Praise to Blessed Mary)
11. Slip Jigs: The Humours of Derrykissane / The Campbells are Coming / The Hawthorn
12. Set Dances: An Gabhairín Buí / I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue
13. Reels: The Ashplant / Gorman’s Reel / In and Out the Harbour / The Old Torn Petticoat

Price: € 18.00

Phil Hardy
Revisited GM 0208D
Phil Hardy is a flutist/whistler and the manufacturer of the Kerry high whistle and the Chieftain low whistle based in England. On this compilation album Phil revisited the best tunes and recordings of his previous albums, which had such telling titles as "Low Whistle" (2001), "Whistleworks" (2002), "Highs & Lows" (2004) and "Whistle Grafitti" (2005). Phil plays Chieftain and Susato high and low whistles, backed up by guitarist Tony Hinnigan and fiddler Katy Butler. Featured are traditional and Phil's original tunes.

1. The Long Drive Home Set
2. Wainnu
3. The +Morning Dew Set
4. Mrs Murphy's Camel
5. Cun Ana
6. The Road To Kerry Set
7. The Paddie's Paradise
8. Leaving Friday Harbor
9. Lunny's
10. The Lonely Christmas
11. The Magpie's Tale
12. The Edinburgh Jig

Price: € 12.55

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