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Celtic Fiddle Festival
Play On GLCD 1230
Play On
Top-selling Green Linnet artist Celtic Fiddle Festival "Play On" on this fourth release. After the unexpected passing of co-founder Johnny Cunningham in Dec. 2003, fiddlers Kevin Burke and Christian LeMà¢itre, along with guitarist Ged Foley, were left with an unimaginable hole to fill in their hearts and in their lineup. In stepped French-Canadian fiddler André Brunet (of La Bottine Souriante), whose talent and enthusiasm infused the group with an energy that shines in this live recording.
The music was recorded during three shows at The Hollywood Theater and Artichoke Music in Portland, Oregon in 2004. You'll find twelve tracks showcasing the range of music that this diverse group brings to traditional music.

1. La Belle Catherine/Le Step A Ti-Phonse/Reel A Toto
2. Leaving Brittany
3. Stan Chapman's Jig/Arthur Darley's Swedish Jig
4. Ar Bonomig/Dans Fisel
5. Maison De Glace/Le Printemps
6. Itzikel
7. Reel A Tido/La Rachoudine
8. Promenade/Sonny's Mazurka
9. Lord Galway's Lamentation/Planxty Whitbread
10. A March/Al Letanant Schmitt/Meloudia
11. O Carolan's Concerto/Loftus Jones
12. An Droiou

Price: € 16.00

Kieran Fahy
Irish Fiddle - Man from the West EUCD 2081
Irish Fiddle - Man from the West
The latest CD of award-winning Irish fiddle player Kieran Fahy. Jigs, reels, waltzes, airs, marches, polkas and mazurkas, played solo or with a variety of instrumental accompaniments, such as guitars, cittern, double bass, mandolin, accordion, concertina, bodhran…

Extensive information about the artist and the music in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Paddy Mc Faddens / Ask my Father / Boys of Ballysodare (Single jig / Single jig / Slip jig)
2. Aires de Pontevedra / Muineira de Casu (Galician tune / Muineira)
3. Molly Saint George (Air)
4. The Britches Full of Stitches / Church Street / Bill Sullivans (Polkas)
5. Port na bPucai (Air)
6. The Hunt (Set dance)
7. John Dohertys March / Old John’s Jig (March / Jig)
8. Utpick Waltz (Waltz)
9. Hewlett (Waltz)
10. Paddy’s Polkas (Polkas)
11. The Whole Chicken in the Soup / The Crooked Road (Barn dance / Reel)
12. Dohertys / Tommy Peoples (Reels)
13. Mulqueeneys (Jig / Hornpipe)
14. Cuil Aodh Slides (Slides)
15. Sonny Brogans / John Dohertys Mazurka (Mazurka)

Price: € 18.50

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