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Harvest Storm GLCD 1117
Harvest Storm
This album stamps Altan as a band whose vocal blend can fully match the mastery of their fiery instrumental playing. Ciaran Tourish joins, and the three fiddlers have never sounded tighter or more tenacious, while Frankie Kennedy again shows why he's among Ireland's most accomplished flutists.

1. Pretty Peg / New Ships A Sailing / The Birds Nest / The Man From Bundoran
2. Donal Agus Morag
3. King Of The Pipers
4. Seamus O' Shanahan's / Walking In Liffey Street
5. Mo Choill
6. The Snowy Path
7. Drowsy Maggie / Rakish Paddy / Harvest Storm; 'Si Do Mhaimeo I
8. McFarley's / Mill na Maidi
9. The Rosses Highlands
10. A Nobleman's Wedding
11. Bog An Lochain / Margaree Reel / The Humours of Westport
12. Dobbin's Flowery Vale

Price: € 19.50
Horse With A Heart GLCD 1095
Horse With A Heart
The breakthrough album from the band considered to be one of the premier groups in Irish traditional music. Joined by Dublin fiddler Paul O'Shaughnessy, Altan with this album have augmented their fiddles to two, creating a myriad of possibilities and reinforcing an already unequaled drive. Featuring Frankie Kennedy, Mark Kelly, Ciaran Curran, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Phil Cunningham, Colm Murphy, Donal Lunny, Steve White and Marie Askin.

1. The Curlew / McDermott's / Three Scones of Boxty
2. The Lass of Glenshee
3. Con Cassidy's and Neil Gow's Highlands / Moll an Tiarna / McSweeney's Reels; The Road to Durham; An t-Oileàn úr
4. An Grianàn / Horse With A Heart
5. A Bhean Uda' Thall
6. Welcome Home Gràinne / Con McGinley's
7. Tuirse Mo Chro'
8. Come Ye By Atholl / Kitty O'Connor
9. An Feochàn; Paddy's Trip to Scotland / Dinky's / The Shetland Fiddler

Price: € 18.60
Local Ground VERTCD 69c
Local Ground
Altan: Mark Kelly (vocals, guitar, bouzouki); Daithi Sproule (vocals, guitar); Ciaran Tourish (vocals, fiddle, whistle); Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh (vocals, fiddle); Ciaran Curran (bouzouki, mandolin); Dermot Byrne (accordion). Additional personnel: Donal Lunny (guitar); Carlos Nunez (gaita, whistle); Triona Ni Domhnaill (piano); Graham Henderson (keyboards); Stephen Cooney (double bass); Jim Higgins (bodhran, percussion).

1. Eirigh's Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh
2. Tommy Peoples: Road To Cashel, The / Repeal Of The Union, The / Richie's Reel / Medley
3. Is The Big Man Within: Tilly Finn's Reel / Medley - (mix)
4. Adieu My Lovely Nancy
5. Bo Mhin Na Toitean: Con McGinley's Highland / Seanamhach Tube Station / Medley
6. Amhran Pheadair Bhreathnaigh
7. Roseville, The
8. As I Roved Out
9. Sport
10. The Humours Of Castlefin: Nia's Dance / Duidin, An / Medley
11. Wind And Rain, The
12. Silver Slipper, The
13. Dun Do Shuil

Price: € 18.00
The First Ten Years GLCD 1153
The First Ten Years

1. Pretty Peg
2. Andy De Jarlis
3. Ceol A'phiobaire
4. The Wedding Jig
5. Donal Agus Morag
6. Tommy Bhetty's Waltz
7. Fermanagh Highland
8. An Feochan
9. Mazurka
10. Cat That Ate The Candle
11. Brid Og Ni Mhaille
12. Harvest Storm; Citi Na Gcumann
13. Tommy Peoples'
14. Dobbin's Flowery Vale

Price: € 18.00

Andy Irvine
Way Out Yonder AK 2
Way Out Yonder

1. Gladiators
2. Moreton Bay
3. They'll Never Believe It's True
4. the Girl I Left Behind
5. Way out Yonder
6. the Highwayman
7. When the Boys Are on Parade
8. on a Distant Shore
9. Born in Carrickfergus

Price: € 19.50

GalEire ARD 80
GalÉire is a mixture of both Galician and Irish music and song. Aran has managed to capture a beautiful and eclectic collection of melodies and songs representing both of these rich Celtic cultures. Accomplished musical arrangements on all tracks initially coaxes one’s attention and subsequently go on to captivate and enchant the listener throughout this album. The playing is brisk yet assured and full of great rhythm and energy in both solo and ensemble playing. Two Irish songs, one an attractive version of a song in Irish, Cóilín Phádraig Shéamuis, compliment the beautiful Galician songs, all of which are treated with taste and respect.

1. The Hollybush Reels
2. Breatnach, Stewart & Neff
3. Polkas Galegas
4. Baila Así
5. The Reels on the Road
6. A Guía
7. The Jolly Beggerman
8. Tribute to the Bothy Band
9. O Mar Anda
10. Four Reels
11. Xotas Galegas
2. Sporting Reels
13. Coilín Pádraig Shéamuis
14. Suite Patelas

Price: € 19.50

The Incident COM 4499
The Incident
The unique sound of Beoga, the five-piece traditional band based in County Antrim, features the twin dueling accordions of Seán Óg Graham and Damian McKee, along with four-time All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray and pianist Liam Bradley along with the vocals of one of Ireland’s premier young singers, Niamh Dunne.

1. Lamped
2. Antics
3. Mary Danced with Soldiers
4. Mister Molly's
5. The Flying Golf Club
6. Strange Things
7. The Incident
8. The Bellevue Waltz
9. On the Fly
10. Flyfishing
11. The Best is Yet to Come

Price: € 16.00

Rhythm Of The Celts CDITV 744
Rhythm Of The Celts
This album portrays traditional Scottish Music from a world music point of view. The Celtic melodies and lyrics have been embedded in a fusion of traditional African, Indian, Latin rhythmic ideas and guitar riffs, with an overall energetic brush of a rock feel.

1. Bonnie Dundee
2. Birnie Boozle
3. Peat Fire Flame
4. The Braes O'killekrankie
5. Mairi's Wedding
6. The Battle O' Sherramuir
7. Will Ye No Come Back Again
8. Garten Mother's Lullaby
9. My Bonnie Moorhen
10. Sae Will We Yet
11. Kiss The Children For Me Mary
12. Lowlands Away
13. The Dowie Dens O'Yarrow
14. Kishmal's Galley
15. The Barge O'Gorrie Crovan
16. The Castle O'DrumoreBonnie Dundee

Price: € 16.00

Brother Seamus
Celtic Spirit CD 5078
Celtic Spirit
Brother Seamus is an international composer and performer of Celtic Christian Songs and Music that are deeply inspiring and soul-nourishing. He plays to packed audiences of up to 30,000 people throughout the world and is much sought after for his Spiritual Workshops.

1. Ar Nathair
2. Three Hands
3. Christ Within Me Recitation
4. Grassroot Serenade
5. Pater et Filius Earthsong
6. Bluesleeves
7. Search for the Queen Listen
8. Apache Spirit Flute Improvisation
9. A Blessing
10. True Love of Mine
11. Window Shoppers
12. Messengers [Whistle Version]
13. Críost Is Muire
14. Heart's Desire
15. Mysteries
16. Criost Is Muire (Finale)

Price: € 13.00

Born Tired CDTRAX 136
Born Tired
An example of the new wave of young musicians with diverse influences coming to the fore in Scotland. New to the band are Gregor Borland (fiddle), Eoghain Anderson (drums & percussion) and Roy Waterson (bass).

1. Still There
2. The Birds Set
3. Beautiful Blues
4. Keep on Shining
5. Sweet Thing
6. A Turn Up For The Books
7. Shadow of The Night
8. The Life and Times of Johnny Hattersfield
9. Flora Whistles a Scanadanavian Tune
10. Left Unsaid
11. Heart of Gold
12. Knot Quite Silverstone

Price: € 19.20
Price: € 7.00

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