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Fahy Mairin
Celtic fire TORECD 232
Celtic fire
Featured solist from riverdance

1. Midnight In Galway
2. Flower Of Magherally
3. The Flying Piper
4. Mission Bay
5. Every Circumstance
6. Tip Of The Iceberg
7. The Celtic Prancer
8. Irish Mais
9. Village Reels
10. Back Home

Price: € 18.60

Gael Sli
The Sum of All Parts GSCD 003
The Sum of All Parts
These are a Dublin based band that performs a rich mixture of material; Irish traditional, ballads, folk tunes and original penned songs/instrumentals. They can be seen on many Folk festivals in the USA and Europe. Gael Sli is a word play on Gheill sli, an Irish road sign which translates in English to give way, but with the Gheill replaced by Gael, it takes on another meaning ie; Irish way! Formed in 2002, this band consists of Siobhan Warfield; singer songwriter and Robin Hurt; guitarist, mandolin player and singer and Dave Keegan; Djembe player, drummer, guitarist, songwriter and fiddler Adrian Hart.

1. Little Moonshine
2. Little Jimmy Murphy
3. Go Down Ye Murderer
4. The Great Dane / Trip to Ticton / Bansheeba
5. Bogey's Bonnie Belle / Maggie Smiths
6. My Ain True Love
7. Si Beag, Si Mor
8. Arthur McBride
9. The Spider's Legs
10. Jean's Reel / Farewell to Chernobyl / D'Auld Foula Reel-Wynadepia
11. The American Aginora / The Merry Old Woman (jig)
12. The Meeting of the Waters
13. An Speirbhean

Price: € 18.50

Golden Bough
Celtic & Original Music - Winding Road EUCD 2294
Celtic & Original Music - Winding Road
20 delightful Celtic songs, both traditional and original, by Golden Bough, with gorgeous 4-part harmony singing. Accompanied on Celtic harps, violin, accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, guitars, tin whistle, bodhran... Complete lyrics in the CD booklet.

1. Zingaro (P. Espinoza)
2. Riders of the Sea (trad., arr. P. Espinoza) / Welsh Tune (anon., arr. P. Espinoza)
3. Fog on the Bay (L. Sørbye) (instr.)
4. John of Dreams (B. Caddick)
5. Brown Skin Ladies / Mangos Are Ripe (P. Espinoza)
6. Running Through the Wildwood (Hinton)
7. Brothers of the Sun (P. Espinoza)
8. Flight of Fantasy (P. Espinoza)
9. Sing Us a Sad Farewell (Sørbye/Sandin)
10. Cathi Milligan's Fancy (L. Sørbye)
11. All Across the Green (P. Espinoza)
12. Meeting With the Huldra (P. Espinoza)
13. Upon an Island (P. Espinoza)
14. The Night Wind (P. Espinoza)
15. Winding Road (L. Sørbye) (instr.)
16. Across the North Sea / The Tater Polka / Farewell to Coosbania (trad., arr. L. Sørbye) (instr.)
17. Call Me to the Dance (P. Espinoza)
18. The Wizard (P. Espinoza)
19. Under the Forest Moon (P. Espinoza)
20. Säkijarven Polka / Gypsy Wedding Song / Mickey's Chewing Bubblegum (trad., arr. Espinoza/Sørbye/Butler) (instr.)

Price: € 13.00
Celtic Christmas Songs - When Winter Comes EUCD 2304
Celtic Christmas Songs - When Winter Comes
For the festive season: Popular Christmas carols, such as The Mummers' Carol, I Saw Three Ships, Green the Whole Year Round, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing & beautifully sung in multi-part harmonies, accompanied with guitar, harps, violin, accordion, mandolin, penny whistle & Complete lyrics in the booklet. Information in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. The Mummers' Carol
2. The Wexford Carol
3. I Saw Three Ships
4. Green the Whole Year Round
5. A' Soalin'
6. Con Ligereza, Con Gran Cariño / Galician Carol
7. Eight Little Candles
8. Sans Day Carol
9. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
10. The Boar's Head / Carolan's Draught
11. All Souls Night
12. When the Winter Comes

Price: € 16.00
Celtic Folk Songs EUCD 2078
Celtic Folk Songs
Beautiful Celtic songs and instrumentals from Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany including The Minstrel's Tune, The Sporting Boys, Jock O'Hazeldean, Ballyconnell Fair, Mona's Delight, The Mermaid's Song / Song of the Seals, The Airy Wee Hill of Kilmurray, The Keel Laddie / Lass of the Gowrie, Ellan Vannin and many more.

Great playing and glorious harmony singing! Lyrics and guitar chords included!

1. Polca dos Campaneiros / An Dro / The Minstrel's Tune / The Sporting Boys (trad.)
2. Jock O'Hazeldean (trad.)
3. Ballyconnell Fair (trad.)
4. Mona's Delight (trad.) -
5. Your Daughters and Your Sons (Tommy Sands)
6. The Mermaid's Song / Song of the Seals (trad.)
7. Planxty Burke / Farewell to Ireland (trad.)
8. The Airy Wee Hill of Kilmurray (trad.)
9. My True Love's Gone a'Sailing (trad.)
10. The Wild Rover (trad.)
11. The Keel Laddie / Lass of the Gowrie (trad.)
12. Ellan Vannin / Eriskay Love Song / Gentle Maiden (trad.)

Price: € 15.50
Celtic Love Songs EUCD 2244
Celtic Love Songs
A gorgeous collection of Celtic love songs - thirteen stories of romantic love, lost love, spurned love, tested love, and the joys and sorrows associated with this universal emotion. Instrumental accompaniments include harp, penny-whistle, bodhrán, 6- & 12-string guitars, octave mandolin, mandolin, accordion, violin and viola. Complete lyrics.

1. I Love My Love
2. Strathmartine Mains (Love & Freedom)
3. The Galway Shawl
4. P Stands for Paddy
5. Bridget O'Malley
6. Fol í ó Hó Ró
7. Loch Tay Boat Song
8. Green Grow the Rashes-O
9. Sweet Carnlough Bay
10. Charlie is My Darling
11. Red is the Rose
12. Dainty Davy
13. Black is the Colour

Price: € 15.50
Songs of the Irish Immigrants EUCD 1900
Songs of the Irish Immigrants
Emigration has always played a large part in the cultural landscape and lives of the Irish people. Golden Bough present a selection of the most popular Irish immigration songs such as: Muirsheen Durkin, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores, Sliabh Gallion Braes, John Riley, Paddy's Lamentation, North Americay / Farewell to Erin, When New York was Irish, The Shores of Amerikay and more.

1. Muirsheen Durkin / The Ballydesmond Polka (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 4:32
2. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears (Brendan Graham) (P) Peer Music - 4:14
3. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores / The First Night in America (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 5:00
4. Sliabh Gallion Braes (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 4:13
5. John Riley (Tim O'Brien / Guy Clarke) (P) Howdy Skies Music/Forerunner Music, Inc./EMI/April - 4:12
6. Paddy's Lamentation (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 3:33
7. Exile (Jig) / Ships are Sailing (Reel) / My Love is in America (Reel) (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 4:30
8. North Americay / Farewell to Erin (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 4:28
9. When New York was Irish (Terry Winch) (P) Bug Music/Red Linnet Music - 4:34
10. The Shores of Amerikay / Spancil Hill (instrumental medley) (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 3:32
11. My Lovely Irish Maid (trad., arr. P. Espinoza / M. Butler) - 4:12
12. A Song of the Celts (Paul Espinoza) - 4:35

Price: € 15.50

Green Jacket
Away we go WBM 21099
Away we go
Folkband "Green Jacket" stands for sparkling music on a compelling rhythm and with respect for Celtic tradition. This music is based on Irish/Scottish tradition with own compositions. “Green Jacket” also has a solid ‘live’ reputation!

Jigs & Reels, hornpipes, slides and polkas are varied with strong songs and ballads, where the fine vocals of Katelijne Janssen (vocals and accordion) and Jan Debrabandere (vocals /guitar) are flanked by swinging fiddle - Dirk Decombele, virtuoso Tin whistle - Fré Vandaele, highland and lowland pipes, bouzouki and percussion/bodhrun - Jerry Steyaert.

10 years GREEN JACKET - New CD ‘Away we go’

This year Green Jacket can blow out 10 candles and we are going to celebrate this with the release of a new CD : “Away we go”. This is once again a gem, with jigs and reels, slides and polkas, own compositions and, contrary to our debut CD(°2006): more songs on the setlist !

1. Winding Hills
2. Blackleg Miner
3. Slides
4. Broadcloth
5. Twa Corbies
6. Broom
7. Mulqueen Set
8. Company of Strangers
9. Jigset
10. Jolly Beggar

Price: € 15.00
Price: € 10.00

Kieran Fahy
Haunting Slow Airs from Ireland EUCD 2171
Haunting Slow Airs from Ireland
Beautiful and haunting slow airs from Ireland interspersed with more upbeat pieces (reels, hornpipes). Played on violin, solo or with a variety of accompaniments (guitar, accordion, bass, bodhran, cello, keyboards), presented by prize-winning Irish fiddle player Kieran Fahy. Artist biography plus info about the pieces in four languages.

1. Molly Saint George
2. Valse Ronde
3. O’Carolan’s Dream
4. Galway Bay
5. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music
6. The Sailor’s Polkas
7. The Auld Resting Chair / Far from Home
8. Lament for Eoin Rua
9. Aires de Pontevedra / Muineira de Casu
10. The Auld Resting Chair
11. Planxty Kelly
12. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig / Denis Ryans
13. John O’Dwyer of the Glen / Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
14. Betty McNeil
15. Lament for Eoin Rua / Caislean Na Nór
16. Cuil Aodh Slides

Price: € 11.00
Traditional Music from Ireland EUCD 1897
Traditional Music from Ireland
Kieran Fahy, winner of the 1976 All-Ireland Feadh Ceol fiddle competition (under 18) and the 1977 O’Carolan Festival in Keadue, County Boyle presents a collection of traditional airs, hornpipes, jigs and reels: O’Carolan’s Dream, Paddy Fahys / Earls Chair, Planxty Kelly, O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music, Master Crowley’s, An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig / Denis Ryans and more.

1. O'Carolan's Dream - Air (O'Carolan)
2. Paddy Fahys (Fahy) / Earls Chair (trad.) - Reels
3. Planxty Kelly - Planxty (O'Carolan)
4. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - Air (O'Carolan)
5. Little Stack of Wheat / Cronin's - Hornpipes (trad.)
6. Master Crowley's - Slow Reel (trad.)
7. Drops of Brandy / Irish Washerwoman / Out in the Ocean - Jigs (trad.)
8. An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig - Air / Denis Ryans - Reel (trad.)
9. Midnight on the Water - Waltz from Texas (Thomason)
10. Slieve Russel / Eavesdropper - Jigs (trad.)
11. Lament for Eoin Rua - Air / Caislean an or - Hornpipe (trad.)
12. Maud Millars / Father Kelly's - Reels (trad.)
13. Fairy Queen (O'Carolan)
14. The Auld Resting Chair - Shetland Air (Anderson) / Far from Home -Reel (trad.)
15. Scholar / Caledonian - Reels (trad.)

Price: € 9.00

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