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Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings WBM 21030
Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings

1.John Riley
2.Paddy Ryan's Dream
3. The Fisherman's Wife (lyrics by Ewan McColl - this was missed in the sleeve notes)
4. The Road to Wezembeek
5. Glenogie
6. O'Carolan's Dream
7. The Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery
8. Speredd Hollvedel
9. Erin Go Bragh
10. The Little Fair Canavan's
11. John Anderson
12. The Journey By Train

Price: € 10.00
Shantalla WBM 21004

1. for Paddy
2. The woods of old Limerick
3. The bantryre explosion
4. Cam ye O'er frae Fance
5. Inisheer
6. Sixteen come sunday
7. The new age polkas
8. The highland window's lament
9. Sean sa cheo
10. McCallum's

Price: € 10.00
Turas APR 1333
Shantalla was one of the top European folk bands of the 1990s, producing great music on a par with the likes of the Bothy Band, Dervish and Comas. The group brought together a talented bunch of musicians from Ireland (Joe Hennon, Kieran Fahy, Michael Horgan and Gerry Murray) with the beautiful voice of Helen Flaherty from Scotland. After a break of nearly five years, Shantalla got back together last year for a reunion tour. For the last year, they have been working on their third CD, Turas, which was presented at the Gooikoorts festival. The group has also added a new member – Simon Donnelly. Get ready for a great evening of jigs, reels and slow airs accompanied by Helen Flaherty’s wonderful vocals. Shantalla is back!

A powerful new collection of original compositions as well as contemporary and traditional songs and tunes from both sides of the Atlantic. The combination of uilleann pipes, fiddle, accordion, flute, whistles, guitars, bouzouki, bodhrán and the wonderful voice of Helen Flaherty is as fresh as ever. Music to move you and to make you move!

1. The Braemar Poacher
2. Johnny Doherty's
3. Whaur Dae Ye Lie
4. Marching in Jig Time
5. What You Do with What You've Got
6. The Donkey Ride in the Sky
7. Gloomy Winter
8. The Boy and the Princess
9. Fair & Tender Maidens
10. The Hut

Price: € 18.00

Sharon Corr
Dream Of You RHINO
Dream Of You
Debut album includes hit single "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" and "Dream of You"

1. Our Wedding Day
2. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
3. It's Not A Dream
4. Mna Na h'Eireann
5. Buenos Aires
6. So Long Ago
7. Smalltown Boy
8. Cooley's Reel
9. Butterflies
10. Dream Of You
11. Real World
12. Love Me Better

Price: € 13.00
The Same Sun BBJL 1
The Same Sun
This sophomore album from Sharon Corr, the follow-up to her 2010 solo debut Dream Of You, makes no attempt to reinvent the wheel. And why would it? Having enjoyed massive international success with her siblings in The Corrs, and more recently served her time as a mentor on The Voice Of Ireland, the fortysomething mother of two is unlikely to try to reinvent herself as an angst-ridden rock chick at this stage of her career.

Not that there’s no angst on The Same Sun, but the predominant emotion here is sadness. Produced by Mitchel Froom (Crowded House, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow) and mostly recorded in his L.A. studio, these 11 songs – many of them co-writes with Froom or Don Mescal – are largely slow, pop-tinged love ballads, reminiscent of Karen Carpenter or Dusty Springfield. Which is no bad thing.

1. "Raindrops" Sharon Corr 3:45
2. "Take a minute" Sharon Corr 2:59
3. "We Could Be Lovers" Sharon Corr 3:19
4. "Upon An Ocean" Sharon Corr 2:56
5. "Edge of Nowhere" Sharon Corr 3:25
6. "Full Circle" Sharon Corr 3:31
7. "You Say" Sharon Corr 3:58
8. "Thinking About You" Sharon Corr 3:43
9. "The Runaround" Sharon Corr 3:06
10. "The Same Sun" Sharon Corr 3:49
11. "Christmas Night" Sharon Corr 3

Price: € 16.00

South West SL 01
South West
Slán is a folkgroup from Holland and was founded in 2004. The band performs with five enthusiastic musicians with very different ages. Although the repertoire mainly consists of Irish tunes, they also like to play Scottish/ Northumbrian and Breton music. Slán tries to combine existing or self written music into an original mixture of Celtic music! Apart from the traditional instruments such as tin whistles and bagpipes they use an electronic drumkit, keyboard and electric violin. Slán has a varied setlist with "sensitive songs" and "sparkling instrumentals" so that they feel either at home on stage or in the pub. In 2008 Slán performed at various folkfestivals in Holland.
Their first CD is called “South West” and will take you on a trip to far away mystic Celtic landscapes.

1. Ready for the Storm
2. Trip to Jerusalem/ The Mason's Apron
3. Si Beag Si Mor/ Sonny's Mazurka
4. The Rakes of Mallow/ Bally Desmond Polka's/ The Drunken Sailor
5. Will ye go to Flanders?
6. Back Home in Derry
7. Merrily kissed the Quaker's Wife/ The Irish Washer Woman
8. The Bigg Market Lasses/ The Dunmore Lassies
9. The Stack of Barley/ Cronin's Hornpipe/ Off to California
10. The Dark Island
11. Daughters of Megan/ Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Among Them All
12. Caledonia/ Inisheer
13. South West

Price: € 12.50

Snakes in Excile
Merrily Polluted WBM 21036
Merrily Polluted

1. Payday
2. Merrily Polluted
3. A Tone-Deaf Young Minstrel
4. She and I
5. Seize the Night
6. One of Those
7. Town of Kiandra
8. The Sun is on its Way
9. Polly on the Shore
10. A Midsummernight's Dream
11. Dangerous Liaisons
12. Bohemiens
13. Bless her Cotton Socks
14. The Parting Glass

Price: € 10.00

Snakes in Exile
A Dressing Room Session APR 1337
A Dressing Room Session

1. Higher the Highlands
2. Desperate Man
3. Lukey
4. Beeswing
5. McIlhatton
6. General Taylor
7. Share the Darkness
8. The Prisoner Song
9. John Gunn
10. My Johnny is a Shoemaker
11. The Sun is on its Way
12. Wild Mountain Thyme
13. Caledonia

Price: € 17.50
Second Skin WBM 21006
Second Skin
Traditional Irish music.

1. Taboo or not taboo
2. The raggle taggle gypsy
3. The fiddler's tale
4. Angels on sale
5. South Australia
6. Young master dribble
7. Goodnight the Lord is coming
8. Blossoms a rose
9. Imaginary stairs
10. The Lord of the dance
11. Lakewood
12. Jumping Jack Flash
13. St. Patrick was a gentleman
14. The parting glass

Price: € 7.00
Songs And Salads VERMIN 001
Songs And Salads

1. Intro Sigaar Zeg
2. Fire Down Below
3. The Grack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man
4. The Green And Red Of Mayo
5. The Barnyards O'delgaty
6. I'll Tell Me Ma
7. The Star Of The County Down
8. Burps
9. Caledonia
10. Black And Blue
11. Mormond Braes
12. The Rare Old Mountain New
13. Loch Lomond
14. Seven Drunken Nights

Price: € 16.50

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