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Eigse Dhuarmuidin CICD 151
Eigse Dhuarmuidin
This collection of live concert recordings comes from the 10th edition of the festival organized to commemorate the late Cuil Aodha sean-nos singer Diarmuid O'Suilleabhain. There are some exciting instrumental performances, from Seamus Begley (accordion) and Jim Murray (guitar), as well as Kevin and Paddy Glackin (fiddles) with Micheal O'Domhnaill (guitar), Conal O'Grada (flute), Maeve Donnelly (fiddle) with Patsy Broderick (piano), and others. Appropriately enough, several sean-nos singers also contribute, and there are also vocal tracks by Maighread, Triona and Micheal O'Domhnaill, and by the Voice Squad. The CD concludes with a touching performance of "Mo Ghile Mear" by the Cuil Aodha chorus.

1. Seamus O Beaglaoich & Jim Murray - Slides - 2. Seamus O Beaglaoich & Jim Murray - Slides - 3. Sean O Liathain - Casam Araon Na Geanna Romhainn - 4. Mary McNamara - An Buachaill Dreoite - 5. Treasa Ni Mhiollain - Tiocfaidh An Samhradh - 6. Kevin & Paddy Glackin - The Glen Road To Carrick - 7. Johnny Mhairtin - Bruach Na Carra Leith - 8. Neol Shine & Mary Greene - Fonn Do Dhiarmuidin - 9. Maeve Donnelly & Patsy Broderick - Kitty's Rambles, The Bridal Jig (3.26) 10. The Voice Squad - The Praties They Grow Small Over Here - 11. John & Pip Murphy - Pete Beates - 12. Maire Ni Choilm - Liontar Duinn An Cruiscin - 13. Conal O Grada - The Coalminer's Reel - 14. Eamonn O Donnchu - Donncha Ban - 15. Connie O Connell, Hammy Hamilton, Tom Stephens - The Maid In The Cherry Tree - 16. Maighread, Triona & Michael O Domhnaill - An Saighdiuir Treigthe - 17. Peadar O Riada, Eamonn McGivney, John Kelly - The Maids Of Mitchelstown - 18. Peadar O Riada & Cor Chuil Aodha - Mo Ghile Mear.

Price: € 20.50

Kieran Fahy & Luc Pilartz
Trip to Ireland WBM 21075
Trip to Ireland
Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and Galicia played on violin.
Excellent music!

1. Trip to Ireland / Abbey reel / Green groves of Erin / The flowers of Redhill
2. The humours of Flinn
3. Bird in the bush / The new mown meadow / Silver spear
4. Drunken sailor
5. The first hard rain / Brumley Brae
6. Asturian Air
7. Stocklit light
8. Fishers Rant / Tommy Peoples / Guns of the magnificent
9. Iníon Ní Scannláin
10. The Boys of Ballysodare / The foxchase
11. Kitty O’ Shea
12. My lady Binnis lilt / If thou wert myne own thing / Lecoq’s jig

Price: € 18.00

Rhythm Of The Celts CDITV 744
Rhythm Of The Celts
This album portrays traditional Scottish Music from a world music point of view. The Celtic melodies and lyrics have been embedded in a fusion of traditional African, Indian, Latin rhythmic ideas and guitar riffs, with an overall energetic brush of a rock feel.

1. Bonnie Dundee
2. Birnie Boozle
3. Peat Fire Flame
4. The Braes O'killekrankie
5. Mairi's Wedding
6. The Battle O' Sherramuir
7. Will Ye No Come Back Again
8. Garten Mother's Lullaby
9. My Bonnie Moorhen
10. Sae Will We Yet
11. Kiss The Children For Me Mary
12. Lowlands Away
13. The Dowie Dens O'Yarrow
14. Kishmal's Galley
15. The Barge O'Gorrie Crovan
16. The Castle O'DrumoreBonnie Dundee

Price: € 16.00

The Fureys
The Essential Fureys BANCD 6100
The Essential Fureys
The Fureys: Eddie Furey, Finbar Furey, George Furey, Paul Furey.

1. When You Were Sweet Sixteen
2. Leezy Lindsay
3. Grand Affair
4. Steal Away
5. I Will Love You
6. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
7. Lonesome Boatman
8. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
9. Red Rose Cafe
10. Maggie
11. Yesterday's People
12. Old Man
13. Old Joe
14. Siege of a Nation
15. Anniversary Waltz
16. Green Fields of France

Price: € 15.90

Irish Folk at its Best EUCD 2156
Irish Folk at its Best
A true collectors’ item for fans of Irish music. A fine mix of instrumental pieces and songs, pieces played partly on purely traditional, partly on modern instruments presented by artists and groups such as Cúnla, Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich, Máirtín Tom Sheáinín, Helen Flaherty, Catherine McEvoy, Parson’s Hat, John Beag and many others.

1. CÚNLA: Doctor O'Neill's Peoples, jigs (Celtic Music, Píobaireacht Dhónaill Dhuibh)
2. CÚNLA: Má théann tú chun an Aonaigh, song
5. JOHNNY ÓG CONNOLLY / BRIAN McGRATH: The Happy Hornpipe / The Souvenir, hornpipes
6. MÁIRTÍN TOM SHEÁINÍN / HELEN FLAHERTY: An Cailín Álainn / Mingalay Boat Song
8. CATHERINE McEVOY: Rocking the Cradle, slow air
9. CYRIL O'DONOGHUE: The Bright Side of the Moon, song
10. HELEN FLAHERTY: Bonny Glen Shee, song
11. CÚNLA: O'Connell's Trip to Parliament / Four and Forty / Lads of Laois, reels
12. COLM Ó FOGHLÚ / MAIRÉAD NÍ OISTÍN: Lullaby / Suantraí, song
13. CÚNLA: Lad O'Beirne's / The Ivy Leaf / Lord McDonald's, reels
15. PARSON'S HAT: Crann Úll, song
16. CÚNLA: The Sporting Pitchfork / Bundle Up and Go / The Eavesdropper, jigs
17. JOHN BEAG: Bantry Girls Lament, song
18. TADHG MAC DHONNAGÁIN / ELEANOR McEVOY: Bithbhuan / Rolling Home, song
19. CÚNLA: Lord Lovett's Lament / Ríl ón mBriotáin, slow air & reel

Price: € 13.00

Celtic Moods EUCD 2024
Celtic Moods
Romantic and atmospheric instrumental melodies with violin, harp, flute and bagpipes in traditional and modern arrangements evoke the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands or the haunting beauty of the Irish west coast. A beautiful atmospheric collection of Celtic music.

Some of the wonderful artists you can hear on this CD include: Florie Brown, Aryeh Frankfurter, Noel McLoughlin, Daniel Thonon, Margie Butler.

1. Florie Brown: Mist on the Highlands (Florie Brown / Pablo Cárcamo)
2. Aryeh Frankfurter: Luke Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan)
3. Barbara Gray / Wilbert Garvin: Gleann na phíobaire (The Piper's Glen) (Barbara Gray)
4. Noel McLoughlin: Down by the Glenside (Denis Carey)
5. Aryeh Frankfurter: Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan, arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
6. Ann Gray: The Mermaid's Song (trad., arr. A. Gray)
7. Daniel Thonon: Marche Bretonne (trad., arr. D. Thonon, © SOCAN)
8. Aryeh Frankfurter: Coilsfield House (Scottish air) (trad., arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
9. Fred Morrison: Drumbuie (Fred Morrison, MCPS)
10. Kieran Fahy: Lament for Eoin Rua (trad.)
11. Margie Butler: Gaelic Lullaby (trad, arr. Margie Butler)
12. Sean Talamh: Inisheer - Inis oirthir (Thomas Walsh)
13. Margie Butler: The Maid from the Parish of Penderyn (Welsh) (trad., arr. Margie Butler)
14. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb)

Price: € 13.00

Kieran Fahy
Haunting Slow Airs from Ireland EUCD 2171
Haunting Slow Airs from Ireland
Beautiful and haunting slow airs from Ireland interspersed with more upbeat pieces (reels, hornpipes). Played on violin, solo or with a variety of accompaniments (guitar, accordion, bass, bodhran, cello, keyboards), presented by prize-winning Irish fiddle player Kieran Fahy. Artist biography plus info about the pieces in four languages.

1. Molly Saint George
2. Valse Ronde
3. O’Carolan’s Dream
4. Galway Bay
5. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music
6. The Sailor’s Polkas
7. The Auld Resting Chair / Far from Home
8. Lament for Eoin Rua
9. Aires de Pontevedra / Muineira de Casu
10. The Auld Resting Chair
11. Planxty Kelly
12. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig / Denis Ryans
13. John O’Dwyer of the Glen / Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
14. Betty McNeil
15. Lament for Eoin Rua / Caislean Na Nór
16. Cuil Aodh Slides

Price: € 11.00

Irish Songs - Paddy Dreaming EUCD 2180
Irish Songs - Paddy Dreaming
A great variety of Irish songs and instrumentals, presented by Tara, a well known name in Irish music. The songs are: Ramble Away; The Devil's Song; Samhradh Samhradh; Two Slides; Madame, I'm a Darling; Paddy Dreaming; The Tailor by Trade; Kells Waters and more… 15 songs, 54 minutes playing time. Complete lyrics and guitar chords included.

1. Ramble Away
2. The Devil's Song
3. Samhradh Samhradh
4. Two Slides
5. Madame, I'm a Darling
6. Paddy Dreaming
7. The Tailor by Trade
8. Kells Waters
9. The Hare's Paw / Jackie Colemans No. 2
10. The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
11. The Cotton Mill Song
12. Beidh Aonach Amárach
13. Eileen Oge
14. Sammy's Bar
15. The Charladies' Ball

Price: € 13.00

Sean Talamh
Traditional Irish Music EUCD 1758
Traditional Irish Music
Sean Talamh - pronounced "Shan Talof" means literally "the old ground" or "old sod" and carries a wider meaning of "Home" or "Ireland". What more appropriate name for a group whose members originate from each of the four provinces of Ireland! Each member of the group (formed in 1992) brings with him years of diverse musical experience, having performed with some of the finest exponents of Irish traditional music.

1. Scholar / Baldy Man
2. The Humours of Flinn
3. Belfast Mill
4. Inisheer -Inis oirthir
5. Le Loup des Carpathes
6. The Road to Glencar
7. Valse Ronde
8. The Rambler from Clare
9. Lament for Eoin Rua
10. Galway Bay / Belgrave Square
11. The Three Rascals

Price: € 9.00

Kieran Fahy
Traditional Music from Ireland EUCD 1897
Traditional Music from Ireland
Kieran Fahy, winner of the 1976 All-Ireland Feadh Ceol fiddle competition (under 18) and the 1977 O’Carolan Festival in Keadue, County Boyle presents a collection of traditional airs, hornpipes, jigs and reels: O’Carolan’s Dream, Paddy Fahys / Earls Chair, Planxty Kelly, O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music, Master Crowley’s, An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig / Denis Ryans and more.

1. O'Carolan's Dream - Air (O'Carolan)
2. Paddy Fahys (Fahy) / Earls Chair (trad.) - Reels
3. Planxty Kelly - Planxty (O'Carolan)
4. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - Air (O'Carolan)
5. Little Stack of Wheat / Cronin's - Hornpipes (trad.)
6. Master Crowley's - Slow Reel (trad.)
7. Drops of Brandy / Irish Washerwoman / Out in the Ocean - Jigs (trad.)
8. An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig - Air / Denis Ryans - Reel (trad.)
9. Midnight on the Water - Waltz from Texas (Thomason)
10. Slieve Russel / Eavesdropper - Jigs (trad.)
11. Lament for Eoin Rua - Air / Caislean an or - Hornpipe (trad.)
12. Maud Millars / Father Kelly's - Reels (trad.)
13. Fairy Queen (O'Carolan)
14. The Auld Resting Chair - Shetland Air (Anderson) / Far from Home -Reel (trad.)
15. Scholar / Caledonian - Reels (trad.)

Price: € 9.00

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