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Pied Pipers
Music from Ireland & Scotland EUCD 1769
Music from Ireland & Scotland
The Pied Pipers are playing Scottish and Irish music on traditional instruments. (Guitar, bodhran, bouzouki, spoons, fiddle, tin whistle, 5-string banjo, mandolin and Uillean pipes.) Plooman Laddies, Parcel of Rogues, I Am a Miller Tae me Trade, The Kid on the Mountain / Leithrim Fancy, I Will Go, Chief o’Neill’s / Nine points of Roguery / Faral O’Gara, Twa Corbies, 16th of April, Ye Jacobites, Molly Brannagan / Jennie’s Chickens / Drowsey Maggy, Home by Barna. Lyrics included.

1. Plooman Laddies
2. Parcel of Rogues
3. I Am a Miller Tae My Trade
4. The Kid on the Mountain / Leithrim Fancy
5. I Will Go
6. Chief O’Neill’s / Nine Points of Roguery / Faral O’Gara
7. Twa Corbies
8. 16th of April
9. Ye Jacobites
10. Molly Brannagan / Jennie’s Chickens / Drowsey Maggy
11. Home by Barna.

Price: € 9.00

Songs from Ireland - Best of Irish Songwriters EUCD 1766
Songs from Ireland - Best of Irish Songwriters
This is a very special collection of songs from Ireland. Dolores Keane, Mick Hanley, the group Barrowside, Peter O’Malley, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey, John Duhan and Kieran Halpin are amongst the finest contemporary Irish singer/songwriters. In their songs they reflect a range of feelings and impressions capturing the magical culture of this beautiful country.

1. DOLORES KEANE: The Island
2. MICK HANLY: Medicine Man
3. DOLORES KEANE: Feel it in my Bones
4. MICK HANLY: Words and the Bottle
5. BARROWSIDE: Walking on the Moon
6. BARROWSIDE: The Letter
7. DOLORES KEANE: Sister and Brother
8. PETER O'MALLEY: Naughty but nice
10. JOHNNY DUHAN: Couple of Kids
12. KIERAN HALPIN: Believing
13. DOLORES KEANE: Caledonia

Price: € 9.00

The Incident COM 4499
The Incident
The unique sound of Beoga, the five-piece traditional band based in County Antrim, features the twin dueling accordions of Seán Óg Graham and Damian McKee, along with four-time All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray and pianist Liam Bradley along with the vocals of one of Ireland’s premier young singers, Niamh Dunne.

1. Lamped
2. Antics
3. Mary Danced with Soldiers
4. Mister Molly's
5. The Flying Golf Club
6. Strange Things
7. The Incident
8. The Bellevue Waltz
9. On the Fly
10. Flyfishing
11. The Best is Yet to Come

Price: € 16.00

Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes from Ireland EUCD 2227
Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes from Ireland
A great variety of upbeat and foot-tapping Irish jigs, slip jigs, reels, slow reels and hornpipes, played on fiddles, flutes, uilleann pipes, accordion, guitars, banjo, mandolin, bodhran etc. Explanations of the dances etc. in English, German, French and Spanish

1. GOLDEN BOUGH: Exile (Jig) / Ships are Sailing (Reel) / My Love is in America (Reel)
2. KIERAN FAHY: Drops of Brandy / Irish Washerwoman / Out in the Ocean (Jigs)
3. FLORIE BROWN: O’Dowds / Master Crowleys / Dogs Among the Bushes / Tie the Bonnet (Reels)
4. NOEL McLOUGHLIN: Hornpipes
5. FLORIE BROWN: Humours of Ennistymon / Monaghan Jig (Jigs)
6. NOEL McLOUGHLIN: The Exiles Jig
7. KIERAN FAHY: Scholar / Caledonian (Reels)
8. FLORIE BROWN: Galway Hornpipe / Eugene Stratton (Hornpipes)
9. GOLDEN BOUGH: The Collaraine Jig / Sharks’ Favourite (Jig) / Far from Home (Reel) / Maids of Mt. Cisco (Reel)
10. KIERAN FAHY: Master Crowley’s (Slow Reel)
12. KIERAN FAHY: Little Stack of Wheat / Cronin’s (Hornpipes)
13. FLORIE BROWN: Blast of Wind / Hills of Ireland (Slip Jig)
14. NOEL McLOUGHLIN: The Mazo Jig / McIsaac’s Visit to Shower
15. GOLDEN BOUGH: The Blarney Pilgrim / The Merry Blacksmith (Jig)

Price: € 13.00

Noel McLoughlin
Best of Ireland - 20 Songs and Tunes EUCD 2220
Best of Ireland - 20 Songs and Tunes
A delightful and varied album of Noel McLoughlin favourites, both songs and instrumentals: Step it out Mary, Far Away in Australia, Hornpipes: The Craic at Killaloe/Putting on the Green, Salonika, The Night Visiting Song, Jigs: The Mazo Jig/McIsaac's Visit to Shower, The Lark in the Morning, I Know my Love... 20 Songs in all, total playing time: 65:20 min. Lyrics and guitar chords included.

1. Step it out Mary
2. Jigs
3. Far Away in Australia
4. Hornpipes - The Craic at Killaloe/Putting on the Green
5. Salonika
6. Hornpipes
7. The Night Visiting Song
8. Jigs - The Mazo Jig/McIsaac's Visit to Shower
9. The Lark in the Morning
10. Polkadots
11. I Know my Love
12. The Minstrel's Lament
13. The Garden Song
14. Reels
15. The Hills of Greenmore
16. Chaitlin o'Hehir's
17. Farewell to the Life of the Rover
18. Jigs - Clancy's/Tripping up the Stairs
19. Oró sé do bheatha bhaile
20. Down by the Glenside

Price: € 13.00

The House Devils
Adieu to Old Ireland EUCD 2232
Adieu to Old Ireland
An hour of foot-stomping and infectious Irish songs and instrumental sets, played with guitar, fiddle, cittern, flute, harmonica, whistle, mandolin, uilleann pipes, double bass and bodhrán. The songs: By the Hush, The Month of January, Naomi Wise, The Flower of Finea, The Charladies' Ball, Handsome Molly and more. Complete lyrics in the booklet.

1. By the Hush
2. Andy's / Lafferty's / Marian's Favourite
3. The Month of January
4. Naomi Wise
5. The Hag with the Money / Gan Ainm / Nancy's Rambles
6. The Flower of Finea
7. The Charladies' Ball
8. Gan Ainm / Glin Cottage / The Ballinafad Polka
9. Handsome Molly
10. Down the Back Lane / Gi' Me a Lass Wi' a Lump o' Land / The Eavesdropper
11. The Mountain Streams
12. The Mickey Dam
13. The Lone Bush / The Humours of Tullycrine / Billy McCommiskey's / Lad O'Beirne's
14. The State of Arkansas
15. The Road to the Glen / More Grog is Coming / Cloch na Ceithre Mhile

Price: € 16.50

Pride of New York
Pride of New York COM 4522
Pride of New York
The quartet's (fiddler Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey on button accordion, Joanie Madden on flute and whistle, and Brendan Dolan on keyboards) new CD, Pride of New York is mostly dance music. It includes tunes written by or associated with Martin Mulhaire, Sean McGlynn, Jack Coen, Joe Burke, Paddy O'Brien, Larry Redican, Tom Doherty, and Charlie Mulvihill, all past or present stalwarts of Irish music in New York.

1. Redican's [The Galway Reel]/Gatehouse Maid/The Road To Garrison (Reels) - 2. Taylor's [The Rover Through The Bog]/Chief O'Neill's Favorite/The First Light Of Day (Hornpipes) - 3. Happy Days/Boys Of Lough Gowna/The Knights Of St. Patrick (Jigs) - 4. Sean McGlynn's Waltz - 5. Maud Millar [The Hare's Paw]/The Morning Mist/Lady Gordon (Reels) - 6. Slan Le Meigh (AIR) - 7. The Stage/The Fiddler's Contest/The High Level (Hornpipes) - 8. King Of The Clans/Dan Breen's [The Shepherd's Daughter]/The Steeplechase (Reels) - 9. Redican's Mother [The Barony]/The Bridal/Humours Of Whiskey (Slip Jigs) - 10. Mulhaire's #9/Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band (Reels) - 11. The Old Cross/The Clans (Marches) - 12. Sliabh Na Mban/The Liverpool/The Quilty (Hornpipes) - 13. Considine's Grove [Rabbit's Burrow]/Trip To Durrow/Martin Wynne's/Bere Island (Reels).

Price: € 18.50

Golden Bough
Celtic Love Songs EUCD 2244
Celtic Love Songs
A gorgeous collection of Celtic love songs - thirteen stories of romantic love, lost love, spurned love, tested love, and the joys and sorrows associated with this universal emotion. Instrumental accompaniments include harp, penny-whistle, bodhrán, 6- & 12-string guitars, octave mandolin, mandolin, accordion, violin and viola. Complete lyrics.

1. I Love My Love
2. Strathmartine Mains (Love & Freedom)
3. The Galway Shawl
4. P Stands for Paddy
5. Bridget O'Malley
6. Fol í ó Hó Ró
7. Loch Tay Boat Song
8. Green Grow the Rashes-O
9. Sweet Carnlough Bay
10. Charlie is My Darling
11. Red is the Rose
12. Dainty Davy
13. Black is the Colour

Price: € 15.50

Seasons of Mists: A Collection of Celtic Moods CELT 9023
Seasons of Mists: A Collection of Celtic Moods
Flutes and harps are among the featured instruments in this collection of Celtic music a softer mood, intimate and atmospheric. Celtophile's Season of Mists: Collection of Celtic Moods collects atmospheric Celtic songs into a low-priced CD. Eileen Ivers' "Lorraine's Waltz," Orealis' "L'Hiver Sur Richelieu," Wolfstone's "Glenglass," and the Tannahill Weavers' "Sound of Taransay" are a few of the highlights from this affordable sampler. - Heather Phares, All Music Guide

1. A Daisy In December - Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan
2. Ceol na Nollag - Pat Kilbride
3. Grimstock - The House Band
4. Miss Gordon of Gight - Sileas
5. The Sound of Taransay - The Tannahill Weavers
6. Lorraine’s Waltz - John Whelan and Eileen Ivers
7. Glenglass - Wolfstone
8. Marcus Hernon’s Air - Joanie Madden
9. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig - Déanta
10. Pockets of Gold - Reeltime
11. Leaving Lochinver - Orealis
12. The Banks of Suir/Mama’s Pet - Kevin Crawford

Price: € 9.00

La Nua LRCD 001
La Nua
The new album, their first studio effort in four years, follows the critically acclaimed 2006 release, Sé, which received worlwide praise.
Lunasa recorded Lá Nua on location in the historical Cooley mountains, which inspired much of the creativity and writing on the album.
Lunasa is compased of Kevin Crawford (Flute, Low Whistles and Tin Whistles), Trevor Hutchinson (Double Bass), Paul Meehan (Guitar, Bouzouki and Mandolin), Sean Smyth (Fiddle and Low Whistle) and Cillian Vallely (Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistle).

1. Ryestraw
2. The Raven's Rock
3. Tro Breizh
4. Fruitmarket Reels
5. Doc Holliday's
6. Unapproved Road
7. Island Lake
8. Snowball
9. Pontevedra To Carcarosa
10. The Shore House

Price: € 19.00

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