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Tickell Kathryn & Corrina Hewat
Sky Didn't Fall PRK 088
Sky Didn't Fall
The acclaimed Northumbrian pipe and fiddle player Kathryn Tickell teams up with Scottish singer and harp player Corrina Hewat. This is her first album since winning last years BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards musician of the year.

1. Favourite Place
2. Brig Set
3. Brose
4. Jamie
5. Mike to Mutt
6. Fause, Fause
7. Hawthorn
8. Felton Lonnen
9. The Lads
10. My Love
11. Favourite Place

Price: € 20.00

20 Best of Irish Ballads EUCD 2107
20 Best of Irish Ballads
A wonderful collection of Irish ballads from raucous to romantic by such artists as the Dubliners, Brier, Paddy Reilly, Tara, Corrib Folk, Ronnie Drew, Blackthorn, Shamrog, Jim McCann, Pat Woods, and many more.

The songs include such classics as Whiskey in the Jar, Carrickfergus, Spancill Hill, Johnson's Motorcar, Fields of Athenry and many others.

1. BRIER: Flight of the Earls
2. SHAMROG: Grace
3. TARA: Ringsend Rose
4. BRIER: The Fields of Athenry
5. BLACKTHORN: The Cliffs of Dooneen
6. BRIER: The Galway Shawl
7. THE DUBLINERS featuring JIM McCANN: Carrickfergus
8. PAT WOODS: The Mountains of Mourne
9. CORRIB FOLK: Spancil Hill
10. BRIER: The Town I Loved So Well
11. RONNIE DREW: The Auld Triangle
12. PAT WOODS: The Rare Auld Times
13. THE DUBLINERS featuring RONNIE DREW: Johnson’s Motor Car
14. JOHN CLOSE: Irish Ways & Irish Laws
15. CORRIB FOLK: Avondale
16. MARGARET BARRY: Farewell to My Own Native Land
17. PADDY REILLY: The Rocky Road to Dublin
18. JOHN CLOSE: Back Home in Derry
19. SEÁN Ó SÉ: The Castle of Dromore
20. THE DUBLINERS featuring LUKE KELLY: Whiskey in the Jar

Price: € 14.00
20 of Ireland's Greatest Hits TORTE 243
20 of Ireland's Greatest Hits

1. Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners
2. A Bunch Of Thyme - Foster & Allen
3. The Fields Of Athenry - Paddy Reilly
4. Lanningan's Ball - The Bards
5. Summer In Dublin - Bagatelle
6. Nora - Johnny McEvoy
7. When You Were Sweet Sixteen - The Fureys
8. Hucklebuck - Brendan Bowyer
9. Any Dream Will Do - Joe Cuddy
10. Come Back To Stay - Dickie Rock
11. Rock & Roll Kids - Paul Harrington/Charlie McGettigan
12. I Gave My Wedding Dress Away - Eileen Reid
13. Lovely Leitrim - Larry Cunningham
14. The Rare Auld Times - Patsy Watchorn
15. Make Me An Island - Joe Dolan
16. Daddy's Girl - TR Dallas
17. Old Lobby - Brendan Shine
18. Blanket On The Ground - Philomena Begley
19. One Day At A Time - Gloria
20. A Beautiful Affair - Stokton's Wing.

Price: € 19.95
A Voyage Of Ireland CD 8521
A Voyage Of Ireland

1. Little Skellig
2. Glendanlough's Hymn
3. Flight of the Heron
4. Whispers
5. Kildare's Fire
6. Children of Lir
7. Glin
8. Elf Dance
9. Poet of Sligo
10. Moorland
11. Kingfisher
12. Cliffs of Moher
13. Otherworld
14. Cuchulainn

Price: € 11.50
Best Irish Party Album Ev er! CD 6813
Best Irish Party Album Ev er!

1. Some Say The Devil Is Dead - The Wolfetones
2. Whskey In The Jar - Thin Lizzy
3. Irish Rover - The Dubliners
4. Dearg Doom - The Horslips
5. The Wild Rover - Platform
6. The Craic Was Ninety - Paddy Reilly
7. My Irish Molly O - De Danann
8. Red Rose Café - The Fureys
9. Dirty Old Town - Platform
10. Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners
11. The Rocky Road To Dublin - Jim Mccann
12. The Streets Of New York - The Wolfetones
13. You're Such A Good Looking Woman - Joe Dolan
14. The Fields Of Athenry - Paddy Reilly
15. The Green Fields Of France - The Fureys
16. Steal Away - Phil Coulter
17. Galway Races - Jim Mccann
18. Black Velvet Band - The Dubliners
19. On The One Road - The Wolfetones
20. Dicey Reilly - Doublin City Ramblers

Price: € 14.00
Best of Celtic Folk EUCD 2012
Best of Celtic Folk
The Best of Celtic Folk brings together world famous irish artists and groups including: Noel McLoughlin, Dolores Keane, Margie Butler, Tara and others.
'Celtic Music' is the collective name given to the native folk music of the Celtic nations. The Seven Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Galicia and the Isle of Man share a common tradition of folk music and songs. Each musical tradition includes lively dance-tunes, melancholic airs, and songs both serious and comical.
It is with this same spirit of crossing cultural and musical traditions in mind that this album is compiled. It's a 'gathering of the clans' with both native Irish, Scottish and Breton musicians and singers meeting performers from Europe and America, who have taken this wondrous enchanting and historic music to their hearts.

1. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: The Reason I Left Mullingar (P. Cooksey)
2. BLEIZI RUZ: Laridés (trad., Foucher)
3. MARGIE BUTLER: Siege of St. Malo / Flitter Dance (Cornwall / Isle of Man)
4. DOLORES KEANE: The Island (Paul Brady)
5. LE BAGAD DU MOULIN VERT: Dérobée de Guincamp (trad., Foucher)
6. DAN AR BRAZ / GERARD DELAHAYE: Quand la ville dort (G. Delahaye)
7. KIERAN FAHY: John O'Dwyer of the Glen / Chief O'Neill's Favourite (Air)
8. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: Here's a Health to your Company (trad., arr. N. McLoughlin)
9. GWENDAL: Glaz Noz (R. le Gall / Y. le Berre)
10. HELEN FLAHERTY: Bonny Glen Shee (trad., arr. Flaherty)
11. FLORIE BROWN: The Girl that Broke my Heart / Cooley's Reel
12. PRIDE OF MURRAY PIPE BAND: Joe McGann's Fiddle (Hornpipe, D. R.) / Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel (Jig) / Braes 'o' mar (Strathspey, trad.) / Mollie Connell (Strathspey / J. Work) / Ice in the Bucket (Reel, trad.) / Silver Spear
13. GOLDEN BOUGH: Song of the Fisher Lassies (Ewan McColl) / Blast of Wind (trad.)
14. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: She Moved Through the Fair (trad.)
15. JAKEZ: Dans Fanch (trad., arr. Jakez)
16. ARTY MCGLYNN / NOLLAIG CASEY: The Hunter's Purse (trad., arr. A. McGlynn)
17. GOLDEN BOUGH: Polca dos Campaneiros / An Dro / The Minstrel's Tune / The Sporting Boys (trad.)
18. TARA: The Cotton Mill Song (trad., arr. Tara)

Price: € 10.00
Celtic Moods EUCD 2024
Celtic Moods
Romantic and atmospheric instrumental melodies with violin, harp, flute and bagpipes in traditional and modern arrangements evoke the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands or the haunting beauty of the Irish west coast. A beautiful atmospheric collection of Celtic music.

Some of the wonderful artists you can hear on this CD include: Florie Brown, Aryeh Frankfurter, Noel McLoughlin, Daniel Thonon, Margie Butler.

1. Florie Brown: Mist on the Highlands (Florie Brown / Pablo Cárcamo)
2. Aryeh Frankfurter: Luke Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan)
3. Barbara Gray / Wilbert Garvin: Gleann na phíobaire (The Piper's Glen) (Barbara Gray)
4. Noel McLoughlin: Down by the Glenside (Denis Carey)
5. Aryeh Frankfurter: Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan, arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
6. Ann Gray: The Mermaid's Song (trad., arr. A. Gray)
7. Daniel Thonon: Marche Bretonne (trad., arr. D. Thonon, © SOCAN)
8. Aryeh Frankfurter: Coilsfield House (Scottish air) (trad., arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
9. Fred Morrison: Drumbuie (Fred Morrison, MCPS)
10. Kieran Fahy: Lament for Eoin Rua (trad.)
11. Margie Butler: Gaelic Lullaby (trad, arr. Margie Butler)
12. Sean Talamh: Inisheer - Inis oirthir (Thomas Walsh)
13. Margie Butler: The Maid from the Parish of Penderyn (Welsh) (trad., arr. Margie Butler)
14. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb)

Price: € 13.00
Eigse Dhuarmuidin CICD 151
Eigse Dhuarmuidin
This collection of live concert recordings comes from the 10th edition of the festival organized to commemorate the late Cuil Aodha sean-nos singer Diarmuid O'Suilleabhain. There are some exciting instrumental performances, from Seamus Begley (accordion) and Jim Murray (guitar), as well as Kevin and Paddy Glackin (fiddles) with Micheal O'Domhnaill (guitar), Conal O'Grada (flute), Maeve Donnelly (fiddle) with Patsy Broderick (piano), and others. Appropriately enough, several sean-nos singers also contribute, and there are also vocal tracks by Maighread, Triona and Micheal O'Domhnaill, and by the Voice Squad. The CD concludes with a touching performance of "Mo Ghile Mear" by the Cuil Aodha chorus.

1. Seamus O Beaglaoich & Jim Murray - Slides - 2. Seamus O Beaglaoich & Jim Murray - Slides - 3. Sean O Liathain - Casam Araon Na Geanna Romhainn - 4. Mary McNamara - An Buachaill Dreoite - 5. Treasa Ni Mhiollain - Tiocfaidh An Samhradh - 6. Kevin & Paddy Glackin - The Glen Road To Carrick - 7. Johnny Mhairtin - Bruach Na Carra Leith - 8. Neol Shine & Mary Greene - Fonn Do Dhiarmuidin - 9. Maeve Donnelly & Patsy Broderick - Kitty's Rambles, The Bridal Jig (3.26) 10. The Voice Squad - The Praties They Grow Small Over Here - 11. John & Pip Murphy - Pete Beates - 12. Maire Ni Choilm - Liontar Duinn An Cruiscin - 13. Conal O Grada - The Coalminer's Reel - 14. Eamonn O Donnchu - Donncha Ban - 15. Connie O Connell, Hammy Hamilton, Tom Stephens - The Maid In The Cherry Tree - 16. Maighread, Triona & Michael O Domhnaill - An Saighdiuir Treigthe - 17. Peadar O Riada, Eamonn McGivney, John Kelly - The Maids Of Mitchelstown - 18. Peadar O Riada & Cor Chuil Aodha - Mo Ghile Mear.

Price: € 20.50
Irish Anthems PEGCD 459
Irish Anthems
Irish Anthems album was released Mar 08, 2004 on the Pegasus (Pinnacle) label. There are 18 tracks on this compilation of Irish songs, which features performances by Go Lucky 4, the Bhoys, Flying Column, the Blarney Folk, and Roly Daniels

1. BARNBRACK The FIelds Of Athenry
2. ROLY DANIELS Dublin In The Rare Oul' Times
3. BAKERLOO JUNCTION Black Velvet Band
4. FREEMEN The Dawning Of The Day
5. Go Lucky 4 God Save Ireland
6. THE BHOYS Celtic Symphony
7. BARNBRACK The Green Glens Of Antrim Medley: The Green Glens Of Antrim/Boys From The County Armagh/Galway Shawl
8. FREEMEN On The One Road
9. FLYING COLUMN Whiskey In The Jar
10. FREEMEN Follow Me Up To Carlow
11. THE BLARNEY FOLK Waxies Dargle
12. GLENFOLK 4 Reilly's Daughter
13. ROLY DANIELS Carrickfergus
14. THE BARDS Peggy Gordon
15. Roly Daniels Noreen Bawn
16. LEO MCCAFFERY My Wild Irish Rose Medley: My Wild Irish Rose/Barney Roses/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
17. FREEMEN Curragh Of Kildare
18. UNITED IRISHMEN Soldier's Song

Price: € 8.00
Irish Folk at its Best EUCD 2156
Irish Folk at its Best
A true collectors’ item for fans of Irish music. A fine mix of instrumental pieces and songs, pieces played partly on purely traditional, partly on modern instruments presented by artists and groups such as Cúnla, Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich, Máirtín Tom Sheáinín, Helen Flaherty, Catherine McEvoy, Parson’s Hat, John Beag and many others.

1. CÚNLA: Doctor O'Neill's Peoples, jigs (Celtic Music, Píobaireacht Dhónaill Dhuibh)
2. CÚNLA: Má théann tú chun an Aonaigh, song
5. JOHNNY ÓG CONNOLLY / BRIAN McGRATH: The Happy Hornpipe / The Souvenir, hornpipes
6. MÁIRTÍN TOM SHEÁINÍN / HELEN FLAHERTY: An Cailín Álainn / Mingalay Boat Song
8. CATHERINE McEVOY: Rocking the Cradle, slow air
9. CYRIL O'DONOGHUE: The Bright Side of the Moon, song
10. HELEN FLAHERTY: Bonny Glen Shee, song
11. CÚNLA: O'Connell's Trip to Parliament / Four and Forty / Lads of Laois, reels
12. COLM Ó FOGHLÚ / MAIRÉAD NÍ OISTÍN: Lullaby / Suantraí, song
13. CÚNLA: Lad O'Beirne's / The Ivy Leaf / Lord McDonald's, reels
15. PARSON'S HAT: Crann Úll, song
16. CÚNLA: The Sporting Pitchfork / Bundle Up and Go / The Eavesdropper, jigs
17. JOHN BEAG: Bantry Girls Lament, song
18. TADHG MAC DHONNAGÁIN / ELEANOR McEVOY: Bithbhuan / Rolling Home, song
19. CÚNLA: Lord Lovett's Lament / Ríl ón mBriotáin, slow air & reel

Price: € 13.00

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