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Ramin Rahimi
Persian Percussion electrified - Sumerian Dance EUCD 2418
 Persian Percussion electrified - Sumerian Dance
Persian percussion with a twist! Intricate rhythms and energetic interplays between traditional Iranian and Middle Eastern percussions and drums, interspersed with modern instrumentation and impressive rock solos on electric guitar. Featuring two bonus track remixes.

1. For Your Love
2. Crazy for Tomorrow
3. Warm Cozy Club
4. Sumerian Dance
5. Southern Dream
6. Let's Play Together
7. When a Gypsy Loves a Persian Girl
8. Listen to Me and Play it! - 9. Wake Up at 6 a.m.!
10. I Stand Alone
11. Bonus tracks:
For Your Love (rock version) - Let's Play Together (rock version)

Price: € 15.00

Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2 EUCD 2062
Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2
Some of the most fabulous, stirring drumming and percussion from around the world. Gripping rhythms, powerful drums, each piece a gem! Master drummers and percussionists from South Africa, England, Japan (Taiko), Egypt, Iran, the Caribbean and Burundi (Central Africa) at their best.

Info about each of the artists and pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. IPELEGENG ENSEMBLE: Wawa-Nko (trad.)
2. PETE LOCKETT: Kane and Kin (P. Lockett)
3. TOMOE-RYU YUTAKADAIKO: Kaikyo (Sakie Chaki)
4. HOSSAM RAMZY: Amiret el Sahara (H. Ramzy)
5. ZARBANG: Cycling Feast (Zarbang)
6. MIGUEL CASTRO: Brigamo (Afro-Caribbean) (trad., arr. M. Castro)
7. SANJU SAHAI: Madhya Laya Teental (trad., arr. S. Sahai)
9. HAKIM LUDIN (Zarbang): Rumba de Cajon (H. Ludin)
10. SERANKURE MUSIC ARTS: Meropa ya ba dimo (trad.)
11. PETE LOCKETT / JOJI HIROTA: Pageant II (J. Hirota / P. Lockett)
12. HOSSAM RAMZY: Halloween (H. Ramzy)
13. JOJI HIROTA & THE TAIKO DRUMMERS: Musashi Mai Uchi (trad., arr. J. Hirota)
14. BARRY VAN ZYL / YOYO BUYS: Marching to Moria (R. Hogarth / B. van Zyl).

Price: € 16.00

Persian and Middle Eastern Percussion EUCD 1969
Persian and Middle Eastern Percussion
Zarbang is a world percussion ensemble representing the finest percussionists from Iran and Afghanistan. Inspired by tribal rhythms, Zarbang creates a new sound utilizing instruments of various cultures while staying true to the essence and origin of each instrument. Zarbang’s sound is dynamic, meditative and internal as well as ecstatic and trance-inducing, drawing upon Sufi and ancient Persian rhythms used for inducing altered states.

1. Zarbi-e-Raast (Javid Afsari Rad, arr. Zarbang) - 15:52
2. Rumba de Cajon (performed by Hakim Ludin) - 2:51
3. Circle in Seven (Zarbang) - 9:32
4. Dream Song (Zarbang) - 10:43
5. Cycle of Fire (Pejman Hadadi / Javid Afsari Rad; arr. Zarbang) - 13:37
6. Cycling Feast (Zarbang) - 4:13.

Price: € 13.50

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