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Ahmed Mukhtar & Sattar Al-Saadi
Music from Iraq - Rhythms of Baghdad EUCD 2287
Music from Iraq - Rhythms of Baghdad
Ancient Iraqi rhythms based on Arabian maqams, which convey the images of ancient bazaars and mosques in Baghdad and other ancient places. The instuments used are oud (shortnecked fretless lute), dombak (single-headed goblet drum), riqq (tambourine), khishba (single headed narrow hour-glass drum made of wood) and duff or tar (single headed frame drum with jingles).

1. Souq Baghdadi (trad.)
2. Mantasf-al-lil (A. Mukhtar)
3. Raqsat albedoi (trad.)
4. Raqsat al shara (A. Mukhtar)
5. Khashabah (trad.)
6. Espania (A. Mukhtar)
7. Baghdad al kadima (A. Mukhtar)
8. Raksat al janoub (trad.)
9. Nada'a al bahr (trad.)
10. Horse Dance (tabla solo) (A. Mukhtar)
11. Fingers and Sambales (riqq solo) (A. Mukhtar)
12. Kasor (khishba solo) (A. Mukhtar)
13. Sufi Rhythm (tar solo) (A. Mukhtar)

Price: € 15.50

Daoud & Saleh Al-Kuwaity
Masters of Iraqi Music (original recordings remastered) EUCD 2154
Masters of Iraqi Music (original recordings remastered)
Historic recordings of hit songs by the famous brothers Daoud (oud) and Saleh (violin) Al-Kuwaity. They were instrumental in establishing Iraq's first radio station and also played on King Faisal's private radio station. The brothers wrote hits for other singers as well, including Um-Kulthoum and Muhammad Abd-el-Wahab. Info about the artists and the music in four languages.

1. Ueduni u yinsany
2. Chalhom yehisdon
3. Shwy shwy
4. El hagir muada gariba
5. Ya damiti
6. Asmar baena ghatalni
7. Endak aun ghatala
8. Ya einyid ya yaba

Price: € 15.50

Music Of The Middle East EUCD 1930
Music Of The Middle East
A collection of music from Azerbaijan , Iran , Armenia , Turkey , Iraq , Syria , Lebanon and Egypt . Information about artists and music in English, German and French.

1. LÖK-BATAN FOLKLORE GROUP: Sari galin (Bride with Blond Hair) (trad.) - 4:27
2. DJIVAN GASPARIAN: Brother Hunter (Djivan Gasparian) - 4:01
3. AHMET KUSGÖZ VE ARKADASLARI: Senburgaz Çiftetellisi (anon.) 4:28
4. HÜSEYIN TÜRKMENLER: Taksim (Improvisation) / Bolu gelin Karsilamasi (Bride Meeting Tune of Bolu) (instr.) (trad., arr. Hüseyin Türkmenler) - 4:00
5. ZEIN AL-JUNDI: Ya Teira Tiri (Fly, o Bird!) (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy) - 5:28
6. AHMET MUKHTAR: Raqsat albedoi (trad.) - 5:25
7. HOSSEIN FARJAMI: Jahromi (trad.) - 3:46
8. EMAD SAYYAH: Habibi Lahibi (My Darling, my Fire) (instr.) (Emad Sayyah) - 4:39
9. BASHIR ABDEL AL: Al Khayam (arr. B. Abdel Al/I. Goldberg) - 8:06
10. MAGED SEROUR: Nassam Aleina El Hwaw (The Gentle Breeze Brushed Against Us) (The Rahabany Brothers) - 4:40
11. HOSSAM RAMZY: Ala Hesb Wedad Galbi (As my Heart Likes it) (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy) - 5:30
12. CHARBEL ROUHANA: Ourakhoutyoun (Joy) (Charbel Rouhana) - 2:54.

Price: € 11.50

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