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Bell Clive
Shakuhachi, The Japanese Bamboo Flute EUCD 1934
Shakuhachi, The Japanese Bamboo Flute
An atmospheric shakuhachi solo album, accompanied by gentle percussion in one track. Clive Bell studied the Shakuhachi in Tokyo with Kohachiro Miyata, one of Japan 's most respected players. He has composed and recorded soundtrack for several TV series. He also plays the khene, a large bamboo mouth organ from Thailand , the accordion and the crumhorn.

1. Reiho (Anonymous) - 7:36
2. Komoro Bushi (Trad. Folk Song) - 4:25
3. Kumoijishi (Anonymous) - 8:34
4. Sansashigure (Trad. Folk song) - 3:30
5. Karibushi Kiriuta (Trad.) 3:29
6. Honshirabe (Anonymous) - 4:37
7. Monkeys and Smoke (Clive Bell) - 5:10
8. Sanya Sugagaki (Anonymous) - 9:30
9. Shika No Tone (Anonymous) - 9:30

Price: € 18.50

Joji Hirota
Japanese Folk Songs EUCD 2103
Japanese Folk Songs
Folk Songs - Joji Hirota
Japanese folk songs, arranged by Joji Hirota (vocals, shakuhachi, taiko drums and Japanese percussion) with strings, choir and children’s vocals. Hauntingly beautiful melodies create images of fishermen on Hokkaido, children’s games in Tokyo, farmers planting rice on Honshu and delicate cherry blossoms in spring. 32-page colour booklet with photos and extensive information in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Solan Bushi
2. Sakura Variations
3. Kodomo No Uta Medorei
4. Haru No Umi
5. Esashi-Oiwake
6. Komori Uta
7. Kokiriko Bushi
8. Jawa Kai No Shima Jima
9. Komoro Mago Uta
10. Takeda No Komori Uta

Price: € 18.50

Joji Hirota with the London Metropolitan Orchestra
Japanese Folk Songs II EUCD 2454
Japanese Folk Songs II
Japanese folk songs, arranged by Joji Hirota (vocals, shakuhachi, Japanese percussion and drums), with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and two childrenfs choirs from schools that had been destroyed in the 2011 Tsunami. Hauntingly beautiful melodies, conjure images of Japanese scenery, river boats, childrenfs ball gamesc Information in English, German and Japanese, lyrics translated into English. Total playing time: 63:45 min.

1. Shin Soma Bushi
2. Esashi Oiwake Mae Uta
3. Childrenfs Songs Medley II
4. Kono Michi (This Road)
5. Akatombo (Red Dragonfly)
6. Shikararete (Scolded )
7. Akita Ondo
8. Nambu Ushioi Uta
9. Nambu Kobiki Uta
11. Otemoyan
12. Antagata Dokosa
13. A Lullaby from Itsuki
14. Miyagi Nagamochi Uta
15. Through the Hourglass

Price: € 18.50

Joji Hirota, Silk String Quartet, Cheng Yu…
Best of China & Japan EUCD 2559
Best of China & Japan
This captivating album presents a beautiful cross-section of music from China and Japan, from tender and contemplative Chinese string melodies to the powerful thunder of Japanese taiko drums. Featuring a great variety of music played on traditional instruments in traditional and contemporary arrangements. Extensive information about each of the artists and the pieces.

1. THE SILK STRING QUARTET: Autumn Moon over the Still Lake (arr. Cheng Yu) - 6:26
2. LI HE: Wu Bang Zi (Fen Zi Cuen) - 3:14
3. HANSHIN CHINESE FOLK & DANCE ENSEMBLE: Spring Dawn at Yang-Ming Mountain (trad.) - 5:24
4. CHENG YU: Dragon Boat (trad., arr. Cheng Yu) - 4:36
5. GONG LINNA: Pan Ge - Riddle Song (Children’s Songs from Guizhou No. 2) (trad., arr. Lao Luo) - 3:02
6. HEART OF THE DRAGON ENSEMBLE: Spring Festival (trad., arr. Jiang Li) - 4:03


7. JOJI HIROTA & THE TAIKO DRUMMERS : Harvest (Joji Hirota) - 7:49
8. AIKO HASEGAWA: Kiso Flowing (Aiko Hasegawa) - 4:58
9. RICHARD STAGG: Kumoi jishi (Celestial Lion Dance) (trad., arr. Richard Stagg) - 5:37
10. YAMATO ENSEMBLE: Seoto (The Roar of the Shallows) (Michio Miyagi) - 5:44
11. JOJI HIROTA: Kokiriko Bushi (trad., arr. Joji Hirota) - 5:10
12. TOMOE-RYU YUTAKADAIKO: Shutsujin - Daiko (Departure to the Front - Drum) (Yoshinori Itagaki) - 3:41

Price: € 13.00

Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines EUCD 1809
Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines
This album introduces Far-Eastern instruments, such as the Mongolian horse-head violin morin khuur, dizi and shakuhachi (Chinese and Japanese flutes), the pipa (Chinese lute), various Taiwanese gongs, chang'gu (Korean hourglass drum), koto (Japanese 'harp'), kulintang and various gongs and xylophones from the Philippines, and many more beautiful and interesting instruments. Extensive notes in English, German and French about music and instruments plus photos.

1. Mongolia (horsehead violin) Egschiglen: Ayaz (Improvisation) (trad., arr. T. Migdori) - 3:19
2. China (dizi) Li He: Yu Ge (Song of the Fishermen) (Yu Tian You) - 4:40
3. China (pipa & konghou) Cui Junzhi/Pan Jing: Flowers in the Moonlight in a Spring Night on the River (trad.) - 8:13
4. China (erhu) Zhou Yu: The Song of Heart (Yu Peng, arr. Min Zhen) - 4:38
5. Taiwan (ensemble) Han Shin Chinese Folk & Dance Ensemble: Peacock Dance (trad.) - 4:35
6. Korea (chang' gu / hourglass drum) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: Chang'gu Dance (dance solo) (trad.) - 4:56
7. Korea (komun' go / board zither) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: San jo (komun' go solo) (trad.) - 5:55
8. Japan (shakuhachi) Richard Stagg: Gekko roteki (A Flute in the Moonlight) (Fukuda Rando) - 4:04
9. Japan (koto) Ayako Lister: Maritsuki (Michio Miyagi) - 4:46
10. Japan (ensemble) Yamato Ensemble: Futatsu No Den-En-Shi II (Pastoral) (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:32
11. Japan (drums) Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za: Otoko-koko-ni Ariki (This is the Man) (Masaya Takashino) - 4:48
12. Philippines (traditional percussion instruments) Fiesta Filipina: Malong-taghing baila (trad.) - 2:36

Price: € 11.50
The Very Best Of Japanese Music EUCD 1861
The Very Best Of Japanese Music
A stunning compilation of Japanese music ranging from the powerful thunder of taiko drums to the haunting sounds of the shakuhachi flute and the delicate notes of the koto conjuring up scenes of delicate cherry blossoms as well as battles of 15th century samurai. Info about music, musicians and instruments in English, German and French.

1. Yamato Ensemble (koto, shakuhachi): Yamaji (Kozo Masuda) - 8:19
2. Wadaiko Matsuriza (taiko drums): Kabuki Gomen-Jyo! (K. Haishima/M. Takashino) - 5:46
3. Clive Bell (shakuhachi solo): Komoro Bushi (trad. folk song) - 4:27
4. Yamato Ensemble (jushichigen, koto, shakuhachi): Futatsu No Den-En-Shi I (Pastoral) (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:10
5. Wadaiko Matsuriza (percussion, taiko drums): Gaku (Let's Have Fun!) (Masaya Takashino) - 3:51
6. Richard Stagg (shakuhachi solo): Kumoi jishi (Celestial Lion Dance) (anon.) - 5:37
7. Yamato Ensemble (koto, shakuhachi): Hoshun (Spring Time) (Katsutoshi Nagasawa) - 8:58
8. Ayako Hotta-Lister (koto): Midare (Disarray) (Yatsuhashi Kengyo) - 8:23
9. Nihon Daiko (taiko drums): Dzauku (Hunter) - 6:46

Price: € 16.50
The Very Best of Japanese Music - Shakuhachi, Koto, Taiko Drums… EUCD 2352
The Very Best of Japanese Music - Shakuhachi, Koto, Taiko Drums…
A beautiful and captivating collection of classical and modern Japanese music, ranging from the powerful thunder of huge taiko drums, to the haunting and melancholy sound of the shakuhachi flute and the delicate tinkling of the koto depicting samurai battle scenes or the contemplation of cherry blossoms…

1. YAMATO ENSEMBLE: Futatsu No Den-En-Shi, II (Nagasawa Katsutoshi)
2. WADAIKO MATSURIZA: Festival Music of Dairakuji Town (trad.)
3. JOJI HIROTA: Solan Bushi (trad., arr. Joji Hirota)
4. YAMATO ENSEMBLE: Isuzugawa (Michio Miyagi)
5. NIHON DAIKO: Hokkai-Bayashi (Hideaki Hashimoto)
6. JOJI HIROTA & HITEN RYU DAIKO: Akita Ondo “Hayashi Version” (trad., arr. J. Hirota)
7. RICHARD STAGG: Soran Bushi (trad., arr. Yamamoto)
8. JOJI HIROTA: Kokiriko Bushi (trad., arr. Joji Hirota)
9. JOJI HIROTA & THE TAIKO DRUMMERS: Heart Beat (Joji Hirota)
10. YAMATO ENSEMBLE: Futatsu No Den-En-Shi, I (Nagasawa Katsutoshi)
11. AIKO HASEGAWA: Moment of Spring II (Aiko Hasegawa)

Price: € 13.00

Yamato Ensemble
Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol II EUCD 2112
Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol II
This is the second album of music by Michio Miyagi (1894-1956), presented by the Yamato Ensemble. The instruments are shakuhachi, koto and jushichigen (‘bass koto’) with occasional vocals. Intricate and evocative Japanese music.

1. Aki No Shirabe (Autmn Melody)
2. Isuzugawa (The Holy River of Isuzu)
3. Mushi No Musashino (Insects of Musashino)
4. Rondon No Yoru No Ame (A Wet Night in London)
5. Sekire (The Wagtail)
6. Mizu No Hentai (All Kinds of Water)

Price: € 18.50
The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto EUCD 2497
The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto
Atmospheric, soothing, calming classical Japanese chamber music, performed by the renowned Yamato Ensemble: Kikuko Satoh ( koto, shamisen, voice), Aiko Hasegawa (koto, shamisen, voice) and Richard Stagg (shakuhachi). Extensive information about artists, instruments and each of the pieces in English and German.

1. Hachidan (Yatsuhashi Kengyo, 1614-1685) - 8:13
2. Zangetsu (Minezaki Koto, ca. 1750-1805) - 21:09
3. Shika No Tone - (Anon, transcribed Kurosawa Kinko, 1710-1770) - 8:59
4. Yaegoromo - (Yaezaki Kengyo, 1776-1848) - 27:14
5. Yamaji - (Kozo Masuda, 1934-) - 8:17

Price: € 13.00
The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shami EUCD 1717
The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shami
Makoto Hasegawa (shamisen), Aiko Hasegawa (koto, jushichigen [bass koto], voice), Kikuko Satoh (koto, shamisen, voice) and Richard Stagg (shakuhachi, nisshaku yonsun [long shakuhachi]) present seven pieces in various combinations of their instruments, including a hauntingly beautiful shakuhachi solo. Extensive information in four languages including translations of the Japanese lyrics.

1. KAEDE NO HANA (Matsuzaka Shun'ei) - 18:28 Acer Blossoms
2. KOKUU (anon.) - 12:18 Empty Sky
3. FUTATSU NO DEN-EN-SHI I (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:10 Pastoral
4. FUTATSU NO DEN-EN-SHI II (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:32 Pastoral
5. KAGEBOSHI (Ikuyama Kengyo) - 9:26 The Silhouette
6. M0:07 7/10/2003IDARE (Hirose Ryohei) - 9:21 Transformations of Yatsuhashi's Midare
7. YUKAGE (Miki Minoru) - 6:53 A Ballade in Twilight

Price: € 18.50

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