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Bomas of Kenya
Tribal Dance from East Africa EUCD 1996
Tribal Dance from East Africa
Tribal dances and songs from various regions of Kenya, accompanied on traditional instruments, such as kayamba (raft rattle), mumanga (thumb piano), isanu (side-blown gourd trumpet) irimba (thumb piano), bells, marimba and more.
In this recording, we have tried to feature Kenya's early music heritage up to present time, which has not as yet reached many parts of the world. From one tribe to the other - in such varied songs of marriage, witchcraft, circumcision, dances, and mourning over their great leader's death, and praising their warriors after winning battles.

1. KIKUYU: Circumcision ceremony
2. SENGENYA (Digo) - Song in praise of Kamanda
3. BANYALA - Wrestling song
4. NYAMBO (Embu) - Circumcision song
5. GONDA (Giriama) - Wedding dance
6. KIKAMBA - Dance with spectacular acrobatics
7. SAMBURU - Songs about Moran warriors
8. AMALELE (Boran) - Love song
9. NYATITI - NDALO-MANYIENY (Luo) - Ceremonial song of teh Luo people
10. MWI BISHIRU (Kiluhya) - Song of mourning
11. KIJANA MWANA MWALI - Song about a young lady
12. KIMANGA CHA MANGA - Song about a Taita dish
13. NJALA - Song about children

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