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Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble
Traditional Music from Korea EUCD 2465
Traditional Music from Korea
A colourful, varied palette of Korean music, from solemn and contemplative court and ceremonial music to lively and exuberant rural pieces. The music is played on authentic instruments, some of which have a history of thousands of years. Information about the music and the instruments in English and German, with colour photographs.

1. Ch’ŏngsŏng jajinhanip (A piece in high notes) (Taegum solo) - 3:23
2. Chang’gu Dance (Dance Solo) - 5:02
3. Y ŏ mbul, T’yary ŏ ng, Kun-ak (P’yŏngjo hoesang) (Chamber ensemble) - 5:12
4. Sanjo (Kŏmun’go solo) - 5:58
5. Nong-ak (P’ungmullori) (Rural Music) - 16:40
6. Sanjo Ensemble (Instrumental Ensemble) - 7:17
7. Shimch’ŏng’ga (P’ansori solo) - 8:54
8. Samullori (Percussion Ensemble) - 5:45
Bonus track:
9. Binari: Greeting to Good Luck (Live) (Kap Hyun Moon) - 6:51

Price: € 15.00

Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines EUCD 1809
Sound of the Far East – Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines
This album introduces Far-Eastern instruments, such as the Mongolian horse-head violin morin khuur, dizi and shakuhachi (Chinese and Japanese flutes), the pipa (Chinese lute), various Taiwanese gongs, chang'gu (Korean hourglass drum), koto (Japanese 'harp'), kulintang and various gongs and xylophones from the Philippines, and many more beautiful and interesting instruments. Extensive notes in English, German and French about music and instruments plus photos.

1. Mongolia (horsehead violin) Egschiglen: Ayaz (Improvisation) (trad., arr. T. Migdori) - 3:19
2. China (dizi) Li He: Yu Ge (Song of the Fishermen) (Yu Tian You) - 4:40
3. China (pipa & konghou) Cui Junzhi/Pan Jing: Flowers in the Moonlight in a Spring Night on the River (trad.) - 8:13
4. China (erhu) Zhou Yu: The Song of Heart (Yu Peng, arr. Min Zhen) - 4:38
5. Taiwan (ensemble) Han Shin Chinese Folk & Dance Ensemble: Peacock Dance (trad.) - 4:35
6. Korea (chang' gu / hourglass drum) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: Chang'gu Dance (dance solo) (trad.) - 4:56
7. Korea (komun' go / board zither) Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: San jo (komun' go solo) (trad.) - 5:55
8. Japan (shakuhachi) Richard Stagg: Gekko roteki (A Flute in the Moonlight) (Fukuda Rando) - 4:04
9. Japan (koto) Ayako Lister: Maritsuki (Michio Miyagi) - 4:46
10. Japan (ensemble) Yamato Ensemble: Futatsu No Den-En-Shi II (Pastoral) (Nagasawa Katsutoshi) - 4:32
11. Japan (drums) Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za: Otoko-koko-ni Ariki (This is the Man) (Masaya Takashino) - 4:48
12. Philippines (traditional percussion instruments) Fiesta Filipina: Malong-taghing baila (trad.) - 2:36

Price: € 11.50

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