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Aboud Abdel Al
The Best of Modern Belly Dance from Arabia EUCD 1978
The Best of Modern Belly Dance from Arabia
This is a unique belly dance recording, from one of the best violinists in the Middle East. Aboud Abdel Al, called "King of the Violin" by his friends, is originally from Lebanon, where he started his musical career and gained his fame. Aboud composes and arranges his own music. He also arranges music for other orchestras and singers and tours around the world, performing his musical shows.

1. Sahirah (Ahmad Hamoudah) - 7:33
2. Raksel Hawanem - Ladies Dance - (Trad.) - 7:50
3. Aliek Asaal - Asking for you - (Trad.) - 5:00
4. Ameint Bellah - I believe in God - (Nabil Ghosson) - 5:30
5. Rajeeh Yetaamar - Built again - (Zaki Nassif) - 4:00
6. Zaratel Arouss - Brides Wedding - (Trad.) - 10:00
7. Abarret Elshatt - I crossed the Sea - (Kazem Alsaher) - 5:38
8. Kouly Sanhgam (Trad.) - 4:33
9. Al Aien - On my Eyes - (Trad.) - 5:30
10. Saiedeh - Happiest - (Isam Rajie) - 2:02

Price: € 11.00

Bashir Abdel 'Aal
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 2040
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon
Bashir Abdel 'Aal (nay, kawala) and Mazin Abu Sayf (accordion, piano, keyboards, sequencer) present an album of great new bellydance pieces. Almost one hour of modern, lively and upbeat music - excellent to dance to.

1. Yabo Dihka Genan (Farid Al Atrash)
2. Zannoba (Farid Al Atrash)
3. Oly Wala Tkhabeesh (Zakarya Ahmed)
4. Alhelwa Dayer Shobak-ha (Mohammad Al Moogy)
5. Algawy (Sayed Mikawi)
6. Ala-meen (Balegh Hamdy)
7. Falaah (Moneer Morad)
8. Wihyatak Ya Sheikh Masoud (Ibrahim Roafat)
9. Al Eeh Bisalooni (Balegh Hamdy).

Price: € 15.00

Emad Sayyad
Lebanese Bellydance EUCD 2021
Lebanese Bellydance
New bellydance compositions by Emad Sayyah. Fifteen bubbly and spirited dance pieces, for all levels of skills, including three exhilarating pure percussion tracks: over one hour of great bellydance music! Amiritna Habibitna, Ahlaw Sahla, Haflitna Ma Btikhlas, Fannik Saharna, Taht El Balah, Ghali, Jimaal Am Tourkos, Ma Tistihi, Maria Oh Maria, Shou Hal Khasr…
Over one hour of music.

1. Amiritna Habibitna (Our Princess, Our Darling) (instr.)
2. Ahlaw Sahla (You are Welcome)
3. Haflitna Ma Btikhlas (Our Never-ending Party) (instr.)
4. Fannik Saharna (Your Art has Charmed us) (instr.)
5. Taht El Balah (Beneath the Palm Trees) (percussion)
6. Ghali (Dear)
7. Jimaal Am Tourkos (Dancing Camels) (instr.)
8. Ma Tistihi (Don't be Shy) (instr.)
9. Maria Oh Maria
10. Shou Hal Khasr (What a Waist) (percussion)
11. Farha Wa Marha (Happiness and Pleasure) (instr.)
12. Amina
13. Ahlaami Asraar (My Dreams are Secret) (instr.)
14. Zaar Naar (The Fiery Zaar-Rhythm) (percussion)
15. Zakriina Bil Farah (Remind us of the Pleasure) (instr.)

Price: € 15.50
Oriental Dance from Lebanon EUCD 1944
Oriental Dance from Lebanon
Brand new bellydance compositions by Emad Sayyah. Sixteen pieces, over 63 minutes of exhilarating and spirited oriental dance music. There are pieces designed for beginning dancers, and more challenging ones, where experienced dancers can show their skill and creativity. The album is rounded off with excellent pure percussion tracks. All the information is given in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Sharifa Zarifa - 4:35
2. Ilak Habibi - 3:49
. Libnaniyye Haflitna - 3:38
4. Aman Ya Albi - 3:14
5. Raksik Balsam Li Rouhi - 3:40
6. Ihki Ya Darboukka - 2:57
7. Ihdiina Basmi - 3:48
8. Salma - 6:18
9. Raks El Boubbou - 3:16
10. Rakkesni Ta Hibbak - 3:23
11. Inti Zinitna - 2:30
12. Mitlik Ma Saar - 6:17
13. Ghanni Ya Samra - 5:10
14. Mahla Raksik - 3:38
15. Raksa Wa Basma - 3:37
16. Lahza Gamila - 2:57

Price: € 15.50

Emad Sayyah
Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 2278
Bellydance from Lebanon
A fine selection of Lebanese bellydance music from Emad Sayyah: Habibi Hayati, Tirilalli, Raksat Loubnan, Min Aboukra L' Ashiye, Ya Moukhtara, Raksat Ajjamal, Ba' Dou'l Khat Ma'Tou, Balla Tghanni Ya Mourkos, Raksat al Bassara, Ya Hala Bi Hala, Hibbina Ya Samra, Mohammed Rayeh Masr & thirteen pieces in all including exciting pure percussion tracks.

1. Ma Baddi Illa Hiyye
2. Habibi Hayati (instr.)
3. Tirilalli
4. Raksat Loubnan (instr.)
5. Min Aboukra L'Ashiye
6. Ya Moukhtara
7. Raksat Ajjamal (instr.)
8. Ba'Dou'l Khat Ma'Tou
9. Balla Tghanni Ya Mourkos
10. Raksat al Bassara (instr.)
11. Ya Hala Bi Hala
12. Hibbina Ya Samra
13. Mohammed Rayeh Masr (Percussion selection)

Price: € 13.00
Lebanese Bellydance EUCD 2202
Lebanese Bellydance
A cheerful and upbeat collection of instrumental bellydance pieces by Emad Sayyah, compiled especially for dancers. The pieces: Inti malakeh, Raksik balsam li rouhi, Raksa sahrawiyya, Ahlaam omri, Habib asali, Hayaati milkik, Ma'zoufat al wouroud, Wardi la habibi, Raks'l kawaafel, Khayyala mayyala (percussion solo), Soukkar daayeb, Zaar naar (percussion)...

1. Inti malakeh
2. Raksik balsam li rouhi
3. Raksa sahrawiyya (percussion solo)
4. Ahlaam omri
5. Habib 'asali
6. Hayaati milkik
7. Ma'zoufat al wouroud
8. Wardi la habibi
9. Raks'l kawaafel
10. Khayyala mayyala (percussion solo)
11. Raksat al amira
12. Soukkar daayeb
13. Zaar naar (percussion)
14. Rakkesni ta hibbak

Price: € 13.00
Lebanese Bellydance - Raksat Al Afraah EUCD 2191
Lebanese Bellydance - Raksat Al Afraah
An exciting combination of traditional flamenco and Flamenco Nuevo, sung and played with Andalusian temperament and emotion. Fast and quickly changing rhythms, lively guitars, zapateados (“feet”), palmas (clapping), jaleos (cheers) and castanets tell about love, folk customs and festivals. Info in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Raksat al afraah (instr.)
2. Houllou houllou
3. Zikrayaat ali baba (instr.)
4. Sar fi khtout 'a Beirut
5. Mashoura (instr.)
6. Ma baddi njoum essama
7. Ammoura (instr.)
8. Nihna baladna
9. Lil amira (instr.)
10. Gamila illeila
11. Dunya al ajaayeb (instr.)
12. Tabbel ya habibi (drum solo)

Price: € 13.00
Ma Ajmal Beirut - Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 2130
Ma Ajmal Beirut - Modern Bellydance from Lebanon
The Burning Bush is Britain’s most widely acclaimed Jewish music ensemble. Their interpretations are based upon careful research of authentic performance styles and the use of appropriate traditional instruments (violin, viola, clarinet, percussion, accordion, trumpet, hammer dulcimer,double bass). Info about artists and Klezmer music.

1. NIHNA BALADNA Our Homeland
2. MA AJMAL BEIRUT (instr.) Beirut is so beautiful!
3. AL MARJOUHA On the swing
4. LAYLAT RAKS (instr.) The Night of the Belly Dance Music
5. EL BINT EL LIBNANIYYE Ah! That Lebanese Girl!
6. MA ‘ZOUFAT SEMIRAMIS (instr.) The Music of Semiramis
7. DARBEK DARBEK Play the Darabukka
8. RAKS FIL GHABA (instr.) Bellydance in the Jungle
9. AWWEL MARRA OU AKHER MARRA The First Time and the Last Time
10. LI JAMAL CLEOPATRA (instr.) To the Beauty of Cleopatra
11. ILLI BHIBBAK Tell me, "I Love You!"
12. TABBEL TABBEL (Percussion selection) Play Only the Drums for Me

Price: € 12.50
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights EUCD 2234
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights
Eighteen brand new, hot, modern bellydance compositions by the master from Lebanon, Emad Sayyah. This album has a modern, almost “club” atmosphere with short and exciting pieces with punchy rhythms and catchy melodies. Songs and instrumental pieces alternate and as usual, Emad added a few pure percussion tracks. Info in English, German, French and Spanish.
Total playing time: 67:02 min.

1. BEIRUT YA BEIRUT (instr.)
3. LINDA (percussion)
4. ANA MILKIK (instr.)
6. HALHAYAAT IID (instr.)
7. BISSAHRA ANNAHRA (percussion)
10. RBIHTI ALBI (instr.)
12. NABILA (instr.)
13. BASBOUSI (percussion)
14. JADDIDINI (instr.)
15. IHDIINA RAKSA (instr.)
17. YALLA, YALLA, YALLA (instr.)
18. HALLILI HAYAATI (percussion)

Price: € 18.50
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 1854
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon
Master of Lebanese Bellydance Emad Sayyah presents another collection of Bellydance instrumentals as well as three songs. With Nihat Karslioglu (saz) and Abdo Manssour (percussion) Emad Sayyah once again creates fascinating combinations of rhythms suitable for Bellydance newcomers and professionals alike. However, these instrumentals and songs with their percussion-driven Arabic "groove" are also designed for all lovers of Middle Eastern music - bellydancing or not.

1. 'ASHATT (instr.) - 3:53 On the Beach / Am Strand / Sur la Plage / En la playa
2. FARHA KABIRA (instr.) - 2:57 A Great Joy / Eine große Freude / Une Grande Joie / Un gran júbilo
3. TAMAM - 3:38 Perfect / Perfekt / Parfait / Perfecto
4. BAHRI BAHRI (instr.) - 7:22 Along the Sea Shore / Am Meer entlang / En longeant la Plage / A las orillas del mar
5. HABIBI LAHIBI (instr.) - 4:39 My Darling, my Fire / Mein Liebling, meine Glut / Mon amour, ma passion / Mi amado, mi fuego
6. ZA'EFFLA (percussion) - 1:58 Clap for her / Beifall für sie / Applaudissons- la / Aplàudele
7. HIZZI YA SAMMOURA - 3:33 Shake your Hips, oh Brunette / Schüttle deine Hüften, oh Brünette / Bouge tes hanches, oh brunette / Mueve las caderas, oh morena
8. ANA BI JANNI (instr.) - 3:46 I am in Paradise / Ich bin im Paradies / Je suis au Paradis / Estoy en el paraà­so
9. DALLOU'A (instr.) - 3:28 Teasing / Neckisch / Taquineries / Burlàndose
10. SOPHIE, YA SOPHIE - 2:47 Sophie, oh Sophie
11. AHZAAN WA AFRAAH (instr.) - 6:10 Sadness and Joy / Traurigkeit und Freude / Tristesse et Joie / Tristeza y alegrà­a
12. SAMMOURA AMMOURA (instr.) - 3:54 Brunette and Loving / Brünett und liebevoll / Brunette et Charmante / Morena y cariñosa
13. WARDI LA HABIBI (instr.) - 3:59 A Rose for my Darling / Eine Rose für meinen Liebling / Une Rose pour ma Bien-aimée / Una rosa para mi amada
14. ANA MALAKAT ARRAKS (percussion) - 2:19 I am the Queen of Belly Dance / Ich bin die Bauchtanzkönigin / Je suis la Reine de la Danse du Ventre / Soy la reina de la danza del vientre

Price: € 18.50

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