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Altaf Gnawa Group
Gnawa Music from Morocco EUCD 1922
Gnawa Music from Morocco
The Gnawa play deeply hypnotic trance music, led by low-pitched, rhythmic guembri melodies, call-and-response singing, hand-clapping and metal "castanets" called qraqebs. The music is a mixture of religious Arabic songs and African rhythms - ancient spiritual music with West African roots. Colour photos plus info in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Doya Kore Esho - 4:01
2. Ke Banalo Emon - 3:57
3. Guru Dohai Tomar - 4:45
4. Maran Karo Kotha Shone na - 7:04
5. O Ghate Kam Kumbhirer - 5:00
6. Ore Pirite Banaichhe Boiraghini - 3:57
7. Gour Lilar Bajare - 3:57
8. Koriya Chaturi More - 5:31
9. Elore Patal Gadi - 6:15
10. Nona Gange Namaio Na - 4:27
11. Jodi Mishte Chao - 5:22
12. Monpakhike Dile Phanki - 4:48
13. Ghore Kopat Dao - 5:07
14. Emon Koler Baksho - 6:40

Price: € 15.00

Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy…
Sahara Groove 2 EUCD 2057
Sahara Groove 2
Upbeat, exhilarating, funky…! A wide spectrum of music from northern Africa from stellar artist such as Cheikha Rimitti, Hossam Ramzy, Cheb Aïssa, Cheb Nacim, Chalf Hassan, Chaba Noria, Noor Shimaal… from Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria… Eleven pieces, over one hour of excellent and varied music. Information about the artists in the CD booklet.

1. Chalf Hassan: Amul Koutchi (trad.)
2. Rafat Misso & Hossam Ramzy: El Shouma - the Saaidi Dancing Stick (Rafat Misso)
3. Ez-Zouhour: Mridh fani (trad.)
4. Azza: Om Zein - Mother of Zein (trad.)
5. Cheikha Rimitti: El Dzair (Cheikha Rimitti)
6. Chalf Hassan: Taarida Hawzi (Chalf Hassan)
7. Chaba Noria: Dima Sabra (Chaba Noria)
8. Noor Shimal: Sidi Boumedienne (trad., additional lyrics: V Do?an Corringham)
9. Cheb Aïssa: Ha Na Naï (Cheb Aïssa)
10. Hossam Ramzy: El-Hawzy (Hossam Ramzy)
11. Cheb Nacim: Khabi Serak Ya Ghafel Wa Aqra Hadrek (Dahmane El-Harrachi).

Price: € 11.00

Groupe Sidi Mimoun, Groupe Ben Souda
Moroccan Gypsies EUCD 2413
Moroccan Gypsies
Itinerant musicians from Morocco - Groupe Sidi Mimoun with Abdenbi El Gadari and the group Ben Souda with Taïfa-Al Essawiya belong to the most impressive examples of the living North-African tradition, with call-and-response singing accompanied by the mighty bass guembri (3 stringed drum-lute) and the earthy sound of the qraqebs (metal “castagnets”), as well as many other Moroccan instruments.

1. BEN SOUDA: Beshmellah bdina (Issawa) - Beginning with the name of God
2. SIDI MIMOUN: Mimouna (Gnawa) Name of a spirit.
3. BEN SOUDA: Farhat allika (Issawa) The joy of meeting.
4. BEN SOUDA: Guebahi (Issawa) Issawi rhythm
5. SIDI MIMOUN: Rihlat essayf (Gnawa) - The summer trip.
6. BEN SOUDA: Achraka nour (Issawa) The light is rising. 7. BEN SOUDA: El guazia (Issawa) The Gypsy dancer.
8. SIDI MIMOUN: Guafla (Gnawa) Caravan
9. BEN SOUDA: Lemjarrad (Issawi rhythm), Maoussim lehsad (Issawa) Harvest time.
10. BEN SOUDA: Marhba belarssane (Issawa) Welcoming the bride and groom.
11. SIDI MIMOUN: Moussa bahri (Gnawa) - Name of a spirit. Bonus track
12. NOUR-EDDINE: Marhabat

Price: € 13.00

Nour Eddine
Morocco Traditional Songs & Music - Bahja EUCD 2289
Morocco Traditional Songs & Music - Bahja
Moroccan music, inspired by Gnawa rituals, said to be therapeutic. Call-and-response singing, accompanied by the bass gimbri (lute) and metal castanets, called qraqebs, as well as other lutes and percussion. Information in four languages.

1. Mawal gnawi (Nour Eddine Fatty)
2. Boudali (spirit name) (Nour Eddine Fatty)
3. Toura toura (name of a spirit) (trad., arr. Nour Eddine Fatty)
4. Jalaban (Nour Eddine Fatty)
5. Samaoui (Heavenly Spirit) (Nour Eddine Fatty)
6. T'bel solo (Double - headed cylindrical drum) (instr.) (Nour Eddine Fatty)
7. Laafou (Nour Eddine Fatty)
8. La illah illa Allah (Nour Eddine Fatty)
9. Bania (Nour Eddine Fatty)
10. Soudani (Nour Eddine Fatty)
11. J'bel ('Mountain') (instr.) (Nour Eddine Fatty)
12. Outhar (ancient Berber lute) (instr.) (Nour Eddine Fatty)
13. Sandia (Female name) (trad., arr. Nour Eddine Fatty)

Price: € 13.50

Rachid Halihal
Arabian Music from Morocco EUCD 2225
Arabian Music from Morocco
A fascinating album of traditional folk songs from the regions of Fez, Andalus and other areas of Morocco. Accompanied on traditional Arabian instruments (oud, violin, darbuka, riq). Information about the artist and each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Alalla Y’lali
2. Dor Biha ya Shiban
3. Lemlain
4. Elazri
5. Mahani Ezin
6. Khalini M’aak
7. Kaftan’k Mahloul
8. Jeet N’saydou
9. L’attar
10. Ana Dene Den Allah
11. Ana L’ayla Moulati
12. Fen Shak Li’atetk
13. Rassael Al’ageran

Price: € 15.50

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