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Africa, A Musical Journey EUCD 2125
Africa, A Musical Journey
Pure, earthy and exhilarating African drumming and singing in many different styles and from many different countries, e.g. South Africa, Guinea, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mozambique. Explanations to each of the pieces in four languages.

1. Iphi Yeza (South Africa)
2. Wali (Guinea)
3. Tigari (Ghana)
4. Sindimba (Tanzania)
5. Wello (Ethiopia)
6. Isikuti (Kenya)
7. Bata (Nigeria)
8. Le Duo (Burkina Faso)
9. Digba (Ivory Coast)
10. Xigubo (Mozambique)

Price: € 13.50

Chidinma Okafor
Modern Gospel from West Africa EUCD 2186
Modern Gospel from West Africa
Passionate gospel songs with Chidinma Okafor, star of Nigerian music, backed by a beautiful multi-part choir. The songs are in Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo and English, accompanied with modern rhythms. Information about the artist and each of the songs in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Chukwuoma Igwe
2. Onye Agha
3. Aha Di Ebube
4. Soro Jesus
5. Omeriwo
6. Medley: a. Ope Loye O / b. Olu Oma / c. Okpara Chineke / d. Mukulu
7. Amara Chukwu
8. Ike Nile
9. Chinaza Ekpere
10. Ihe Nile

Price: € 13.50

Solá Akingbolá
Nigerian Beats, Rhythm 'n' Rhyme EUCD 2469
Nigerian Beats, Rhythm 'n' Rhyme
Yoruba (Nigerian) percussion and chanting rooted in tradition presented in exciting new ways, featuring“incredibly beautiful rhythms and drumming patterns, each track with its own unique story and vibe. The aspect of spirituality and the supernatural is strongly evident throughout.” - Blogger News Network
“… Frankly, this excellent collection of songs… will blow your mind. Genius!” (Rhythm Magazine)
Original Yoruba poetry with English translations, and info about each song in English and German.

1. Ninu Opon Ori Tiwa (Within the tray [of divination] is where we can learn how to conduct ourselves [as Yoruba people and as humans]) - 4:24
Olukumi (My Friend) - 3:40
2. Enia Lasoo Mi (People are my Clothes) - 3:55
3.Ifanla (Ifa is Infinite) - 2:13
4. Ori Ni Kan (Ori is the One) - 6:25
5. Witch Dance (instr.) - 3:45
6. Seegesi Olooya (Special praise name of the Goddess Osun) - 4:54
7. Boya Iro Ni (Did They Tell a Lie?) - 6:58
8. Kulumbu Yeye (Praise song for the Yoruba Goddess of fertility, Osun) - 3:08
9. Ojo To Wa Ninu Ose (Days of the week) - 1:30
10. Aro Orunmila (Orunmila’s Riddle) - 6:34

Price: € 13.00

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