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Songs & Dances from Poland EUCD 1551
Songs & Dances from Poland
This is traditional music of Poland performed by the Polish Song & Dance Ensemble "Karolinka" featuring many fascinating instru-ments. Some were self-built in the Zywiec region of Poland, such as the Trombita (similar to an alphorn), Dudy (bag pipes), Fujarka (pipes) and others. The ensemble, founded in 1978 by young people of Polish extraction follow their basic aim to promote an understanding and affection for Polish culture and tradition through their music, and this album will certainly go a long way towards doing exactly that.

1. Powitanie - 1:57
2. Lowicz (trad.) - 8:58
3. Moja Tesknota - 3:39
4. Opoczno (trad.) - 9:11
5. Karolinka (trad.) - 2:36
6. Zywiec (trad.) - 26:42

Price: € 15.50

Song & Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Tech
Poland, Traditional Songs & Dances EUCD 2285
Poland, Traditional Songs & Dances
Bright and cheerful songs and dances from the different regions of Poland, including the polonaise and mazurka, the lively krakoviak, the slow and melancholic kujawiak, the spirited powróz and the dynamic oberek with lots of whirling and stamping. Including a bonus track. Extensive information in four languages.

1. Krakowskie wesele (A Wedding in Cracow (trad.)
2. Krakow (In a Cracow Suburb Inn) (trad., arr. M. Jakubowski)
3. Rzeszow Medley: Koniku cisawy / Na rzeszowskim polu / Polka uginana / Heca-kieca / Stary jo se / Hej, wysokie przelazy / Hej tam za gora / Dzikowianie / Laboga chlopaki / Polka kucana / Ej idziemy chlopaki / Wesoly ja parobeczek (Powróz) (trad., arr. M. Jakubowski)
4. Turuloj (From the Rzeszow region) (trad., arr. M. Jakubowski)
5. Slonce i pogoda (Sun and Nice Weather) (trad., arr. I. Lojewski)
6. Pod borem sosna (The Pine in a Forest of Spruces) (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
7. Czerwone jagody (The Red Berries) (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
8. Szla dzieweczka (A Girl Went to the Forest) (trad., arr. D. Lapinski)
9. Trojak (From Silesia) (trad., arr. D. Lapinski)
10. Owczarek (From the Kujawy region) (trad., arr. M. Jakubowski)
11. Mazury (Mazurkas) (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
12. Ojciec i syn (Father and Son) (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
13. Jechali furmani (The coachmen were riding...) (trad., arr. W. Szalinski)
14. Konik zmokl (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
15. Mlynarz Marcin (Martin the Miller) (trad., arr. J. Tkaczyk)
16. Piekna nasza Polska cala (Our Poland is Beautiful) (music: J. Sieroslawski, lyrics: W. Pol, arr. W. Szalinski)

17. Karolinka (trad.)

Price: € 13.00

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