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Barry Van Zyl
African Heartbeat - Drums and Percussion from Southern Africa EUCD 2144
African Heartbeat - Drums and Percussion from Southern Africa
In his first solo album, Barry Van Zyl, world-renowned South African percussionist and drummer with the Johnny Clegg Band since 1999, presents his interpretation of the rhythms and feels of southern African drumming. The album combines musical and rhythmical influences from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia...

1. Adderly Straat
2. Khawuleza
3. Torreldaif
4. Zintathu
5. Sotho Raindrops
6. Quite Oh!
7. Florence Sifingo
8. Limpopo Heartbeat
9. Sugar Cane Maskanda
10. Izinsizwa

Price: € 18.50

Master Drummers of Africa, Volume 2 EUCD 2280
Master Drummers of Africa, Volume 2
The heartbeat of Africa - the African drum! 17 pieces, over 70 minutes of ecstatic, powerful drumming in many different styles and a great variety of instruments from South Africa, Togo, the Congo, Mozambique, Mali, Ivory Coast and many more. Rich information in English, German, French and Spanish. Great photos!

1. Hamba
2. Togo Initiation
3. Mbushi
4. Mozambican Nungwe Dance
5. Nko Nko
6. Men of Men
7. Wamira
8. Kundi
9. The River
10. Djembe Komea
11. Bembe
12. Imichingo
13. Dagwamba
14. Bemba
15. Fruits of the Forest
16. Kalahari Song
17. Bakongo

Price: € 14.50

Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 - The Tswana People EUCD 2132
Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 - The Tswana People
This excellent album presents traditional and contemporary music and rhythms of the Tswana peoples (Botswana and surrounding areas).

There are a capella songs accompanied with clapping and ankle shakers, pieces with huge marimbas (xylophones) playing intricate rhythms and melodies, and more. Traditional drums and various other percussion, clapping and shouts are all part of the feel.

1. Reng Ya Lenyalo
2. Tlholwe Le Mutle
3. Tonki
4. Matlebe Lekwane
5. Jikelele
6. Senanapo
7. Serangapane
8. Ngwana Wa Lla
9. Mapule
10. Badimo Ba Boletse
11. Badisa
12. Serantabole
13. Maharero
14. Maena
15. Tshipi Sepanere
16. Boferefere
17. Tsie
18. Magamana
19. Tselane
20. Semang
21. Botswana

Price: € 13.00
Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2 EUCD 2062
Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2
Some of the most fabulous, stirring drumming and percussion from around the world. Gripping rhythms, powerful drums, each piece a gem! Master drummers and percussionists from South Africa, England, Japan (Taiko), Egypt, Iran, the Caribbean and Burundi (Central Africa) at their best.

Info about each of the artists and pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. IPELEGENG ENSEMBLE: Wawa-Nko (trad.)
2. PETE LOCKETT: Kane and Kin (P. Lockett)
3. TOMOE-RYU YUTAKADAIKO: Kaikyo (Sakie Chaki)
4. HOSSAM RAMZY: Amiret el Sahara (H. Ramzy)
5. ZARBANG: Cycling Feast (Zarbang)
6. MIGUEL CASTRO: Brigamo (Afro-Caribbean) (trad., arr. M. Castro)
7. SANJU SAHAI: Madhya Laya Teental (trad., arr. S. Sahai)
9. HAKIM LUDIN (Zarbang): Rumba de Cajon (H. Ludin)
10. SERANKURE MUSIC ARTS: Meropa ya ba dimo (trad.)
11. PETE LOCKETT / JOJI HIROTA: Pageant II (J. Hirota / P. Lockett)
12. HOSSAM RAMZY: Halloween (H. Ramzy)
13. JOJI HIROTA & THE TAIKO DRUMMERS: Musashi Mai Uchi (trad., arr. J. Hirota)
14. BARRY VAN ZYL / YOYO BUYS: Marching to Moria (R. Hogarth / B. van Zyl).

Price: € 16.00

Venda Drummers
Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 2 EUCD 2026
Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 2
An eclectic collection of African drumming. Featuring the Anlo-Ewe from Togo and Ghana, Bolamba Pygmies from the Congo, Kalahari Bushmen from Botswana, Manza music from the Central African Republic, Yoruba from Nigeria, Benin, Togo and many more. 40-page booklet with lots of info about each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. WO MAWU (Anlo-Ewe, Togo and Ghana)
2. NGUNGU (Zululand)
3. EBOKA (Bolamba Pygmies from the Congo)
5. MALA (Senegal, Mali, Guinea, the Gambia)
6. SOULUI (Accra Ghana)
7. GBOKO LIA YAYARI KPAMO (Central African Republic)
8. NXAI (Kalahari Bushman, Botswana)
9. UNWABU (Swaziland, Xhosa, Zulu)
10. BABA (Nguni/Xhosa, South Africa)
11. ZIMA GAZA KOO (Manza music, Central African Republic)
12. KEKEBU (Shangaan from Mozambique, South Africa)
13. DOMBA (Venda, Northern South Africa)
14. YOLO MALE (Central African Republic)
15. MABO (BaKa Pygmy - Cameroon, Congo and Central African Republic)
16. ESHE EYELE (Yoruba from Nigeria, Benin, Togo)
17. ZANGA (Mbum, Central African Republic)
18. IBHUNGANE (Zulu, South Africa)

Price: € 13.00

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