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Alasdair Trotter
Caledonia Cathedral - Hymns For The Bagpipe B 802
Caledonia Cathedral -  Hymns For The Bagpipe
Booklet with twelve well known tunes, set out in an easy to read format, with handy hints on maintaining the practice chanter. All text in English, German and Japanese.

16 pgs.

Tunes :
All Creatures Of Our God And King (Lasst Uns Erfreun) - Come Down O Love Divine (Down Ampney) - Jesus Loves Me (Jesus Loves Me) - Just As I Am Thine Own To Be (Saffron Walden) - Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending (Helmsley) - Lord Thy Word Abideth (Ravenshaw) - Love Divine All Loves Excelling (Hyfrodol) - Now Thank We All Our God (Num Danket) - O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) - O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing (Richmond) - O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Forest Green) - O Worship The King All Glorious Above (Hanover) - Ode To Joy (9th Choral Symphony) - On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (Sussex Carol) - Onward Christian Soldiers (St Gertrude) - Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven (Praise My Soul) - Praise The Lord His Glories Show (Llanfair) - Rise Up O Men Of God (Carlisle) - See In Yonder Manger Low (Humility (Oxford)) - Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus (Morning Light) - The Church Is One Foundation (Aurelia) - "The Day Thou Gavest, Lord Has Ended" (St Clement) - The First Nowell The Angel Did Say (The First Nowell) - The King Of Love My Shepherd Is (Dominus Regit).

Price: € 16.00

Alison Kinnaird
The Harp Key BK001
The Harp Key
Scottish harp music. 24 handwritten melodies (some for additional instruments and/or optional parts) with introduction and extensive notes on the music.

Paperback A4, 94 pages.

Price: € 13.50

Allan MacDonald
The Moidart Collection (3rd edition) (sheet music book and CD) ALMACBK1
The Moidart Collection (3rd edition) (sheet music book and CD)
A mixture of traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland, and twentieth century compositions, 31 of which are Allan's own.

The 3rd edition of Allan MacDonald's Moidart Collection, A Cheud Ceud (The First Hundred), comprised of one hundred tunes, including a piobaireachd. An audio CD of the tunes accompanies the book.

The first publication of Allan's very popular collection was in 1989. He has dispensed with dotted quavers and semi-quavers in the reels to reflect his own 'open' style of playing.

Allan MacDonald was raised in the small community of Glenuig, in a Gaelic-speaking area of the West Highlands. He began piping at an early age and pursued a competitive career which included winning the Inverness Clasp on two occasions. He was taught by P/M John MacKenzie and also by Bob Nicol of Ballater and Roddy MacDonald of South Uist.

After becoming ambivalent towards the competitive discipline of piping, he encouraged the introduction of alternative styles of playing Ceol Beag ('light music') from the 1970s onwards. In the classical genre of Ceol Mor (piobaireachd), he explored the extent to which modern styles of playing differed from those of the 18th century. In his M Litt thesis, completed at Edinburgh University's School of Scottish Studies, he studied the relationship between piobaireachd and Gaelic language rhythms in song, placing the tunes in their original socio-linguistic context.

A4 paperback, landscape format.

Price: € 35.50

Bill Cleary
The Bagpipe Tutor 11AWAL-1012
The Bagpipe Tutor
Classic bagpipe tutor from Pipe Major Bill Cleary. Includes in-depth instruction, theory and history,as well as a selection of 47 popular Irish and Scottish tunes.

Price: € 16.50

Bruce Campbell
Complete Piobaireachd Lessons - Volume 1 DP 13
Complete Piobaireachd Lessons - Volume 1

THE LESSONS on this innovative CD ROM are all presented in pdf format which makes them accessible to a multi platform of computer users. The CD ROM includes 4 Piobaireachd and complete lessons on each with pdf e-book, linked studio recorded sound files, sheet music and bmw files.
The tunes covered are all classics of the student repertoire; Struan Robertson's Salute, Glengarry's Lament, The Munros' Salute and Lament for Sir James MacDonald of the Isles.
In the accompanying documents are music files in wave format, studio recorded Highland pipe sound files and bagpipe music writer program. Instructions on how to download Bagpipe Music Writer are also included in a separate document. By clicking on the identified text in the main pdf document the student is guided to the relevant
file which is designed to play automatically (even on computers which are not totally compatible the sound files can still be played manually).

Price: € 23.50
Learn To Play The Bagpipe With The Easy Method DP 030
Learn To Play The Bagpipe With The Easy Method
Author Bruce Campbell says: “I started teaching over 20 years using this unique method and found that it was hugely successful with advanced players. Over the years I have modified it to make it suitable for beginners and ‘struggling’ pipers. I could never understand why other teachers thought, and many still do, that elements like timing and phrasing as well as playing on the beat come at a later stage. Why not teach them from the start, using the rhythmic qualities of music to help a piper improve. That is what the EAST METHOD is - a logical progression into music which also allows the student to memorise tunes in a fraction of the time that so-called ‘conventional teaching’ takes. The method might be easy but the results are staggering.”

This book specialises in teaching the FOUNDATION STAGES of piping. It is the first time that a whole book has been devoted to getting the most important aspects of piping correct.

Amazing Grace * Scots Wha Ha'e * Heather Island * Callin Mo Ruinsa * Lovely Stornoway * Morag of Dunvegan * O Gin I Were A Baron's Heir.

Price: € 12.00
Piping For Highland Dancing (sheet music book) DP 069
Piping For Highland Dancing (sheet music book)
Pipe notation sheet music for 51 dances including: Highland Fling * Seann Triubhas * Sword Dance * Strathspey and Reel * Jig * Hornpipe * Blue Bonnets * Argyll Broadswords * Bobby Cuthbertson * Bonnie Briest Knot * Bonnie Dundee * Cake Walk * Charlie Mill * Dancer's Delight * Dusty Miller * Earl Of Errol * First Of August * Flora MacDonald's Fancy * Flowers Of Edinburgh * Hebridean Laddie * Highland Laddie * J L McKenzie * Jacobite Sword Dance * King Of Sweden * Lady Louisa MacDonald Of Sleat * Lassies Of Kyle * Linkumdoddie * Lochaber Broadswords * Lochiel's Broadswords * Louden Lassies * Marquis Of Huntly's Highland Fling * Miss Forbes * Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay * Over The Isles To America * Over The Water To Charlie * Scotch Measure * Scottish Lilt * Thistle * Threesome * Tullochgorm * Village Maid * Barracks Johnnie.

Extensive music and playing instructions for every dance in the competitive and non-competitive Highland Dancing program.

Includes recommended tempos, notes on the tunes and information on introductions and steps. A must for any aspiring Highland Dance piper.

Compiled and edited by Pipe Major Bruce Campbell. A4 softcover, 60 pages.

Tunes: Ardchoille * Kilt Is My Delight * Ale Is Dear * Leaving Port Askaig * All The Blue Bonnets * Lexie MacAskill * Am Piob Breac * Atholl Highlanders * Banjo Breakdown * Barney's Balmoral * Battle of the Somme * Because He Was A Bonnie Lad * Bonnie Dundee * Braes of Tullymet * Brown Haired Maiden * Cameron Quickstep * Campbeltown Kiltie Ball * Captain Horne * Charlie Mill, Dundee * Circassian Circle * Cork Hill * Corriechoillie's Welcome * Dalnahassaig * Dark Island * Donald and His Smuggled Drappy * Drumcharry * Dubai Highland Games * Duncan Maclnnes * Earl of Errol * Farewell to the Creeks * Farewell to Nigg * Flora MacDonald's Fancy * Ghillie Caluim * Ghillie Caluim * Glasgow Police Pipers * Gruagach * Heights of Dargai * Highland Harry * Highland Laddie * J L MacKenzie of Garrynahine * Jock Wilson's Ball * John D Burgess * Jolly Beggarman * Liberton Boys' Pipe Band * Longueval * Loudon's Bonnie Woods & Braes * MacKenzie Highlanders * Maggie Cameron * Mairi's Wedding * Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey * Miller's Fair Daughter * Miss Ada Crawford * Miss Daisy MacKenzie * Miss Jean McKirdy of Edinburgh * Mrs MacLeod of Raasay * My Love She's But A Lassie,Yet * O'er The Bows to Ballindalloch * Orange and Blue * Over the Isles to America * Over the Water to Chairlie * Paddy McGinty's Goat * Paddy's Leather Breeches * Pigeon On The Gate * Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu * P/M Wm Ross's Farewell * Piper of Drummond * Pipers of the Regiment * Rantin' Rovin' Robin * Sleepy Maggie * Smith's a Gallant Fireman * Standard on the Braes of Mar * Teribus * Thomson's Dirk * Tired We Are A Carrying * Whistle O'er The Lave O't * Willie Davie * Willie MacKay's Farewell to the the 74th * Willie Roy's Loomhouse * Wind That Shakes The Barley.

Price: € 18.50
The Duntroon Collection vol 3 (sheet music book) DP 052
The Duntroon Collection vol 3 (sheet music book)
Another unique collection of Highland bagipe music, featuring tunes ancient and modern - many of the older tunes are in print for the first time.

The new tunes include some which are literally just off the composer's pens, while old and out of print collections supply the balance. The composers range from the greats of yesteryear to today's bright new faces, who may well become the greats of tomorrow.

Compiled and edited by Bruce Campbell.

A4 paperback, 60 pages.

Price: € 16.00

Cherry Anderson
The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor (Book + CD) GM 2631
The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor (Book + CD)
By pipe major Cherry Anderson. With notes on practice pipes. CD included. Made in United Kingdom.

This book is intented solely as a guide to beginners, and the aim is to good standard of playing on the practice chanter prior to the graduation to the Highland Bagpipe.

Price: € 14.00

Chris Armstrong
Notes Frae Ma Heid 2 B 149
Notes Frae Ma Heid 2
Second music book by one of the world's most gifted pipers. The book contains a wide variety of 2/4 and 6/8 marches, strathspeys, reels, slow airs, suites, and of course hornpipes and jigs - tunes played in concert and on recordings by Chris, and by his ScottishPower Pipe Band.
Slow Air:
Oran Canntaireachd
Alistair McDonald - Barry & Irene Armstrong’s 25th Wedding Anniversary - Gordon Craig - Jimmy’s Den - Malcolm MacInnes - McIntyre of Goosegreen - Pipe Major Linda Bennett - Pipe Major Roderick MacLeod M.B.E.
Andrew Wright - The Guards Club Recital Series
Reels: Air Bodhran - An Cu Dhu - Bushtucker Man - Caldwell’s Bill - Donald Shaw’s - Eggs and Bacon - Kennedy’s Favourite - Mrs Mary Kerr - Roarty’s Reel -
Roodie’s Reel - The Almost Reel - The ‘B’ Box - The Cabaleno.
Big Bunnet’s Hornpipe - Kick Start - New Medley Hornpipe - Percussion Steve - Raymond Barbour - Russell the Lock Buster - The Cogarette Garden - The Five Car Trick - The Mad Daisy Picker - The Soft Shoe Shuffle - Touchin Cloth - Wee Calum Hammer Hands
Bottom Hand - Dive Bombing Shitehawks - Fiona’s Jig - Mark Bennett - Mayhem - McKerrell’s Helium Powered Uillean Pipes - Rene the Banjo-man - Rubber Man - Simon McKerrell’s - The Barbour Roar - The Boys of Kintail - The Campbeltown Assassin - The Canary - The Electric Boogaloo - The Gav Mobile - The Three Amigos - Miscellaneous Tune
T.N.T. -X-treme.

Price: € 21.50

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