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Chris Armstrong
Notes Frae Ma Heid vol 1 B 488
Notes Frae Ma Heid vol 1
Marches: Mrs Irene Armstrong - Gavin Burns - Breaker - P.M. Gordon Lawrie of Gartocharn - Stuart Kenny - Ross Kennedy of Campbeltown - Cameron Bennett - Cameron Dodds - Number One - Number Two - Number Three
Strathspeys: Andy Armstrong's Strathspey - Chrysler's Strathspey - Karen Elise McKenzie - Rebecca's Strathspey - Rantaronian Cameron - P.M. John Matheson B.E.M.
Reels: Barry's Mega Motor - Exit, Yankee Style - Honk Goose - Jaz's Jukebox - The Barachio's Reel - The Man in the Middle - Two Tenor Pop - 50p Pint - Hen Pecked
Airs: Cumha a Chuilein - The Mad Scientist - Jimmy's Tune
Jigs: A Bit Brash - Alan, The Chanter Breaker - D.M. Peter MacNamee - Hit it on the Nail - Inspiration - The Cooking Fat - The Electric Pumpkin - The Ferry to Skye - The Heli-pad - The Whisky Boeys - Thirty to Twenty - Train to Glasgow
Hornpipes: Bossa Nova - Champin' at the Bit - Cone Tango - Hoover Happy Irene - Marylin's Raffle - Mr F Octave Anno - New Eden - Saney Mackenzie - The Phantom Fairy - Where the Folk in Hell Sat - The Orlando Tango
Suites: The Full Circle - Dreams of a Child - Quantum Leap.

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00

Craig Muirhead
Arranged B 4582
A fantastic collection of modern pop songs arranged for the bagpipes by Craig Muirhead, Piping Instructor to Strathallan Schools, Former National Youth Pipe Band Pipe Major, Accomplished soloist and multi-instrumentalist.

Included in this book are tunes including :
•Best Song Ever - One Direction
•Budapest - George Ezra
•Cheerleader - Omi
•Dancing Queen - Abba
•Drinking from the Bottle - Calvin Harris
•Hold my Hand - Jess Glynne
•Human - The Killers
•I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
•I'm a Believer - The Monkees
•I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris
•Imagine - John Lennon
•Let it Go - Eva Mendez
•Little Things - One Direction
•Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
•Locked out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
•Looked so Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
•Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding
•Midnight Memories - One Direction
•Mr Brightside - The Killers
•Nobody to Love - Sigma
•Not Letting Go - Tiny Tempah
•Pompei - Bastille
•Rehab - Amy Winehouse
•Run - Snow Patrol
•Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
•Someone I Used to Know - Gotye
•Something i Need - One Republic
•Stay with Me - Sam Smith
•Summer - Calvin Harris
•Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
•Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses
•Simply the Best - Tina Turner
•Thinking out Loud - Ed Sheeran
•Wonderwall - Oasis
•Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Price: € 24.00

Dave Mallinson
Instant Tin Whistle - Scottish + CD GM 2334
Instant Tin Whistle - Scottish + CD
A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Different tunes in each book.

CD alone - € 11.00

Price: € 18.00

David Glen
David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd - Book 6 (sheet music book) DP 095
David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd - Book 6 (sheet music book)
The penultimate book in this outstanding 7-book reprint series, recommended by John MacDonald of Inverness as a great piping resource.

Sixth collection of one of the most important repositories of piobaireachd (classical piping) music. When this series was first printed in 1880, it achieved immediate acclaim and was rated by the legendary John MacDonald as 'piping's greatest source'.

It has been unavailable since the 1950s, and is now republished by Duntroon Publishing.

Craigellachie * The MacRaes' March * John Garve MacLeod Of Raasay's Lament * The Earl Of Antrim's Lament * The Little Spree * Corriness (The Lost Pibroch) * Mary's Praise For Her Gift * Lady Elizabeth Diana MacDonald's Lament * Roderick Mor MacLeod's Salute * A Lament For Great Findlay * A Lament For Mary MacLeod * The Blue Ribbon * Kinloch-Moidart's Lament * A Lament For The Duke Of Hamilton * The Great Spree.

Price: € 18.00
David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd Book 4 DP 093
David Glen's Ancient Collection Of Piobaireachd Book 4
When this series was first printed in 1880 it achieved immediate acclaim and was rated by the legendary John MacDonald as "piping's greatest source". This volume was first published in 1896 and has been unavailable since the 1950s. 40pp soft cover A4.

Donald Ban MacCrimmon's Lament, The Lament For The Only Son, MacCrimmon's Sweetheart, The Lament For The Children, Donald Gruamach Of Slate's Lament, Glengarry's March, Too Long In This condition, The Drunken Groat, The MacDonald's Warning, The Piper's Salute To His Master, Mrs. Smith's Salute, The Massacre Of Glencoe (2nd Setting), MacKintosh of Borlum's Salute, The Waking Of The Bridegroom.

Price: € 19.00
David Glen’s ‘Ancient Piobaireachd Book 6’ DP 11
David Glen’s ‘Ancient Piobaireachd Book 6’

The penultimate book in this outstanding 7-book reprint series which the legendary John MacDonald of Inverness rated as "piping's greatest source".
David Glen's settings are not available in any other published source and are marked by their lack of textual error and balance of melodic line. These books are archival
material for any serious Piobaireachd student.
Book 6 contains Craigellachie; The MacRaes' March; John Garve MacLeod of Raasay's Lament; The Earl of Antrim's Lament; The Little Spree; Corriness (The Lost Pibroch); Mary's praise for her gift; Lady Elizabeth Diana MacDonald's Lament; Roderick Mor MacLeod's Salute; A Lament for Great Findlay; A Lament for ary MacLeod; The Blue Ribbon; Kinloch-Moidart's Lament; A Lament for the Duke of Hamilton; The Great Spree.

Price: € 15.90

Duncan Johnstone
Collection Of Strathspeys And Reels B 458
Collection Of Strathspeys And Reels
Contains 20th century tunes of the great connoisseurs of the PIOB MHOR, Duncan Johnstone.

1998, 30 pgs.

Price: € 20.45

The Duntroon collection - volume 4 DT 004
The Duntroon collection - volume 4
Published July 2013

"A unique collection of Highland Pipe Music featuring something old, something new, something borrowed. Many of the older tunes are published for the first time ever, the new tunes include some which are literally just off the composer's pens, while old and out of print collections supply the balance. The composers range from the greats of yesteryear to today's bright new faces - who might well be the greats of tomorrow."

Dugald MacColl’s Farewell to France - John MacColl
Malcolm MacPherson of Perth - Alistair MacSween
Cyril Hall - David Mason
The Knights March Through Jerusalem - Bruce Campbell
Mrs Susan Campbell - Bruce Campbell
Hughie Jamieson - David Mason
Duncan McInnes - Peter MacLeod
Prince Charles’ Welcome to Lochaber - Evan MacRae
Taylor Rae Jones -John Fitt
The Winnipeg Police Pipers - Wm A Robertson
Burghfield House - David Mason
Col. Rose’s Farewell to the 42nd - Angus Martin
Donald Campbell’s Welcome to Glendale - composer unknown
James King - Andrew Worrall
The Ashbourne Highland Gathering - Clive Douglas
P/M Bill Boyle, NZ Scottish Regiment - P/M Wm A Robertson
The Fair Maid of Drumane - composer unknown
The Road to Balquhidder - arranged Bruce Campbell
The 2nd Bn Royal Scots Leaving Valetta - C Campbell
Bessie Weatherston - Malcolm MacKenzie
Sir Thomas Wardle - Ian Powrie
Pipers of the Regiment - Bruce Campbell
The 1976 Police Tattoo - Angus Lawrie
The City of Perth World Championships 1969 - David P Brodie
Come O’er the Hills to Peebles - arranged Bruce Campbell
The Lea Rigg - composer unknown
Memorial March - Sandy Hain
Return to Alba - Andrew Worral
On The Road to Passchendaele - Alan Brydon & Gavin Stoddart
The Lark In The Clear Air - composer unknown
Salisbury Crags - Robert H Brown
The 1st Argylls at Venice - Robert H Brown
Uist Tramping Song, the - composer unknown
The Children of Dunblane - Bruce Campbell
P/M Keith Laird - Wm A Robertson
Beinn a' Bhragaidh - David Mason
Drum Major Bill Robertson - Sandy Hain
Victoria Lea - Nick Lundberg
Farewell to the Shamrock Shores - composer unknown
Flora - Archie Galloway
The Mists of Time - composer unknown
Leaving Barra - Michael MacKinnon
Miss Erin Campbell of Edinburgh - Bruce Campbell
The Night Patrol - Wm A Robertson
Hills of Bethlehem - Bruce Campbell
Battle Dawn Alan Brydon
Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games - David Mason
Anna Lawrie (S) - John Fitt
Craignethan Castle - David Mason
Brahan Castle - Donald Cameron
The Maid of Islay - arranged Bruce Campbell
Sandy Stewart - A Stewart
Crossing the Tilt - Bruce Campbell
Neil Sutherland of Lairg - Archie MacNeill
Dr J.C. Simpson - Roderick Campbell
Berwick Law - RH Brown
Judy and Joe Campbell - Bruce Campbell
The Devil’s Staircase - Bruce Campbell
An Cota Ruadh (the Red Coat) - composer unknown
April's Wedding - Colby Forbush
Three Wise Maids, the - traditional
The New Inveraray Castle - Archie Campbell
The Bridge of Calder - Andrew Bain
Molly On The Shore - composer unknown
Perriwig, the - composer unknown
Dinky’s Reel - composer unknown
Wee Rab - Bruce Campbell
Auld Fiddler, the - Billy McGuire
The Blackberry Bush - George Milton
Mary’s Reel - D McPhedran
The Merlot Queen - David Mason
Sandy’s New Chanter - Tom MacAllister jnr
Old School Lumberjacks - Andrew Worral
The Rickett - Andrew Worral
The Tourist - Fraser Martin
North Texas Caledonian Pipes & Drums -Sandy Laverock
The Train Journey North - Tom Anderson
Jimmy Boyce’s Fancy - Kenny MacDonald
Newmarket House - Burns
The Madhatter - composer unknown
Angela MacEachan - Kenny MacDonald
James Houston-Macmillan - David Mason
Moths to the Flame - Bruce Campbell
The Piper’s Farewell to Whisky - Robert H Brown
The Cobbler’s Wife - Bruce Campbell
The Cat and the Dog - composer unknown
Wattie’s Green Glengarry - Fraser McIntosh
PB’s Welcome to Allan Dodd - Peter Burrows
Jessie Henderson - Andrew Pitkeathly
James Byrne’s Jig - composer unknown

Price: € 25.00
The Duntroon Collection Of Highland Pipe Music - Volumes 1 DP 02
The Duntroon Collection Of Highland Pipe Music - Volumes 1
A unique collection of Highland Pipe Music featuring something old, something new, something borrowed. Many of the older tunes are published for the first time ever, the new tunes include some which are literally just off the composer's pens, while old and out of print collections supply the balance. The composers range from the greats of yesteryear to today's bright new faces - who might well be the greats of tomor

50 pages, soft laminated cover, perfect (spine) bound


Ewen MacSwan’s Farewell to Maclean (6/8 M) John MacColl, Grafton; City of South Perth Pipe Band, the (6/8 M) Harry Stevenson;
Bob MacKay’s Welcome to Tinagroo (6/8 M) Alex Douglas; Campbelton Loch (6/8 M) composer unknown;
Peaks of Arran, the (6/8 M) John MacLellan, Dunoon;
The Carruthers of Gilbertfield (6/8M) John MacLellan, Dunoon;
Music of Spey, the (4/4 M) composer unknown;
Dubai Highland Games, the (4/4 M) Bruce Campbell;
Gardens of Skye, the (4/4 M) Addie Harper;
Lass of Lochinver, the (4/4 M) Iain Insch;
Willie Baxter, The Laird of Milngavie (12/8 M) Bruce Campbell; Taking of Beaumont Hamel, the (2/4 M) John MacLellan, Dunoon; Miss Jeannie Carruthers (2/4 M) John MacColl;
Men of Argyll, the (2/4 M) John MacLellan, Dunoon;
Reverend Archie MacNichol (2/4 M) William Gall;
Spynie Castle (2/4 M) composer unknown;
Rhoda MacPhee’s Fancy (2/4 M) Ian C Cameron;
The Argyllshire Gathering (2/4M) John MacColl;
Mary MacRae of Cluain (3/4 RM) Ian C Cameron;
Colonel Robin Campbell (3/4 RM) John MacLellan, Dunoon;
Archie MacDougall (3/4 RM) Willie Grieve;
Road to Peebles, the (9/8RM) Bruce Campbell;
Nethanvale (3/4 RM) J.A. Templeton
Mrs Donald MacSwan (Air) Alastair MacSween;
My Faithful Brown Haired Lass (Air) composer unknown;
Come With Me and Make Haste (Air) composer unknown;
Tigh an Samraidh (Air) composer unknown;
Fingal’s Weeping (Air) composer unknown;
Echoes of Waterloo (Air) Bruce Campbell;
Maureen Baillie (Air) Frank Baillie;
The 48th Highlanders (Air) Farquhar Beaton;
Lt Col Joe Garfit-Mottram (Air) Bob Falconer;
The Widowed Man at the Fireside (Air) composer unknown; Beaumont Lodge (Air) James Robertson, Banff;
The Shores of Loch Fyne (Air) Bruce Campbell
Highlands of Banffshire, the (S) John MacColl;
Mrs Fairfield (S) Willie McComb;
Mrs Cicely MacNeill (S) Frank Baillie;
Loch Loskin (S) Roddie Campbell;
Balmoral Castle (S) Angus MacKay;
Lady Campbell of Longsdale (S) Angus Lawrie;
Strathalmond (S) Ian C Cameron;
Night We Had In Glasgow, the (S) composer unknown;
Man From Tiree, The (S) Bruce Campbell;
Spinning Wheel, the (S) Roddie Campbell;
Mrs WG Strachan (R) Willie Strachan;
Waterloo Reel, the (R) composer unknown;
Miss Gordon Duff (R) John MacDonald;
Black Isle, the (R) composer unknown;
Edinburgh Reel, the (R) composer unknown;
Primrose Girl, the (R) composer unknown;
Perth Hunt, the (R) composer unknown;
Mrs Morrison (R) composer unknown;
Kinellan (R) Willie Dunlop;
Forest Lodge (R) composer unknown;
Highland Laddie (R) composer unknown;
Last Pint, the (R) Colin Thomson;
Davy Steele (H) Bruce Campbell;
Itchy Fingers (H) Rab Pinkman;
Miss Jaime Campbell (H) Bruce Campbell;
The Piper’s Escapade (H) Michael Gordon;
Don Mackie’s Welcome Home (H) Ron Fleming;
The Findochty Hornpipe (H) Trevor Dear;
Pipe Major Douglas Thoresen (H) Willie Grieve;
Pipe Major Bill Boyle’s Ceilidh (H) Frank Baillie;
Blacktown Shakedown, the (H) Bruce Campbell;
Jockey on the Braes of Abernethy (H) composer unknown;
Lady in the Bottle (J) 45 Archie Kenneth;
Mrs Campbell of Shinness (J) composer unknown;
Kesh Jig, the (J) composer unknown;
Jake Mutch’s Spree (J) Willie Grieve;
St. Kilda Mailboat, the (J) Bruce Campbell

Price: € 19.00
The Holyrood Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music DP 05
The Holyrood Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music
THIS is a new collection of pipe music music primarily aimed at the student/learner market although all of the tunes should be in any credible piper’s repertoire.

The 80 tunes chosen in each book represent some of the best known of all Highland Pipe Marches, Strathspeys and Reels and prior to the release of these books anyone wanting to possess these tunes in print form would have to purchase a dozen or so different collections. Now they are all together in one handy volume.

42nd Highlanders (The Gallant Forty Twa), the;
51st Highland Division, the;
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar, the;
All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border;
Back of Bennachie, the;
Badge of Scotland, the;
Barren Rocks of Aden, the;
Battle of the Somme, the;
Black Bear, the;
Bluebells of Scotland, the;
Bonawe Highlanders;
Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, the;
Bonnie Dundee; Bonnie Galloway;
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie, the;
Braes of Glenorchy, the;
Brose and Butter;
Brown Haired Maiden;
Cabar Feidh;
Caller Herring;
Cam' Ye By Atholl;
Campbells Are Coming, the;
Campbeltown Loch;
Cockney Jocks;
Cock of the North, the;
Colonel Robertson;
Crusaders March, the;
Drunken Piper, the;
Dundee Military Tattoo, the;
Far O'er the Sea (to Erin);
Gallawa' Hills, the;
Glendaruel Highlanders;
Green Hills of Tyrol, the;
Greenwood Side;
Haughs of Cromdale, the;
Highland Laddie;
Highland Brigade at Tel El Kebir, the;
High Road to Gareloch, the;
Hot Punch;
Hundred Pipers, a;
I See Mull;
Jenny's Bawbee;
Johnnie Cope;
Kenmure's Up and Awa;
Kilworth Hills;
Liberton Boys Pipe Band;
Lea Rig, the;
Leaving of Liverpool, the;
Leaving Port Askaig;
Loch Maree;
Lord Lovat's Lament;
MacDonald's Awa' to the Wars;
Meeting of the Waters, the;
Mhari's Wedding;
Minstrel Boy;
Mucking of Geordie's Byre, the;
My Home Town; My Land;
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet;
O'er The Water to Charlie;
Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu, the;
Piper's Cave, the;
Piper's Polka, the;
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee;
Rantin' Rovin' Robin;
Road to the Isles, the;
Roses of Prince Charlie, the;
Rowan Tree, the;
Scotch on the Rocks;
Scotland the Brave;
Shoals of Herring;
Siege of Delhi, the;
Steam Boat, the;
Sweet Maid of Mull, the;
We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa;
When The Battle's O'er;
Ye Jacobites By Name

Price: € 17.50

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