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Bill Cleary
The Bagpipe Tutor 11AWAL-1012
The Bagpipe Tutor
Classic bagpipe tutor from Pipe Major Bill Cleary. Includes in-depth instruction, theory and history,as well as a selection of 47 popular Irish and Scottish tunes.

Price: € 16.50

Ryan Canning
The Full Monty B 162
The Full Monty
A fantastic collection of new music by Ryan Canning of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

Ryan is a very accomplished composer and Highland Piper. He plays with the Field Marshal Montgomery Grade One Pipe Band, and is involved with one of Scotlands largest pipe making companies.
Ryan?s book "The Full Monty" has some modern classics contained within it, and also has contributions from other cutting edge composers and players including: Fred Morrison, Don Bradford, Willie McCallum, Megan Harrington, Craig Turnbull, Colin Elder.
A fantastic collection of modern Highland Piping tunes at their best. This book contains 52 tunes including:

The suite "Calm before the storm" (FMM Unplugged CD)
The Haitian Sensation (2004 Worlds)
Stevies First Bar (FMM Unplugged CD)
The Waterman (2003 Worlds)
The Full Monty (Worlds 1998)
...and many more

Price: € 23.00

Randy Miller
Williams Marshall’s Scottish Melodies B 184
Williams Marshall’s Scottish Melodies
262 Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Marches, Jigs & Airs for the Violin, Flute, Piano, Mandolin, Cello &c., with the original Bass-Clef Accompaniments by Randy Miller and Jack Perron. Second edition by Randy Miller.

William Marshall (1748–1833) is regarded as one of the greatest composers of Scottish fiddle music. His tunes have been played for generations, passed down from fiddler to fiddler to the present day in Cape Breton and parts of Scotland. All of Marshall’s known compositions are included in this new edition.

2007, 322 pages, 7”x8.5”.

Price: € 23.90

Murray Blair
Philharmonic music for bagpipes PBMON 01
Philharmonic music for bagpipes
Shoshanna's Lullaby - The Terror Time - Top Deck in Perth
Bouncing off the Clouds - Demtel Schizophrenia Kit - The 1st Hype Cowboy Division (RiverBeat) - Lush - Flogging the Riff - Infliction
Back in Black - The Richmond Icehouse - A Glimpse of Monaghan - Reeled of Wood - Shovel Tounge - The New Paradigm - Sinead's Wedding - Jenny's Chickens - Advance to the East - Airlies Big Day - Mrs Macleod of Raasay - Suite
Jimmy's Gift - Up an Adam - Edwyn's Didji Place - Pump the Thump - Web Culture - As good as it gets - Heat wave - Eddie the Penguin - The Bulgarian Bandit - The Richmond Spear - Skippwizakiwi - The Big Swindle - Ross's farewell to Pangnirtung - The Pipers Black Dog - The Glayva Kid
Out of the Air - The Radar Racketeer - New Year in Noosa - The Slick Diamond Back - The Road Runner - Airlies Big Day - Steve's Train to the Moon - Jingling Geordie - DV8'ing again - Full Power - Thick Plants - Adrian's - Express from Rotterdam - Battle Eye's - The Dubai Desert Dance - Organic Ross - Rob's Shower Shabang! - The Green Ivy.

Price: € 18.00

John A Maclellan
Music Book for Beginners BB 4
Music Book for Beginners
12 Easy tunes for a beginner.

This little booklet contains tunes for beginners to play. Includes Amazing Grace, For Auld Lang Syne, Heyken's Serenade, Miss Kirkwood, Morag of Dunvegan, Mrs Elder, The Bluebells of Scotland, The Day is Ended, The Herding Song, The Pride of Scotland, The Skye Boat Song, Will Ye No Come Back.

Price: € 5.00

Pipers of the Scots Guards
Regimental Pipers of the Scots Guards BB 52
Regimental Pipers of the Scots Guards
This book is the first of a new collection of tunes for the Highland Bagpipe.
These tunes, over 50 in number, have been composed by Pipers of the Regiment both past and present and are in the tradition of other Scots Guards music books.
The brief description which accompanies the tunes together with previously unpublished photographs give a fascinating insight into life today as a Piper or Drummer in the Scots Guards.

Price: € 16.00

John MacLellan
Logan's Complete Tutor For The Highland Bagpipe GM 2602
Logan's Complete Tutor For The Highland Bagpipe
Alma, The – M
Annie of Ballintyre – Q
Atholl Brose – S
Atholl Highlander’s March, The
Barren Rocks of Aden, The – M
Braes of Balquidder, The – R
Brown Haired Maiden, The – M
Bruce’s Address
Cameron Men, The – M
Cam’ ye by Atholl – M
Castle and Keys – M
Castle Grant – M
Cock o’ the North, The – M
Col. MacDougal of Dunolly’s – R
Col. Stuart of Garth – R
Crusader’s March, The
Deil among the Tailors – Reel
D. Campbell’s Farewell to Glendale – M
Earl of Mansfield’s March
East Wood Cottage – R
Erchless Castle – M
Fear Chul Charn – Culcairn’s Strathspey
Follow My Highland Soldier – M
Glendaruel Highlanders, The – M
Granny Duncan – R
Haugh’s of Cromdale, The – M
Highland Laddie – March
Hill’s of Glenorchy, The – M
Hill’s of Glentruim, The – M
Inverness Gathering – M
Inverness Rant, The – S
Isle of Skye Local Militia, The – M
Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray – R
Lady MacKenzie of Fairburn – S ......

Price: € 11.00

Dave Mallinson
Instant Tin Whistle - Scottish + CD GM 2334
Instant Tin Whistle - Scottish + CD
A well thought out tutor system by Dave Mallinson. Different tunes in each book.

CD alone - € 11.00

Price: € 18.00

R. Butler
Handbook for Northumbrian Pipe GM 2458
Handbook for Northumbrian Pipe
This book covers maintenance and how to keep your smallpipes working, R.Butler.

Price: € 13.00

Matt Seattle
Scottish Airs for Pairs GM 0984
Scottish Airs for Pairs
This is the third book in the Airs for Pairs series and the first to focus on the music of one country. Drawn from centuries of Scottish music, the selection includes well-known tunes alongside some rarer gems, as well as two fine modern compositions: my thanks to Brian McNeill and Martin Marroni for permission to include these. The book also includes one arrangement each by Nathaniel Gow and William C Honeyman as interesting examples of previously published duets.

Older tunes frequently exist in multiple versions, so while the harmonies work with the versions here they will not necessarily go with different versions which you may already know. Bowings have been included as a guide for the less experienced, but more experienced players will feel free to use their own. The harmonies ar there to enhance the tunes, so it is often effective to play the tune solo or in unison first before adding the harmony, which should never drown the melody. Ornamentation is an integral part of this music but it has not been written in, leaving scope for personal style and the exuberance of the moment – enjoy the music!

2006, 20 pgs.

Song Title:
Alloa House - Corn Riggs - Da Full Rigged Ship - Da New Rigged Ship - Green Grows the Rashes, O - Gudewife of Peebles - Jock o' Hazeldean - Miss Baird of Saughton Hall's Allamande, or Valtz - My Love Is but a Lassie Yet - Old Head Pier - Peace and Plenty - Port Lennox - Sitting in the Stern of a Boat - The Banks of the Deveron - The Blue Bells of Scotland - The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord - Skinner - The Fisherman's Song for Attracting the Seals - The Mason's Apron - The Mill, Mill, O - The Shepherds of Yarrow - Tweedside - Ye Banks and Braes.

Price: € 13.00

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