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Michael Grey
Old And New Tunes B 482
Old And New Tunes
The third collection of tunes for the highland bagpipe compiled by Michael Grey. Contains 12 marches - 7 strathspeys - 8 airs - 14 reels - 9 jigs - 14 hornpipes - 6 meganic outlaw.

Mercia, A Highland Welcome In Switzerland, Trip Around The World, Nothing In Common, Irene MacLean Of Duns, The Falkirk Lass, See You Down Under, The Rocking Horse, The Ruby Hornpipe, The Scottish Castle, Sheena's Buckle, Par For The Course.

Price: € 20.45

Michael Raven
Kempion B 1708
Edited by David Oxley and Michael Raven.
This book contains a collection of 30 mainly Irish and Scottish songs and dance tunes as played by a professional folk band. These are genuine off-the-record transcriptions of actual performances, largely notated by members of the group themselves. All the music printed here has been tried and tested over many years of playing. The result is a first-class collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and airs, arranged in performance sets and interspersed with songs and ballads.

Price: € 9.00

Mike Yates
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD B 010
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD
Songs of English and Scottish Travellers and Gypsies 1965-2005
Compiled by Mike Yates; musical transcriptions by Elaine Bradtke; editorial assistance by David Atkinson and Malcolm Taylor; audio recordings by Mike Yates.
Traveller's Joy is a celebration of the extraordinary and ultimately unique musical legacy of the Gypsies and Travellers of England and Scotland.
The eminent singers and folklorists Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger once wrote that 'the travelling people have become the real custodians of English and Scots traditional song'. No wonder, then, that over the years folk song scholars and collectors have been fascinated by this rich heritage. Mike Yates is no exception and has met and recorded many fine singers from the travelling people of England and Scotland. Examples from their repertoires are presented here.
Traveller's Joy is first and foremost a songbook - a collection of over fifty songs to be learned, sung, and enjoyed by the reader. It is not meant to be a scholarly dissertation, though the intention is to portray the singers and their music with honesty and sensitivity. To enhance and complement the texts and musical transcriptions, an accompanying twenty-track CD allows the reader to hear some of the performers themselves. In addition, there is an authoritative introductory essay by Mike Yates, along with biographical sketches of the singers, notes on the songs, photographs of the singers and of travelling life, and a bibliography and discography.

Price: € 16.00

Muriel Johnstone
The Allanton Companion Tunebook BM 06
The Allanton Companion Tunebook
1. The Button Boy – (Reel)
2. Cocklawburn – (Reel)
3. Pinewoods Auction – (Reel)
4. The Engine Room – (Reel)
5. The Golden Jubilee Reel – (Reel)
6. The Golden Jubilee Reel 2 – (Reel)
7. Colly Skerr – (Reel)
8. City of Port Elizabeth – (Reel)
9. Geordie Hinny – (Reel)
10. College Reel – (Reel)
11. Wright’s Hornpipe – (Reel)
12. Walking the Dogs – (Reel)
13. Finlay Stewart Skinner – (Strathspey)
14. Castlecraigs – (Strathspey)
15. Mrs. Alice Anderson – (Strathspey)
16. John Monro Sturrock – (Strathspey)
17. Barbara McOwen’s Strathspey – (Strathspey)
18. Half A Ton – (Strathspey)
19. Diane Thorburn Holden – (Strathspey)
20. Groves o’ Larch – (Strathspey)
21. Eagle Hall – (Strathspey)
22. The High Lodge – (Jig)
23. Coirebhreachan – (Jig)
24. Mark’s Jig – (Jig)
25. Margo’s Love – (Jig)
26. Julian’s Jig – (Jig)
27. The Grey-faced Ewe – (Jig)
28. Jackie Lindsay – (Jig)
29. Coldingham – (Jig)
30. The Pogo Stick – (Jig)
31. Fred’s Fancy – (Jig)
32. Ayton Jig – (Jig)
33. The Dawning of the Day – (Air)
34. The Awakening – (Air)
35. Tullybaccart – (Air)
36. The Corner Cottage Waltz – (Waltz)
37. From Southport to Melbourne – (Waltz)
38. Leslye’s Waltz – (Waltz)

Price: € 12.00

Murray Blair
Philharmonic music for bagpipes PBMON 01
Philharmonic music for bagpipes
Shoshanna's Lullaby - The Terror Time - Top Deck in Perth
Bouncing off the Clouds - Demtel Schizophrenia Kit - The 1st Hype Cowboy Division (RiverBeat) - Lush - Flogging the Riff - Infliction
Back in Black - The Richmond Icehouse - A Glimpse of Monaghan - Reeled of Wood - Shovel Tounge - The New Paradigm - Sinead's Wedding - Jenny's Chickens - Advance to the East - Airlies Big Day - Mrs Macleod of Raasay - Suite
Jimmy's Gift - Up an Adam - Edwyn's Didji Place - Pump the Thump - Web Culture - As good as it gets - Heat wave - Eddie the Penguin - The Bulgarian Bandit - The Richmond Spear - Skippwizakiwi - The Big Swindle - Ross's farewell to Pangnirtung - The Pipers Black Dog - The Glayva Kid
Out of the Air - The Radar Racketeer - New Year in Noosa - The Slick Diamond Back - The Road Runner - Airlies Big Day - Steve's Train to the Moon - Jingling Geordie - DV8'ing again - Full Power - Thick Plants - Adrian's - Express from Rotterdam - Battle Eye's - The Dubai Desert Dance - Organic Ross - Rob's Shower Shabang! - The Green Ivy.

Price: € 18.00

National Piping Centre
Highland Bagpipe Tutor vol 2 (book & CDROM) B 096
Highland Bagpipe Tutor vol 2 (book & CDROM)
A guide to the playing and maintenance of the Highland Bagpipe.

Following on from vol 1, this book is designed to aid the transition from playing the chanter to the full bagpipes.

Well illustrated throughout. A4 spiral bound.

Price: € 29.90

Pat Conway
100 Great Scottish Songs B 481
100 Great Scottish Songs
With word and music.

1986, 112 pgs.

Price: € 9.00

Paul Harrison
SThe Full Spectrum CS 03
SThe Full Spectrum
Pipe Major Paul Harrison is regarded as one of the most up and coming composers for the Highland Bagpipe in Scotland. This collection contains an excellent variety of tunes, with varying styles and difficulty that are suitable for bands of all grades.
The book contains "The Full Spectrum" of tunes, and will be an invaluable asset for bands who are looking to build new sets for the season.

The foreword within the book contains an excellent commendation from the world renowned Pipe Major Gordon Walker

To gain an indication of the standard of tunes from within this book simply click on the sound links on this page. The tunes were chosen at random.This invaluable music book contain 67 original compositions and 3 arrangements from Paul. All tunes were written using PiobMaster 2.3 software.

The book contains tunes played by:

*GRADE 1: Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia
Strathclyde Police
Manawatu Scottish Scociety, NZ
*GRADE 2: Buchan
*GRADE 3: Beauly Firth & Glens
Pitlochry & Blair Atholl

Price: € 22.00

Pipers of the Scots Guards
Regimental Pipers of the Scots Guards BB 52
Regimental Pipers of the Scots Guards
This book is the first of a new collection of tunes for the Highland Bagpipe.
These tunes, over 50 in number, have been composed by Pipers of the Regiment both past and present and are in the tradition of other Scots Guards music books.
The brief description which accompanies the tunes together with previously unpublished photographs give a fascinating insight into life today as a Piper or Drummer in the Scots Guards.

Price: € 16.00

R. Butler
Handbook for Northumbrian Pipe GM 2458
Handbook for Northumbrian Pipe
This book covers maintenance and how to keep your smallpipes working, R.Butler.

Price: € 13.00

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