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Rachel Hair
Mostly Scottish Harp Vol 1 MHP 001
Mostly Scottish Harp Vol 1
Seventeen Scottish, Irish, Manx & original tunes arranged for Celtic harp, ranging from lower-intermediate to advanced level. Treble and bass clef with fingering suggestions.

The Heights Of Cassino; Hubcaps And Potholes; Cuir I Gun Air A 'Bhodach; Flora MacDonald's; The Belfast Hornpipe; Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat; Donald Blue; Bonnie Isle Of Whalsay; Bath Medley; Kiar Catriney Marroo; Charmed; Ho! 'Se Mo Run An T-oigear; The Gesto Reel; Bothan Airigh Am Braigh Raineach; Starry-eyed Lads; The Rolling Waves; Maries Tune.

Price: € 17.00

Randy Miller
Williams Marshall’s Scottish Melodies B 184
Williams Marshall’s Scottish Melodies
262 Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Marches, Jigs & Airs for the Violin, Flute, Piano, Mandolin, Cello &c., with the original Bass-Clef Accompaniments by Randy Miller and Jack Perron. Second edition by Randy Miller.

William Marshall (1748–1833) is regarded as one of the greatest composers of Scottish fiddle music. His tunes have been played for generations, passed down from fiddler to fiddler to the present day in Cape Breton and parts of Scotland. All of Marshall’s known compositions are included in this new edition.

2007, 322 pages, 7”x8.5”.

Price: € 23.90

Richard Butler
Basic Tutor Northumbrian Pipes GM2455
Basic Tutor Northumbrian Pipes
The tutor covers all aspects of playing the pipes from putting on the pipes to tuning the drones. Carefully selected exercises and tunes guide the beginner through the various stages of the blowing, tuning and playing the chanter.
There are also sections on:

Routine Care and Maintenance, Notes on Playing the Selected Pieces, Musical Notation, The Pitch of the Pipes, Drone Harmony, Changing Key and Drone Settings and Grace Notes.

Price: € 15.00

Robert Mathieson
About Time Two - Tunes for the bagpipe. Second Col B 463
About Time Two -  Tunes for the bagpipe. Second Col
Contains 50 tunes.

1996, 48 pgs.

Price: € 20.45
Taking Notes - Tunes For The Bagpipe. Third Collec B 485
Taking Notes -  Tunes For The Bagpipe. Third Collec
Pipe Major Robert Mathieson. Contains 40 tunes.

1996, 48 pgs.

Price: € 20.45

Ryan Canning
The Full Monty B 162
The Full Monty
A fantastic collection of new music by Ryan Canning of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

Ryan is a very accomplished composer and Highland Piper. He plays with the Field Marshal Montgomery Grade One Pipe Band, and is involved with one of Scotlands largest pipe making companies.
Ryan?s book "The Full Monty" has some modern classics contained within it, and also has contributions from other cutting edge composers and players including: Fred Morrison, Don Bradford, Willie McCallum, Megan Harrington, Craig Turnbull, Colin Elder.
A fantastic collection of modern Highland Piping tunes at their best. This book contains 52 tunes including:

The suite "Calm before the storm" (FMM Unplugged CD)
The Haitian Sensation (2004 Worlds)
Stevies First Bar (FMM Unplugged CD)
The Waterman (2003 Worlds)
The Full Monty (Worlds 1998)
...and many more

Price: € 23.00

Seumas Macneill
Seumas MacNeill Collection -book 2 COLL B2
Seumas MacNeill Collection  -book 2
Another classic collection of tunes, produced by the College of Piping.

Tunes include:

Slow Airs: Bonnie Jean; Braes of Cat Lodge; Edendarroch; Samantha's Lullaby; MacNeill's Tuning Phrase

Marches: Andrew S Hillis; The Battle of the Somme; Cameron's Welcome; Chief Constable J R Little of Dundee; Civil Engineers; Colonel Jock, Viewfield; Dr John MacAskill's Welcome to Fort William; Dr J S Chapman; Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban; Farewell to the Auld House; Farewell to Nigg; Farewell to Scotland; George Perry CBE; Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team; Glenfiddich; Inverlochy Castle; Hugh K Clarkson; Jubilee Jaunt; Leuchie Lodge; MacNeill's Resolve; Major Manson at Clachantrushal; Mrs John MacColl; PM Iain MacLeod; PM John Wilson, Toronto; PM Peter Philliban; Rory MacNeill

Strathspeys: Captain Duncan MacGregor; Ellen MacLaughlin; Flower of the Hills; Inveraray Castle; Lights of Winter

Reels: Major Manson; The Merry Men of Mey; Ptarmigan's Reel; Roddie Ross of Brora

Jigs: Alexander MacAskill of Bernera, Harris; Davy Patrick's Ceilidh; Donald's Dirk; Flets Workman; Gary Allan; Mrs Angus MacDonald of Tiree; Off Beat; Old Farmhouse

Hornpipe: Joe McGann's Fiddle

Waltz: Gareloch

Price: € 14.00

The Corries
Corries Songbook - Volume 1 B 006
Corries Songbook - Volume 1
The songbook contains the words, music and guitar chords to all of the following 62 songs.
68 pgs.

Tunes :
Arkinholm - The Banks of Newfoundland - The Battle of Harlow - The Battle of Prestonpans - Birnie Boozle - The Black douglas - The Bloody Sarks - Bogie's Bonnie Belle - Bonnie Dundee - The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie - The Braes o' Killicrankie - Braw Braw Lads - Ca' the Ewes - Cam' Ye By Atholl - Cam' Ye o'er From France - Collier Laddie - Come o'er the Stream Charlie - Dark Lochnagar - The Dawning of the Day - The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow - Dumbarton's Drums - Flodgarry - The Flower of Scotland - The Friday Game - The Haughs o' Cromdale - Ho-ro my Nut-brown Maiden - Hugh the Graeme - Hunting Tower - The Portree Kid - The Heidless Cross - The Rovin' Journeyman - The Hills o' Ardmorn - I Once Loved a Lass - I Will Go - Jock o' Hazeldean - Loch Tay Boat Song - Kate Dalrymple - The Lads Among Heather - The Lammas Tide - Liberty - Lock the Door Lariston - Lord Yester - MacPherson's Rant - Maggie Lauder - The M-Hm Song - Nancy Whisky - News From Moidart - Peggy Gordon - The Reiver's Galley - Rigs o' Rye - The Road Tae Dundee - The Roses o' Prince Charlie - Row Bullies Row - Sound The Pibroch - The Sunday Driver - Tiree Love Song - Weep ye Weel by Atholl - Wha Widna Fecht for Charlie - Where Two Hawks Fly - The Wild Rover - Willie's gan tae Melville Castle - Ye Jacobites.

Price: € 19.00
Corries Songbook - Volume 2 B 007
Corries Songbook - Volume 2
The songbook contains the words, music and guitar chords to all of the following 30 songs.

48 pgs.
Tunes :
Ae fond Kiss - Annie Laurie - Banks of the Roses - Blow ye winds in the morning - Broom of the Cowdenknowes - Cruel Brother - Derwentwater's farewell - Flower of Scotland - Gallus Bloke - Heiland Harry - Helen of Kirkonnel - Highland Lament - Jock o Braidislee - Johnny Cope - Johnny Lad - Lowlands away - Lowlands of Holland - Maids when you're young - Quiet Lands of Erin - Rattlin Roarin Willie - Shenandoah - The Bonnie Ship The Diamond - The Castle of Dromore - The Four Maries - The Great Silkie - Tibbie Dunbar - Tramps and Hawkers - Twa Corbies - Twa Recruitin Sergeants - Welcome Royal Charlie.

Price: € 19.00

The Piobaireachd Society
Modern Piobaireachd PB 18
Modern Piobaireachd
Modern Piobaireachd - A Collection of Ceol Mor. This collection of Pioraireachd is a collection of compositions from the 20th century. Mainly from the years 1930 to 1980. Some of the composers who are featured in this book are William Barrie, Archibald Campbell, Hector MacLean, John A. MacLellean, Donald MacLeod and many more.

Price: € 9.00

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