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Alen Tully, Callum Beaumont, Andrew Carlisle
The Young Ones CDMON 861
The Young Ones
Alen Tully: Alen Tully is a piper with the St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band from Dublin. He is the son of the well known O'Toole's Pipe Major Terry Tully. He began his piping career at the age of 7 years old and at the age of 21, he has become the youngest player ever in Ireland and only the second ever to win the Junior, Intermediate and Senior all Ireland Championship titles back to back. In 2004, his first year in Senior he won the Ulster and All Ireland Championship. He has also been appointed Pipe Sergeant of the band for the forthcoming 2005 season
Andrew Carlisle: Andrew, from Ballygown Northern Ireland is 18 years old and graduated through Broomhedge and Ravara Pipe Bands to the present World Champions the Field Marshall Montgomery. He has won many top prizes in the solo field viz, Ulster and All Ireland titles for M/S/R and Piobaireachd. Champion of Champion titles plus scholarships to USA summer schools also feature in his impressive C.V. His tutors, Sam Connolly, Fred Russell, Andrew Wright and Richard Parkes can all share in the credit of guiding Andrew to his current achievements.
Callum Beaumont: Sixteen year old Callum began playing when he was seven under the tuition of Bert Smith. At the age of ten he began receiving Piobaireachd tuition from Tom Speirs and still does. Last year he started going to Willie McCallum to improve his light music. When he was eleven he joined Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band and played there for three seasons. This is his second season at The House of Edgar - Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band where he won his first major Championship in Turriff. Over the past three years he has won the under seventeen Scottish Championships twice and the Champion of Champions once at Carnoustie. The two biggest wins to date are the Mcgregor Memorial at the Argyllshire Gathering and overall winner of the B & C Grade Piobaireachd competitions run by the C.P.A. He also has a long list of Juvenile prizes including Cowal Gold Medals.
The young ones, feature three of the brightest young and up coming pipers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. In Callum Beaumont, Andrew Carlisle and Alen Tully we are treated to a high standard of music and tonal quality in this excellent recording. All three provide a wide variety of entertaining tunes which I am sure will be a winner with 'piping pundits' world-wide. P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie

1. Alen Tully. 2/4 Marches. Alan Dodds Farewell to Scotland/Verna Leiths Wedding March
2. Andrew Carlisle. Hornpipes & Jigs. Raigmore/Donald MacLean/Jig of Slurs/Donald Cameron?s Powder Horn/Donella Beaton
3. Callum Beaumont. March, Strathspey & Reel. The Crags of Stirling/McBeth's Strathspey/ D.J.S. Murray
4. Andrew Carlisle. Strathspey & Reels. The Pipers Bonnet/The Cameronian Rant/Charlie's Welcome/John Morrison of Assynt House
5. Alen Tully. Slow Air & Jigs. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore/The Swallow Trail/The Gravel Walk/Sergeant Murphy
6. Callum Beaumont. Piobaireachd. Corrinessans Salute
7. Alen Tully. Jigs. The Millstead/The Judges Dilemma/Glasgow City Police Pipers
8. Andrew Carlisle. Hornpipes. Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs/Colin MacKay
9. Allen Tully. Strathspeys & Reels. McBeth's Strathspey/Dora MacLeod/The Smith of Chilliechassie/ Broadford Bay Callum Beaumont. Jigs.
10. Donald Cameron's Powder Horn/Troy's Wedding
11. Andrew Carlisle. 2/4 Marches. Major Manson's Farewell to Clachantrushal/John MacDonald of Glencoe
12. Alen Tully. Hornpipe & Jigs. Charlie Lennons/Kitty Magee/The Driver

Price: € 18.00

Angus Nicolson Trio
Lasses That Baffle Us FOTS 2
Lasses That Baffle Us
Debut album from three talented young musicians from the Highlands.

An energetic pipe-led trio who know how to add influences from around the world to enhance traditional-style tunes.

Angus Nicolson (Highland pipes, Border pipes, whistle) with Andrew MacPherson (percussion, whistle) and Murdo Cameron (guitar, accordion).

1. Soup Dragon
2. Catlodge
3. Miss MacLennan of Tigh-a-Ghearraidh
4. Ivan's
5. 2/4 Marches
6. DJS Murray
7. Baffle Us
8. Muile nam Bheann
9. If Captain Archie Made Music...
10. Peter Mackinnon
11. Mackintoch's Lament

Price: € 18.00

Ann Gray
Shouting at Magpies CDLDL 1288
Shouting at Magpies
The bagpipes are an instrument of tradition, but in the hands of Ann Gray from Alberta, Canada, they become a modern device creating unique world music

1. Starcraft & Spirits: A Set of Gigs/The Starcraft Trip to Glencoe
2. Senor Celtic el Grupo
3. Strathspeys & Reels: Tulloch Castle/Lieutenant Colonel David J.S. Murrar
4. Reil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
5. 93rd at Modder River/PM John Stewart
6. Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar/South in Autumn
7. Tea Set: The Fiddler's Joy/Carmeron/Stumpie/Miss Stewart of Grantully
8. Sailing Solo on the Minnow (A Waltz)
9. Mermaid's Song
10. T Allen Doe/Robyn Emily Gray
11. Broadview Set: A Set of Jigs/Pipes the Gold Ring/The Price of the Pig
12. Cha Till MacCriomain (MacCrimmon's Lament)
13. Shouting at Magpies

Price: € 15.00

Brian Lamond & Billy McNeil
The Cosmic Piper CDMON 878
The Cosmic Piper
Aberdour composer Billy McNeil has composed and recorded a set of fifteen inventions for the Highland bagpipes.

Brian Lamond is an accomplished Grade 1 Pipe Major, a member of The Victoria Police Pipe Band when they won the World Pipe Band Championships in 1998. At the start of his career Brian was instructed by Captain John MacLellan.

Billy McNeil is a flute, whistle, keyboard player and composer and has written tunes for many years. He plays in the Inverkeithing Forth Bridges Pipe Band.

1. Camel
2. Sol Cardendendo
3. On High Ground
4. Girl From The West
5. For Kate Preview
6. Reels: Pool Hand Luke / Turbulence
7. Waltzes: Sail Away / Marie Rose
8. Viva La Cornemeuse
9. Scotland From Afar
10. Hopscotch
11. Soldier's Return

Price: € 16.50

Chris Armstrong
Notes In Ma Heid CDLDL 1271
Notes In Ma Heid
Talented young piper. From the age of nine Chris started to compose his own bagpipe music, and many of these compositions are on this, his first recording.

Musicbook - 19.00

1. Biggar (Reels)
2. Orlando Tango (Reel and Hornpipes)
3. Jig Set
4. Saney MacKenzie (Hornpipe, Jigs and Reels)
5. Dodds (6/8 Marches and Reels)
6. Chrysler (Strathspey and Reels)
7. Cone Tango (Hornpipes)
8. Burns (2/4 Marches, Solo Piping)
9. Barbour Roar (Jigs)
10. Slow Air - Air Bas Caraid (For the Loss of a Friend)
11. The Bonanza Breakfast (Jigs and Reels)
12. Dreams of a Child

Price: € 16.00
Quantum Leap CDLDL 1295
Quantum Leap
Chris is a young piper who, in a short space of time, has progressed through a solid background in pipe bands and a period in the folk scene to establish himself as a major force at the very top level of competitive solo piping in the World.
his playing style is dynamic and exciting with a major emphasis being on clarity and accuracy of fingering.

1. The Barachios (Reels): Two Tenor Pop, The Barachios Reel
2. Hornpipes:Where the Folk in Hell Sat, Mr F Octave Anno
3. 2/4 Marches: Mrs Irene Armstrong P/M Gordon Lawrie of Gartocharn
4. Jigs: Train to Glasgow, Alan the Chanter Breaker, The Whisky Boeys, Inspiration, The Electric Pumpkin, The Cabaleno
5. Reels: Exit Yankee Style, Jaz's Jukebox
6. Strathspey & Reels: Rebecca's Strathspey, Andy Armstrong's Strathspey, Mrs Mary Kerr, Mr Jim Petticrew
7. Slow Marches: Cumha A Chuilein (Lament for the Dog) , Jimmy's Tune
8. Hornpipes: Hoover-Happy Irene, Wee Calum Hammer Hands, Marylin's Raffle
9. Jigs: Rubber Man, The Electric Boogaloo, Boys of Kintail, That Cooking Fat
10. Hornpipes: Traditional Hornpipe, The Cigarette Garden
11. The Full Circle (Suite)
12. Quantum Leap

Price: € 18.00
X- Treme CDLDL 1314
X- Treme
Chris is one of a new breed of young exciting pipers with many original tunes to his name as well as many solo piping awards.

Book - 18.00

1. An Cu
2. Dhu Bulgarian Red Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore/Bulgarian Red/Loren McCowan's Reel/ Simon McKerrell's Compliments to Finlay MacDonald/Gillian Frame P.M. Roderick J. MacLeod MBE/Barry & Irene Armstrong's 25th Wedding Anniversary
3/ 2/4 Marches
4. TNT
5. Hornpipes: Kick Start/Big Bunnet's Hornpipe/Touchin' Cloth Dive Bombing Jigs:Fiona's Jig/McKerrell's Helium Powered Uillean Pipes/Dive Bombing Shitehawks
6. Oran Canntaireachd
7. Rock Aqus Roll:Rockin' Fingers/Kim's Crazy Loops/Stratochanter
8. Strathspeys & Reels:Andrew Wright/ Arniston Castle/Hoddom Castle/John Morrison of Assynt House
9. Kazoo Assassin:Bulgarian Red/Rene the Banjo Man/Simon McKerrell's/The Campbeltown Assassin
10. The 'B' Box Reels:The 'B' Box/Roarty's Reel/Air Bodhran/Kennedy's Favourite/Donald Shaw's
11. Second Wind
12. X-treme:X-treme/The Mason's Apron

Price: € 18.00

Chris Stout and Finlay MacDonald
The Cauld Wind CSMUSCD 002
The Cauld Wind
Music of the pipes and fiddle - The Cauld Wind is an album which remains respectful to the tradition, whilst also taking the instruments in exciting new directions.

Since meeting in Glasgow over a decade ago, fiddler Chris Stout (known for his playing with Fiddlers' Bid, Chris Stout's Brazilian Theory and in duo with Catriona McKay) and Finlay MacDonald have played together both as a duo and in the Finlay MacDonald Band, taking their progressive form of pipe music to festivals throughout Europe.

With special guest Ross Martin on guitar.

1. Loch Macleod
2. Borve Castle
3. Dull and Boring
4. Fionn's
5. Border Crossing
6. Algiers
7. Land of Bens and Glens and Heroes

Price: € 16.00

Donald Lindsay
To The Drum Of The Sea R2CD 2012
To The Drum Of The Sea
Featuring the beautiful melodies of the Rev. Alex Muir, including the psalm tune 'The Bays of Harris'.
Donald is "a fresh face amongst the younger generation of professional Scottish musicians, Donald is a fine singer, and an excellent player of the mellow-toned Scottish smallpipes.

1. CLACHAN: The Fair Sands of Illeray (slow air), Hugh Matheson of Baleshare (4/4 march)
3. 3/4 MARCHES - Farewell to Carinish (3/4 retreat), The Castle of Mey (3/4 retreat)
4. FRIENDSHIP: Sollas (psalm 85), Stronsay (psalm 102)
5. LANDSCAPES: The Lochs of North Uist (2/4 march), Over the Warth Hill (jig)
7. THE QUEEN MOTHER'S SET (march, strathspey & reel) - The Queen Mother's Welcome to the Mey Games (2/4 march), The Merry Men of Mey (strathspey), Groatie Buckies (reel)
9. INSPIRATION - Locheport (psalm 98), Lochmaddy (psalm 36)
10. DEDICATION: Addie & Isobel Harper of Wick (4/4 march), John MacDonald of Sidinish (2/4 march)
11. SLOW AIR & HORNPIPE: Ballantrushal (psalm 130), The Pentland Fisherman (hornpipe)
12. DUNCANSBY HEAD: Duncansby Head (song), Duncansby Head (9/8 retreat)

Price: € 19.50

Dr Angus MacDonald
Maidean Dubh' an Donais (The Black Sticks Of The Devil) SKYECD 50
Maidean Dubh' an Donais (The Black Sticks Of The Devil)
Dr Angus MacDonald's musical influences were formed growing up in Glenuig in Moidart, and from visits to his mother's people in South Uist where the piping tradition was especially strong.

He has also been influenced by the music and Gaelic song he heard in Cape Breton during the years that he lived there. In the fiddle music, especially in the strathspey playing, Angus recognised the rhythms he was brought up listening to, in the songs his father sang and in Gaelic music in general. The words of a song associated with a tune, provide a template which preserves the inherent rhythm and character of that tune over generations.

For this recording Angus has added accompaniment to some tracks. The repertoire is largely traditional but with several entirely new compositions of his own and of his brothers, Allan and Iain.

1. Angus MacKinnon of Eigg / MacBeth's Strathspey / Stornoway Castle
2. Dh'ith na Coin na Maragan / Reel of Tulloch / Muileann Dubh / Cailleach Liadh Ratharsair
3. The Air Tune / Fg a' Phob Bhochd / The Hawk
4. Murachadh Thobha Churraig Dhuibh / Maighdeanan a' Choire Dhuibh / Cur na Gobhair s a' Chreig / Chuckie MacLellan's Reel
5. Roderick MacDonald's Strathspey / CBCs Glen and Carl / MacFarlane's Rant / Ciaran Tourish
6. John MacFadyen of Melfort / Dora MacLeod / The Little Cascade
7. Con Cassidy's / An Ath Bhanais / Jimmy Ward's Jig / Nighean na Caillich
8. A Thearlaich ig a' Chuailein Chiataich / Fear a' Choire / Mnus Mr na Guaille / Fre Faire
9. Essan Cottage / The St Valery Pipes / Coinneach air an Stiir
10. Highland Harry / Back of the Change House / Dan J Campbell's Reel / Stumpie
11. Luinneag Mhic Leid / Chloe's Passion / Co Ni Mire ri Miri / Highland Jig
12. Kantara to El Arish / Ewe With The Crooked Horn / Sandy Cameron / The Flaggon
13. ran Mr Mhic Leid / Maidean Dubh' an Donais / Nach Dannsadh am Ministear
14. Buntata's Sgadain / Jonnie Sullivan's Reel / Sir Ronald MacDonald's Reel / Mary MacDonald's Reel
15. Fr Eugene's Welcome to Cape North / Goose Cove / Larry and Eleanor Parks
16. The Maids in the Green / Bill Lamey's Jig / Connaughtman's Rambles
17. Dhanns i Leam, a Mhaighdeann Bhragha / South Uist Golf Club / A-null Thar nan Eileanan Dh' Ameireagaidh Gun Tid Sinn or Over The Isles To America / The Lads of Mull

Price: € 17.00

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