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Dr Bruce Thomson
The Sma' Glen BTCD 002
The Sma' Glen
Forty-nine tunes from the book of the same name, played on electronic chanter by Dr Bruce Thomson and accompanied by the multi-talented Derek Richardon (guitar, whistle, mandolin, keyboard) and Bob Elder (percussion).

1. The Comrie Pipe-Band
2. The London-Scottish Polka
3. The Sma' Glen
4. Portsonachan Hall
5. Chrissie Dixon
6. Rumbling Bridge, Waltzes
7. Dr Bill Fraser
8. Kinshaldi Beach Polka
9. Andrew Wright
10. Inchaffray
11. Knit One Purl Two
12. Bill Hart
13. Clachan Yell
14. Derek Richardson
15. The Knees Up Polka
16. The Queen Of Scots
17 Rory Sinclair

Price: € 19.50

Finlay MacDonald
Finlay MacDonald FSR 1706
Finlay MacDonald
50 minutes of sparklng bagpipe music with some contemporary twists. Featuring fabulous playing from Finlay MacDonald on bagpipes, flute and whistles surrounded by a team of top-notch musicians.

1. The Plagiarist/ The Night We had The Goats
2. Angus Sutherland/ The Mountain Dairy Maid
3. Jock the Box/ Trad reel
4. Captain McKerrell's/ Nigel Richards
5. The Road to Loch Nam Bearnish/ Major Forbes/ Nameless/ Lord William
6. Miss Gow/ The Cameronian Rant/ The Flaggon
7. Lake Ochrid
8. Waulking Song/ Greek Street
9. The Rusty Gun/ A.A. Cameron's/ The Meechans
10. The Humpback Whale
11. I Would Have Preferred Thee at First, but Not Now Sir/ Donald of the Sun/ Welcome Jo McAuley's
12. My Old Man is Long a' Dying/ An T-Ord Gallach/ Sugar Merchant
13. Cowden Hall

Price: € 19.50

Fred Morrison
Outlands RR 057
The brilliant and multifaceted piper, whose roots lie in the Outer Hebridean island of Uist.

Bagpipes and bluegrass might seem unlikely musical bedfellows, but for Fred Morrison - one of Celtic music's most profoundly skilled and audaciously inventive exponents - they form a wholly natural alliance.

This album project features such top Americana luminaries as producer Gary Paczosa (Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, Nickel Creek), banjo and guitar ace Ron Block (Alison Krauss & Union Station), and Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Tim O'Brien - setting out to explore the inherent connections Morrison perceives between their traditions and his own.

1. Train Journey North
2. The Wildcat
3. Leaving Uist
4. Seonaidh's Tune
5. Nameless
6. Outlands
7. Downtown
8. Kansas City Hornpipe
9. Drumcross
10. The Hard Drive

Price: € 18.50
The Sound of the Sun CDLDL 1284
The Sound of the Sun
Scotland's premier piper accompanied by musicians from his group Ceolas. An acoustic album of traditional and self-composed tunes.

Fred Morrison (border pipes, uilleann pipes, low whistle), Will Lamb (bouzouki), Ross Martin (guitar), Kenny Fraser (fiddle) and Deirdre MacLullich (fiddle).

1. La Paulettina: Munlochy Bridge / Bogan / Lochan / Calum Crubach / Alick Curries / The Smith / La Paulettina
2. Donald MacLean's: John McColl's March to Kilbowie / Cottage / Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban
3. The Wedding Reel: Mas Ann Gam Mhealladh / Wedding Reel - 4. The Sound of the Sun: The Three Sea Captains / The Sound of the Sun
5. Frances Morton's: The Ceilidh in the Convent / Frances Morton's
6. Colin's Cattle
7. Alick C MacGregor / Didi's Tune/ The Road East
8. Didi's Tune
9. 2/4 Marches: John / McFadyen of Melfort/ Pipe Major Willie Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow / Police
10. Sheenagh's Waltz
11. Sandy Cameron's
12. Drambuie

Price: € 18.00

Gavin Maxwell
Reviresco SHIELD013
A young piper who has already won gold medals both locally in Dumfriesshire, and nationally. The arrangements are contemporary folk- influenced.

1. Duncan Johnstone / Sandy Cameron
2. Air: Carlingford Loch
3. The Centenary Jewel / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
4. Trio - March, Strathspey and Reel: P/M William Gray's Farewell to The City of Glasgow Police / Caber Feidh / Johnnie MacDonald's Reel
5. Hannah Mary Graham
6. Solo - Strathspeys and Reels: Donald Ruadh / Stirling Castle / Molly Connell / The Easy Club / Kalabakan; Sleepy Maggie / The Ale is Dear / Jenny Dang the Weaver
7. Reviresco / Kenny Gillies of Portnalong, Skye
8. Hector the Hero
9. Trio - Medley: Jimmy's Gift / Out of the Air / Gavin's Jig / Kate 'n' Ali's First WAltz / The Duke of Gordon's Birthday / The Brolum / Mozart On the Rampage / The Famous Bridge; Gigue Ariete / The Stag and the Holly Bush
10. Highland Cathedral
11. Solo - Hornpipe and Jig: College of Piping, Summerside PEI / The Braes of Mellinish; Morag of Dunvegan / Mrs MacLeod of Raasay / The High Road to Linton

Price: € 19.00

Gordon Duncan
A Celebration Of The Music Of Gordon Duncan - A National Treasure (Live Concert CDTRAX 327
A Celebration Of The Music Of Gordon Duncan - A National Treasure (Live Concert
Gordon Duncan, from Pitlochry in Perthshire, a piper, folk musician and composer, died in December 2005 aged 41. He was widely regarded as one of the most skilled and innovative traditional music performers and composers of modern times. While steeped in the art of traditional Highland piping, his approach to his music was always imaginative, fresh and at times radical, to the extent that his influence can be heard within an entire generation of younger musicians across Scotland and well beyond.

Many of the artists were accompanied by The Concert Band, which consisted of Session A9 and other concert musicians, and not forgetting the percussion of ‘young’ Gordon Duncan.

1. Atholl Highlanders Pipe Band with Jarlath Henderson - Kilworth Hills / Taimse Im’Chodlach / The Atholl Highlanders
2. Jock Duncan - The Plooin’ Match
3. Session A9 - Celtic Thunder
4. Sylvain Hamon & Steven Bodènés - Suite de Gavotte Montagne
5. Maggie MacInnes - Thig an Smeorach t-Earrach
6. National Youth Pipe Band - The 98 Jig
7. Duncan Chisholm & Xose Manuel Tejedor - Añada pa Gael
8. Allan MacDonald - Seudan A’ Chuain Set
9. Kris Drever & Eamonn Coyne - Steel And Stone
10. Jarlath Henderson & Eamonn Coyne - Craig’s Pipes Set
11. Dougie MacLean with Ross Ainslie - Charlotte
12. Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton - Full Moon Down Under

Price: € 16.00
Just For Gordon CDTRAX 297
Just For Gordon
Gordon at his very best - a must-have recording for piping fans. Possibly the most skilful and innovative piper ever, Gordon's influence is still felt after his untimely death.

1. Set Of Reels (from a BBC Pipeline session)
2. Solo Set (from The Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band Motherwell concert)
3. Set (from The Scottish Pipers’ Knockout Competition Final)
4. Solo Set (from a broadcast by The Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band)
5. Scottish Selection (MSR at The MacCallan Piping Competition, Lorient)
6. Pibroch (from a cassette-only release)
7. Two Marches (from a cassette-only release)
8. Set of Jigs (from a BBC Pipeline session)
9. Set (from The Scottish Pipers’ Knockout Competition)
10. Mr & Mrs Duncan’s Golden Wedding Set (from a BBC Pipeline session)
11. Four Jigs (from a cassette-only release)
12. Breton Selection (The MacCallan Piping Competition, Lorient)
13. Thunderstruck Set (from a BBC Pipeline session)
14. bonus track: Charlotte (from a cassette-only release)

Price: € 16.00
Thunderstruck CDTRAX 241
Gordon Duncan: highland pipes - Tony McManus: guitars - Neil Fergusson: bouzouki - Ewan Vernal: bass guitar - John Scullion: snare drum.

1. Three 2/4 Marches 4:57
2. The '98 Jig 4:47
3. The Belly Dancer 3:09
4. Strathspeys & Reels 4:34
5. Pibroch & Reels 6:38
6. Ian Green's 3:37
7. The Inverness Gathering 5:11
8. Lorient Mornings 5:29
9. The Old Woman's Dance 5:02
10. Dance Pourlet 5:15
11. Mercedes Trujillo 5:00
12. Thunderstruck 4:35
13. The Ferret 3:44

Price: € 19.50

Iain MacInnes
Sealbh SKYECD51

Iain MacInnes is a former member of The Tannahill Weavers, Smalltalk and Ossian, and has also been Radio Scotland's Pipeline producer.

That Iain MacInnes is a consummate musician would have been reason enough to encourage him to produce this CD of bagpipe and whistle music. But with this, he combines a sensitive appreciation of how to accompany his preferred instruments with others to produce beautiful music. He also has an intimate knowledge of the nation's traditional music collections and a deep understanding of Scottish culture in general.

1. Spark’s Rant
2. Go To Berwick
3. Karuna
4. Cow Hill
5. Quicksteps
6. Nighean na Cailliche
7. MacDonald of the Isles
8. Rusty Gully
9. Castle Stalker
10. Loudon
11. Loch Bee

Price: € 16.00

Iain Morrison & Iain Morrison Jr.
Back To Back LCOM 5257
Back To Back
The first release from P/M IAIN MORRISON & IAIN MORRISON Jnr., the father and son pipers who are world class championship winners at every level. Donald Shaw is involved on keyboard accompaniment on a couple of TRACKS. It is a crime against piping history that it has taken this long for a recording of the great Iain Morrison to one of the most important pipers of the last 30 years...his playing is still terrific. Young Iain plays with the same style and panache and will no doubt take his pedigree and inate talent to the same heights as his father.

1. 6/8 Marches: Lt.Col.Sir Peter Redwood - Bengullion
2. Jigs: Lark in the Morning - The Hen's March the Boys of Ballymote - Walking the Floor
3. March, Strathespey & Reel : Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band - Lady Loudon - Lt.Col. D.J.S. Murray
4. Slow Air: Tricia's Song
5. Strathespeys & Reels : Crann Tara - Stac Polly - John Morrison of Assynt House - Dr. MacPhail's reel
6. Piobaireachd: Scarce of Fishing
7. 6/8/Marches: P/Sgt John Barclay - Teinside Cottage
8. March, Strathespey & Reel : Mrs Duncan MacFadyen - Sandy MacPherson - Traditional Reel
9. Hornpipe & Jig: Dr.Macinnes' Fancy - Troy's Wedding
10. 2/4 Marches: P/M Bob Brown's Farewell to the Ballochbuie - Dugald MacColl's Farewell to France
11. Slow Air & Jig: Samantha's lullaby - Hammer on the anvil
12. March, Strathespey & Reel: Hills of Kintail - Bob of Fettercairn - Cockerel in the Creel Hornpipe & Jig: Jack Aloft - The Rakes of Kildare
13. Slow Air: Leaving Ireland

Price: € 16.50

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